Month: May 2018

The 4 Types of Healthy Anger

“A man who is intimate with his anger and who can express it skillfully is a man in whom forcefulness coexists with vulnerability and compassion, a man worthy of our trust, a man capable of deep intimacy.” Robert Augustus Masters   Anger is not the problem. Anger is […]

FEAR keeps the matrix running

  Hatred Fear Resistance Persistence,   …follow each other in a chain reaction, which is the main cause of keeping our reality stagnant and frozen in time.   Let go of the hatred, which is responsible for creating the fear. Something in the reality that disturbs you to […]

Understanding the Nine Veils

by A. True Ott The Nine Veils that Shroud the Human Soul Nearly a decade ago, a dear friend and colleague of mine named Don Harkins authored a wonderfully thought-provoking piece entitled “Slavery and the eight veils.” Prior to Harkins’ untimely death, we discussed this “Eight-veils theory” for […]


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Exposing Modern Mugwumps

by the Christian Zionist


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Underground Bases DNA Activation The Unveiling

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