Five Requirements to Manifest Intention or Desire

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It needs to be understood, to set an intention is to act, to make it happen. To set an intention, nothing really needs to be done other than telling ourselves we will do something then act to do what we say we will do. The most important aspects of any intention is clarity of the intent and acting to manifest the intention. What becomes key to manifesting an intention is our ability to hold focus on what we desire to create and the amount of energy we can put into acting to manifest our intention.

The Drowning Girl by Kerri Ayling - YouTube
Drowning Girl: by Kerri Ayling

If we make our decision and act and we have the determination and passion of a drowning person has for air, a blinding passion, nothing else is needed. A drowning person grasping for air has no doubt whatsoever for what they seek. Without air, they know they will die. So too in our creative efforts. With such a passion, either we will get what we desire or a part of us dies. In most cases, if we have a blinding passion for what we desire, we will get what we seek or die in some way trying.

Having such a focus and passion is easier said that done. Most of us do not set an intention with the determination and a passion of a drowning person unless we are desperate. Having a sufficient focus and passion is especially difficult if what we choose to do is significantly different than our past and/or it is something that will be of a long duration.

Focus Painting by Susan Card
Focus: by Susan Card

Something significantly different than the past will always be influenced by both the habits of the past and our memories of the past. To break with the past here must be an enormous strength of will and a sufficient energy. Additionally both must be of sufficient duration to continually break with the past.

Something of long duration is prone to be influenced and/or distracted by the mundane of the world. Here there needs to be something or someone on which to keep focus so as to not get lost.

The question then becomes, “What can we do help ensure we hold the intention and have the energy necessary to act for the duration to make it happen?” So to address these issues the following approaches are recommended.

Five requirements to manifest an intention

Perseverance Painting by Charles Yates
Perseverance: by Charles Yates

Passion to pay the price:

Passion is about having the energy to do what needs to be done. We must have a single mindedness and a passion to pay whatever price is required no matter what it is for what we wish to create. A passion to pay the price is the willingness and courage to do whatever is necessary but where you are not blinded by what you do or how you do it. That is you are not blinded by the passion itself. You are aware of, and have the courage to consciously face the fears, dislikes and/or our discomforts about what is required to be done. You have the courage, awareness and willingness to let go of all that needs to be released. Awareness of what needs to be faced will arise in understanding and hence a need for the second requirement, the right perspective.

Right perspective:

The “right” perspective allows two things. One is that it allows us to access the energy we need for our creative endeavor. The second it allows us to know how to act on, or with, that energy.

The “right” perspective has three aspects.

  • The first aspect is understanding. We will need a clear mental understanding of what we intend to manifest that will allow us to 1) realize what we need to give up to allow the creative process to unfold, and 2) recognize the object or experience when it comes to us as our world changes.
Future Prolongation of Memory Painting by Sergio Arcos ...
Future Prolongation of Memory: by Sergio Arcos
  • The second aspect is focus. We will need be aware of what we think and believe. What we think and believe is determines how we focus our attention and awareness. How we focus, in turn, determines what we see and don’t see in any given situation.
  • The third aspect is to create the fertile space within one’s being. That is, the right perspective is needed to create a thinking and belief pattern, a perspective on Creation, that supports and nourishes our creative endeavor at all levels and in all aspects of our being that is necessary to support our creative effort.

In obtaining the right perspective, we can access the energy we need for it will allows us to face our social and enculturated conditioning that does not allows us to act passionately. Many traditions do not encourage passionate action yet it is the passion in our action that fuels what we create. As such we need to have a perspective that allows whatever restrictions and restraints placed on our creative passion to be sufficiently removed so we can access the energy we need.

ACTION PAINTING - a gallery on Flickr

Similarly, the right perspective allows us to know how to act. When we have a blinding passion, we have more than enough energy for a multitude of false starts. However, without that level of energy, we will burn ourselves out if we have too false starts. The right perspective allows us the freedom to explore and obtain the information we need, that minimum set of requisite experiences, to create what we desire. It this regard as we gain information about what we seek, we may find the intention we initially set out to manifest may not quite be correct and we will need to iterate our intention.

Willingness to enter the unknown:

To truly create something you have not previously experienced (for that is what creation is, creating something not seen/experienced before) we have to be willing to step into the unknown. We have to be willing to step out of mind–that is, outside of how and what you think and believe. Otherwise, we will only be recreating the past. We have to enter the chaos of creation as our existing world changes and sit in the anxiety of not knowing how our creation will unfold or how long it will take.

Willing to act :

We must be willing to set out to do what needs to be done. We will have to step out in action both to get what we seek and act on what comes to us through our intuitive guidance and/or what the world puts in front of us. This includes facing the obstacles as they present themselves. We will have use what we know but feel our way through the unknown. In this regard, we have to be willing to act on what we feel, not necessarily what we know.

Ability to hold focus:

To carry us through the entire creative process without being captured by the past and/or distracted by the mundane of the world without the determination and passion of a downing person, we will need to be able to create and hold focus on our intention with an unwavering faith and trust. Yet creating a single point focus for our life is not something that can readily be done and trust is not always easy to come by. We all seem to have been betrayed in one way or another.

There are four ways that we can use to help us hold focus. They are a conscious focus, a subconscious focus, a muse and/or some would call a coach or a mentor.

  • Conscious Focus is where you create some type of a practice to continually remind yourself to act in favor of your intention. It may be some type of a daily practice. It might be a plan of actions with steps we choose to take. Or it may simply becoming mindful and aware of each of our decisions and try to always choose in favor of our intention.
How Art can help you achieve your goals - Blue Abstract Art
Nikki Pfeiffer
  • Subconscious focus is were we create some type and kind of subconscious response pattern that continually moves us toward what we desire to create. A habit specifically learned or creating a belief and way of thinking that reinforces action toward an intention would be the use of the subconscious. Rituals, ceremonies, initiations and the like are often used to create subconscious patterns to reinforce action in a particular directions.
Purple Abstract Painting Acrylic Art Into The
  • A muse is an individual who inspires us to action. They may or may not be aware of the role they play and how they play the role. The desire to become like someone or to be with something that causes us to move through life a certain way is functioning as a muse. Muses are often associated with the artistic talents for the muse is often seen and experienced as calling forth the creative passion of an individual. Some one will paint or write poetry for the one they love. Here the one loved is seen as calling forth the creative spirit to paint or write. When the muse in gone from an individual’s life, they lose inspiration.
  • A coach or mentor is someone who continually holds an individual accountable to following their own truth and inspiration. Here the term coach and mentor are used differently that they way they are normally used. Normally a coach or mentor is telling an individual how to act. Here the coach or mentor is holding the individual to act according to the individual’s intuitive guidance.
Muse Ektaya-171. Dmitry Stepanoff. Abstract art. Original ...
Muse Ektaya; by Dmitry Stepanoff

by K. Ferlic,

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