People Are Waking Up Spiritually So Fast That It Is Shaking The Earth

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When it comes to spirituality only a small percentage of people in the world truly understand the concept of what waking up spiritually means; and that is because most people tend to believe that religion is the only legitimate source of spiritual attainment! But more people are starting to find invaluable information outside of their confining beliefs, which are leading them to a road of spiritual awakening they have never ventured before.   

You see… everything in life leads to spirituality; our health, our wealth, our quality of living, our companionships, prosperity, world peace and last but not least our spiritual advancement.  So when people focus on evolving the intellect and ignoring the spiritual side of themselves, they become imbalanced. 


How did we become this way? We allowed it to be this way because we relinquished control to those who claimed they know better than the rest of us. We trusted that those of the know how are working for the best interest of all humanity; in reality some had a good heart and did what they could to help, but there are those who wormed themselves to powerful positions that did not have good intentions at all.

The Checkered History of Slush Funds

They recruited people like themselves to make sure they are surrounded by those who support their plans. Eventually they took over influential organizations, financial institutions, media outlets, public education curriculums, pharmaceutical industry, health regulations, food industries, the energy industry highly influential religious positions and more. They tied them together in a web of control to support any direction they wanted to take humanity.

To this day many people believe that all of these big industries are separate from each other, functioning to create our society as what it is reflecting at this moment.  In a sense, it is reflecting what they had planned all along; but it does not reflect what we as conscious human beings would like it to be. Someone once said:

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“Corruption occurs, not because we make errors, but because the errors we make go uncorrected”. 

Spiritual evolution occurs when your spiritual understanding expand beyond worshiping the creator. Most people who have not experienced anything out of the ordinary will not even bother looking further into the spiritual matter of life. In our current situation, the veil between our physical and spiritual dimension is thinning.

Many people are becoming more sensitive to censing other dimensional beings and communicating with them. Prime creator is infinite; therefore, there are infinite possibilities of existence within our own dimension and other dimensions that we cannot even begin to comprehend with our limited mind. 

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Every one of us has the capabilities of accessing information from the higher realms, abilities like psychic, telekinesis, levitation, enter dimensional travel are also possible if studied and consistently practiced.  Those who dismiss these capabilities as nonexistent are either afraid of changing their sets of beliefs, or they are trying to sway others to stay misinformed for many reasons. Either way this rejection without investigating or keeping an open mind could slow down their spiritual growth for a while.

Highly evolved beings have higher vibrational frequency than us. As a collective we can only perceive the same vibrational entities as our vibrational selves.

How To Access The Higher Spiritual Realms For Help And Answers

Lower vibrational beings are spiritually devolved; they are dense and create a world filled with negative behaviour and outcomes.  As a collective on planet earth, it is imperative for us to pursue loving, peaceful, caring and respectful attitude towards all people and creatures; this will encourage the higher vibrational frequencies to lift us all closer to where we would like to be. 

This ascension we are going thru at this time, will provide the opportunity to open another level of spiritual awareness that was not available to us when we were vibrating on a lower level. Mass wars, kayos, fear, pain and frustrations are of the lower vibrations. They have been used for eons to keep us closer to the lower vibrational dimensions that contains mostly negative entities which feeds on the negative emotional energies produced by human’s suffering.  

The Nature Of Negative Entities

But now all have changed  we are accelerating towards ascension even faster because more people are aware of what is going on, and the love energy is pouring onto the planet from the higher dimensions, changing massive amount of people’s state of consciousness.   

Global love intention (meditation) Alpha binaural beats ...

Be assured that the changes are happening right now as you read this.

by: charmingelements

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