Month: June 2018

If You Experience Any Of These 17 Signs Your Consciousness Is Rising To Higher Dimensions…

    Image created by James E. Whitely – Artist.     In this transition from a third-dimensional reality, we experience powerful energy upgrades and ascension of our consciousness. While the cosmic waves of light energy flow through and around our planet, it’s recalibrating and raising its frequencies at the same time, triggering the activation […]


Why Non-Attachment is the Key to…Finding Inner Peace in a Crazy World

    “Non-attachment” sounds a bit intimidating, doesn’t it?   Unfortunately, most people tend to associate this spiritual phrase with being emotionally cold and unfeeling. But true non-attachment is quite the opposite: it allows us to live in this world fully, without being attached to people, things or thoughts that create suffering. As the Dalai […]



        False Personality     An oppression has grown stronger with the passage of each generation in human existence.     It has claimed not just the health, well-being, sense of belonging, consciousness, purpose and destiny of its victims, yet also their very lives. A tyrant so clever and efficient it need […]