HealthNews Australians Developed Coronavirus: They Made It in the Lab, and Here’s Why!

In China’s War on the Coronavirus, a Community Is Besieged ...
China’s battle continues

ANADOLU AGENCY – 01/29/2020: A group of scientists in Australia has been able to develop a coronavirus in the lab, and make a huge step in the fight against this virus (2019-nCoV). This scientific procedure will allow scientists to determine whether future medication will work effectively against this virus.

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Experts at the Peter Doherty Institute of Infection and Immunity said this was a huge success in the fight against the dangerous virus. The Institute’s Deputy Director, Dr. Mike Catton, said this was a fantastic event for the whole world, adding that this discovery was “vital” and would become a key part of the medicine development process and the significant change.

Australia is the second country in the world, after China, to develop the virus.

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Unlike the Chinese who only published the genetic code for the virus, Australians will immediately share their findings with the World Health Organization (WHO), which will then forward it to laboratories around the world involved in the development of the cure for coronavirus.

by Tracy Finke

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