What is shadow work?



Whether we are aware of it or not, we are currently in the process of healing ourselves both  collectively and individually. This  process called “shadow work”, is bringing  up to the surface, suppressed identity fragments that we buried and suppressed deep within our subconscious. These fragments are screaming for our attention and you can see this play out in our personal lives and on the world stage.

It doesn’t matter if its cultural taboos such as gender inequality, racism, political corruption, NRA, or Human trafficking and pedophilia. All is currently being exposed.

It also doesn’t matter if its personal such as abandonment issues, trauma, or low self esteem.  Everything must be acknowledged and dealt with. It can be no other way.

On top of all that, these unresolved energies are being exasperated by parasitic energies who don’t have our best interest at Heart.

Shadow work elevates our conscious awareness and frees us from the shackles that kept us from exploring our Human potentiality.

Below is a video by Teal who brilliantly explains what shadow work is and how to initiate the healing process!


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