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What is Spiritual DNA?

Just as our biological DNA transmits inheritances of body, spiritual DNA transmits the legacy of your evolving consciousness. It contains information on the trajectory of your soul, which describes how you have come to be who you are.

Spiritual DNA serves a similar function in transferring those identifying elements of your soul from one personality to another, but this does not include a genetic code that randomly mutates and evolves haphazardly. Spiritual DNA is a densely-packed conglomerate of TAO-stuff, distilled to absorb the experience of life without contamination from other sources in the Tao.

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 To give a simple explanation, think of the substance from your childhood known as “Silly Putty.” When you first remove the putty from the container it is at its purest form and untainted by outside elements. As you roll the putty over your Sunday’s funny pages, it absorbs the exact colors and outline of the cartoon. This manner of assimilation continues from one lifetime to the next. Thus, the coding of Spiritual DNA is not genetic so much as it is experiential. 

Who you are is the direct result of your travels; that is, the course of your incarnate experiences, all of which contribute to the evolution of your consciousness. Travel includes interactions and dialogue with sources and entities outside of us, as well as the time spent in personal review and reflection on those interactions.

All of these records or memories can be found inside your spiritual DNA.  The encoding from soul to personality — that is, the process that transfers TAO-stuff — is always the same. The inheritance is experiential. Unresolved experiences often bubble to the surface of consciousness for reprocessing during a lifetime.

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This phenomenon is not across the board, however, and only experiences relative to a particular life are magnetically drawn to the surface. This legacy of consciousness incorporates the body of experience gathered from both the incarnate and discarnate planes.

Each of these realms offers their unique educational contexts. How we interpret our classroom time informs our beliefs about life in the physical, as well as life in the non-physical. In the physical, for example, we might have the opportunity to understand what it is to be black or female or gay in a time and place in history where these classifications are seen as inferior, and sometimes even as an abomination.

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We form beliefs around our experiences of rejection and hostility, and these beliefs impact our personality. Similarly, we form beliefs about life when things go well for us. Because the personality is so good at creating false beliefs about its value, the soul is continuously tasked with neutralizing and then dissolving those beliefs. The process of shedding those beliefs has an effect on the entire field of energy that has been wrought of those beliefs – the field that held distinctions for perpetrator and victim is cleared each time a soul is able to penetrate beyond the negative incarnate experience to reconnect with agape.

What is the mechanism of transfer of Spiritual DNA?

The soul has its own genome; that is, it carries a complete template of traits that it has developed through the incarnational process, and it also carries, within that same template, the original slate upon which was written its unique identity.

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Understand the implication here: the soul genome, whose template is constantly expanding over the course of its incarnations, contains, in the form of quanta of energy, innumerable bytes of physical information as well as its experiences and interpretations of them. Physical DNA imprints itself into the soul genome, expanding its template through energetic form. Perhaps these are wave forms; perhaps they are holographs. In any case, the substance of this template is not material; rather it is a biofield that is inherent to a soul’s unique constitution, and therefore cannot be separated from the soul.

Spiritual DNA does not have to be directly inherited

Spiritual DNA is not solely inherited through your soul’s original genome. It isn’t a requirement that a soul learn only from direct experience in order to continue evolving.

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A soul may choose to attach itself to a specific strand or stream of spiritual DNA outside of its own experiences by associating with groups of souls that are aligned with certain teachings and perspectives. Thus, spiritual DNA can be absorbed by immersing oneself in the experiences of others, and learning from them. We also transmit spiritual DNA to other souls when we educate, teach, and mentor them.

Just as the biological components of genes are passed from body to body, understandings shared through group experience become encoded in the soul’s DNA. However, only those experiences that contribute to the evolution of consciousness become part of our spiritual DNA; that which is strictly physical remains behind on the physical plane when you die.

Your Spiritual DNA compels you

There’s a force inside you that compels you towards those things you wanted to accomplish prior to incarnating. We have often heard it said, and perhaps it began with Joseph Campbell, that we should follow our bliss. Following your bliss is what helps you to identify the reason you chose to return to time and place. It is the force inside you that compels you to seek your purpose, and ultimately your identity – your reason for being here now.

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We understand that physical DNA contains the codes and keys that determine your biological inheritance. Similarly, what the soul inherits is contained in its spiritual DNA. Your spiritual DNA holds the key to your origins, and to those experiences which contributed to making your own unique legacy. It also holds the codes to what you came here to create and express.

Your spiritual DNA will ignite in you special excitement for certain experiences. This is your cue that you’re on the right track! Does your spiritual DNA change from lifetime to lifetime? It will never be exactly the same since the combination of soul and personality is unique to each lifetime, and with each lifetime, your soul’s genome adds more information. Your DNA is encoded with information regarding your soul function. The cumulative history of your soul is dynamic, and continually expanding.

Why is understanding what Spiritual DNA is important?

Your spiritual DNA is what allows you to see yourself in the much larger context from which you originate, exist in, and create. The more you understand your origins of being, the greater your grasp is of your unique role in the history of your own consciousness, specifically what your purpose and contribution is intended to be, along with what it can become.

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Your spiritual DNA contains a vast storehouse of information about who you are. This includes where you’ve been in your travels, and how you have developed as a result of those travels. When you become aware that you carry within you, via your spiritual DNA, the direct answers to your questions or the means to get them answered, you can access everything you need to know about who you are and what you came here to do. Another way of stating this is that your soul intentions are encoded in your spiritual DNA.

The consequences of accessing your Spiritual DNA

It can be terrifying to realize that the context of our consciousness is infinitely large. It is terrifying in part because this is incomprehensible, but also because it speaks volumes of the kind of power we actually have to create our lives.

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Caroline Myss says that every human being is terrified of becoming empowered. We fear this, she says, not because we fear success, but because in becoming more conscious of who we are, we will then have to take responsibility for managing our truth. We will see much more clearly what it is we came to do, and realize that we can no longer sweep our yearnings under the rug, or pull down the blinds and say that what is happening outside is not our problem.

When you accept your truth, and that it is you who must manage that truth, you will also be able to identify your real agendas for your life; you will know what motivates you to get out of bed. When you become empowered your relationship to life changes. You are now the one calling the shots for your life.

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