In order to understand Illuminati cult programming, it is first necessary to understand a bit about the structure and philosophy of the organization.

The Illuminati are a group of people who follow a philosophy known as “Illuminism” or “enlightenment“. The Illuminati were named several hundred years ago, but trace their roots and history to the ancient mystery religions of Egypt, ancient Babylon, and even Mesopotamia.

Ancient Egypt’s Sex Magick Rituals. Notice the size of the male, giant?

Out of these ancient religions, which were practiced secretly over hundreds and hundreds of years, there arose esoteric groups which continued to practice the rites, traditions, and enculturation brought in from the original groups.

Over the centuries, these groups practiced openly in some countries, and covertly in countries where Christianity or other religions opposed their practices.

Some of the groups which came out of these ancient roots included the order of the,

  • Knights Templar
  • Rosicrucian’s
  • Baphetomism
  • Druidic,


These groups were the forerunners, or roots, of modern-day Illuminism.

The original Illuministic leaders chose to take what they felt were the best practices of each root religion, combine them into principles, then organized these principles according to specific guidelines.

Modern-day Illuminism is a philosophy funded by the wealthy but practiced in all social strata. It is a philosophy whose tenets have spread across the world. It started with the German branch of Rosicrucian, spread to England, then came to the United States with the first settlers.

The Illuminati have 3 main branches:

  • the Germanic branch, which oversees the others
  • the British branch, which handles finances
  • the French/Russian branch

All 3 branches are represented in both the United States and Canada, as well as every country in the world.

How the Illuminati are organized in the United States:

  • The Illuminati have groups in every major city of the United States.  
  • They originally entered the U.S. through Pittsburgh, Pa., and from there, spread across the US.  
  • There are 18 cities across the US, which are considered major “power centers” for Illuminati power and/or influence.  
  • These include:
  • Washington, DC, and the surrounding areas
  • Albany, New York
  • Pittsburgh, Pa
  • the “golden triangle” of the Winston-Salem, Raleigh, NC area
  • Minneapolis, Minn
  • Ann Arbor, Mich
  • Wichita, Kan.
  • Phoenix, Az.
  • Portland, Or.
  • Flagstaff, Az.
  • Seattle, Wash.
  • Houston, TX
  • Los Angeles, CA. and surrounding areas
  • Atlanta, Ga.
  • New Orleans, La.
  • Springfield, Miss
  • Other cities are important to the Illuminati, as well, but these cities funnel money for them, conduct research, and often regional councils sit within them.

Hierarchy of the Illuminati

The Illuminati have organized their society along extremely hierarchical, or stratified, levels. In fact, the top levels are known as:

Hierarchical level

The Illuminati have divided the United States into 7 geographical regions; each region has its own regional council, composed of 13 members, with an advisory board of 3 elders to each one. These regions interact for purposes of finances; personnel; teaching, etc.

Beneath each regional council, is a local council. This is a council of 13 members, the head of whom sits on the regional council, and gives it information about the local groups underneath his leadership. The local council will also have an advisory council of 3.

A local leadership council in a large metropolitan area might look like this:

  • Head of local council (reports to regional council)
  • Two intermediaries (report all activities under the leader to him)
  • Four administrators (oversee finances, administer, and set up group activities)
  • Six head trainers (over trainers in local groups, teach other trainers)
  • Underneath the above leadership council, will be six people designated as informers or intermediaries, who go to the local group meetings, interact with local group leaders, and report to the leadership council.

Anarchical level

The levels below the leadership council are known as the anarchical levels.

Underneath the intermediate level, is the local group level. It will look like this:

  • Local “Sister groups” (will vary in number, according to the size of the city, or cities, in the area)  
  • A large metropolitan area may have anywhere from ten to twenty-seven groups  
  • Each sister group will be headed up by:
    • A high priest and priestess: this job is rotated every 3 years, to allow different people within the group to take on leadership roles
    • Each group will also have different members, with specific roles/jobs within the group. These roles will be addressed in chapter 2

One thing that I would like to emphasize is the fact that the Illuminati today are generational.

SECRETS OF THE ELITE Illuminati ROYAL Bloodlines; One ...

Their members are born into a group, which is highly organized, as described above. The setup discussed above is representative, with minor variations, of most major metropolitan regions of the United States.

Smaller population centers will be organized under similar guidelines but will be umbrellaed together with several cities within the region to create the local leadership council.

How the Illuminati make money

The Illuminati are involved in many areas of making money, as they need continued financing to survive.

There are several illegal enterprises that they are involved in, as well as legal ones.

Drug running: The Illuminati linked up with the Mafia and the Columbians, years ago, to help each other out with bringing drugs into the United States. They also provide couriers for taking drugs and money out of the States. The Illuminists are generally wealthy businessmen, who have 4 layers of people underneath them.

The fourth layer actually has contact with the people in the drug industry. They never identify themselves as Illuminists; only as people interested in investing, with a guaranteed profit, and are highly secretive. In return, the local groups supply people willing to be couriers of money or drugs, or people willing to help cover the local operations.

Pornography: The Illuminati are linked in many cities with pornography/prostitution/child prostitution/ and white slavery sales. Again, several layers are present, as a buffer, between the true “management” and those either engaged in the activities or in paying for/funding and eventually being paid for the activities.

Children are often supplied by the local cult groups, and taught to be child prostitutes (and later, adult prostitutes); are photographed and filmed in every type of pornography available, including “snuff films” and violent films.

Gun running: The Illuminati and other groups are also involved in international gun sales and shipments. The Illuminists have well trained couriers who will cross international and state lines. These couriers are highly secretive, and will not reveal their sources, on pain of suicide or assassination.

These people are accountable to others above them, with two more “buffer layers” of people above these, before the person in the Illuminati with money, who helps fund this, is found.

Buying access codes for military computers: The Illuminati will have people from all strata of civilian life trained to go and make pickups near or on military bases. A typical person used might be the innocent-looking wife of a military person, a local businessman, or even a college student. There is a contact inside the base, also a dissociative Illuminist, who brings the information to the outside contact.

Occasionally, the contact person is paid with money, information, or goods. The military computer codes are changed on random schedules; the Illuminati have at least 5 or 6 contacts on each major base, who alert them when the codes are getting ready to change, on pain of death. The Illuminists like having access to military computers, because that will gain them entrance to closed files the world over.

Hiring and selling assassinations: this is done worldwide, more in Europe than in the States. These people are paid big money to do either a private or political assassination. The money is paid either to the assassin or to the trainer; usually, they both divide the fee.

The assassin is offered protection in another country for a while until the trail runs cold. If the kill is done in Europe they may be sent to the far east or the U.S., and vice versa if the kill is done in the U.S. The Illuminati have a wide arena of places and false identities to hide these people unless for some reason they want the assassin disposed of as well. Then, he/she is caught and immediately executed.

Mercenaries/military trainers: guess who gets paid money to come in and train paramilitary groups? Who has training camps all over the states of Montana, Nevada, and North Dakota? Who occasionally will offer their expertise in return for a large financial reward? They never advertise themselves as Illuminati, unless the group is known to be sympathetic to their cause.

Instead, these are tough, cold, brutal military trainers, who offer to teach these groups in return for money, or even better, a promise to affiliate with their group in return (loyalty in return for knowledge). More and more paramilitary groups have been brought into the Illuminati this way, without their full knowledge of who and what the group really is. This gives the Illuminists a way to monitor these groups (their trainers report on them, and their activities), and it can be useful to have trained military groups that they can call on someday.

Banking: The original Illuminists were bankers, and they have highly trained financiers to organize their money and funnel the above illicit funds into more “respectable” front groups/organizations. They will also start benevolent charities, community organizations, etc., as fronts, and funnel the money from a broad base into these groups. The Illuminati particularly pride themselves on their money-making and manipulation skills, and their ability to cover their paper trails expertly, through layer after layer.

Yellen and Powell, members of the Illuminati?

All banking trials eventually will lead to Belgium, the Illuminati financial center for the world. These are some of the major money-making enterprises that the Illuminati are engaged in. They have a lot of financial resources, backing their enterprises, which means that in reality, they can engage the best lawyers, accountants, etc. to help cover their trail as well.


Equipment Frequently Used by Trainers

It may help therapists to realize the equipment that trainers use. If their client describes these items, which may appear quite sophisticated, believe them.

The cult has become quite technologically advanced.

Training room:

the average training room is a neutral-colored room, with walls painted either a dull gray, white, or beige. Some may be painted in various colors, as part of color coding.

They are often located in secret underground rooms, or basements of large private residences, and will be entered from the main building through a covered doorway. Impromptu training rooms may be set up during military exercises outdoors, in covered canvas tents.


the Illuminati have a rule:

there must always be a minimum of two trainers working with a person. This prevents a trainer from being either too severe, permissive, or developing too close a bond with the subject; the watchful eye of the other trainer prevents this. Younger trainers are paired with older, more experienced trainers.

The older trainer will teach the younger one, who does most of the actual work. If the younger is unable to finish a task or loses heart, the older one will step in.

Head trainers:

will teach, and they will also work with the council leaders and hierarchy.

All members are required to come in for a “tune-up” (reinforcing programming), even top leaders, from time to time.

EEG machine:

will often have abbreviated hookups for quick use. Used extensively with brain wave programming; also to verify that a certain alter is out when called up.

May be used to verify a deep trance state before initiating deep programming. Trainers are taught to read these readouts.

Trainer’s table:

a large table, frequently steel covered with plastic, or easily cleaned material. On the sides at intervals are restraints for arms, legs, and neck to prevent movement.

Trainer’s chair:

large chair with armrests. Will have restraints as above at intervals to restrain movement while a person sits in a chair.

Shock equipment:

models and types are quite varied, depending on age and company. Most have a set of rubber-covered wires, with electrodes that may be connected with Velcro, rubber (steel tips embedded under finger and toenail beds), or gel pads (larger body areas such as chest, arms, legs).

Some are tiny electrodes, which can be taped next to the eyes, or placed within the genitalia. These are connected to the “shock box”, which has controls that can determine the amount of electricity, and frequency if interval shocks are desired.


any number of opiates, barbiturates, hypnotics, sedatives, or anesthetic agents. Resuscitative drugs and antidotes are also kept, clearly labeled, and indexed. Many drugs, especially experimental ones, are only known by code names, such as “Alphin 1”.

CPR equipment:

in case the person has an adverse reaction to drugs or programming. At times, a child alter will come out inadvertently during a programming sequence, and will be overdosed with the drugs meant for adult alters.

The trainers must give it the antidote, and resuscitate it, just as if a real child is out. They are well aware of this fact, and will severely punish child alters, to teach them to come out only when called out.

Virtually reality headsets:

the keystone in recent years. Many programming sequences utilize holographic images, and virtual reality setups, including assassination programs, where the person realistically “kills” another human being.

These virtual disks are far more advanced than those in video arcades.

Body building equipment:

used in military training to increase fitness and lean body mass.

Steel instruments:

used to insert into orifices, cause pain

Stretch machine:

used as punishment, “stretches ” a person without breaking bones. Extremely painful.

Trainer’s grids and projectors:

used to project grids on a wall, or ceiling.

Movie projector:

to show movies, although new VR disks are replacing these computers: collect and analyze data; keep computer grid on person’s system. Current military computer access codes will be used to download into governmental computers.

Trainer’s journals:

contain indexed copies of the subject’s systems, including key alters, command codes, etc.

Comfort objects:

used to comfort the subject afterward. May be toys or candy for child alters or oils for massage. Warm towels or beverages may be given, as the trainer “bonds with” and comforts the person they worked with. This is probably the most important part of

the training process, as the trainer explains calmly, and kindly how well the person did, and how proud they are of them.

by Svali

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