Are You A Spiritual Narcissist? 7 Warning Signs to Define It

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The desire to control others in order to create a “perfect” environment that nurtures our sensitivities is a calling card of spiritual narcissism. True spirituality takes place in the holy messiness of the world
Rabbi Alan Lurie

How can you define a narcissist? Are you one?

Keep reading to learn the seven warning signs of a spiritual narcissist.

It’s not easy to read a spiritual narcissist and they are great allures. And this can be a huge trap if you have never encountered one when looking for people who are spiritually connected.

A report by AssignmentGeek Melbourne shows that the U.S. population amounts to more 326 billion people. Six percent of this population are narcissists and that amounts to more than 19 million people.

Different Types of Narcissist

Narcissism is a name that originated from a Greek myth when a Narcissus a character in the myth looked in the mirror and started falling in love with the image he saw according to the Edugeeksclub.

Psychologists argue that there are seven different types of narcissists namely:

Victim Narcissist

Does Your Soulmate Play the Victim?

These are people who can manipulate you. They will show affection and emotions so that you can always be there for them. They know how to play the underdog. They will tell you that they are being sought after by the world and that they haven’t done anything wrong.

Once they know they have won your heart, they will ask you to do them a favor and once you turn down their request, you become their enemies. They will put blames on almost everything to get what they want from you.

Intelligent Narcissist

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Sometimes called the know-it-all narcissist, these are those people who think they are more intelligent than you. They can use inexistent facts to support their opinion and when you counter their arguments, they get offended.

You cannot use facts to support your opinion like they do because they will become offended when you do that.

Competing Narcissist

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Competing narcissist are those people who feel everything is a competition. They will compete in almost anything not only in sports but also in friendships, parenting, etc.

When you succeed and they fail, they think you are the cause of their failure. A study conducted by Ohio State University and the University of Luxembourg in the USA in 2018 showed that people who exhibited narcissist behavior were more likely to commit traffic accidents because they would drive recklessly. 

Other types of narcissists include the puppet master, narcissist antagonist, status narcissist, and the royal narcissist.

Having said that, let’s get into the meat of this article and here are the signs of a spiritual narcissist as shared by Grade miners and assignment help writing company

7 Warning Signs to Define a Spiritual Narcissist.

As the Bible says in 1 John 4:1, “Beloved, don’t trust every spirit, but try the spirits to determine whether they are from God for there are many false prophets in the world”.

Well, the fact is, not everyone who claims to be a Devoted Christian is a REAL Christian. Many are out there for their specific gains, whether it’s money, political influence or fame.

A spiritual narcissist will use the Gospel to enrich themselves while they tear you down. The lack of knowledge to define them can affect both Christians and non-Christians.

Don’t wait until you are trapped by a spiritual narcissist because this article shares seven signs you are dealing with one.

A Spiritual Narcissist is a Self-promoter 


They will do all their best to show you that they are superior than you, spiritually. They will self-promote themselves even when it’s not time to. They will talk more about their achievements. They will tell you about their upcoming blog post, mission work or the time they prayed for someone who got saved. According to Proverbs 27:2 we are supposed not to seek our own glory but let our work to show itself. But a spiritual narcissist will make everything possible so you can praise them.

They are Conversation Invaders 

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A Spiritual Narcissist lives to self-reference. They will invade any conversation even when it’s a private one or they are not supposed to take part in it. They will pretend to do it to help you but they are doing that for their self-interests.

They Tear You Down to Gain Self-Interests

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While the Bible says in 1 Thessalonians 5:11, that we should encourage and build one another, a spiritual narcissist will do the opposite. A Spiritual Narcissist is a voice of mockery. They will fail and criticize others and can bring about arguments amongst Christians. They want to be praised by tearing others down.

They Won’t Accept their Mistakes no Matter What Happens

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Yes, the Spiritual Narcissist won’t acknowledge their mistakes. Although no one can admit to having made a mistake even when they gave done it, doing that shows a sense of maturity. For the Spiritual Narcissist, this does not happen. Even if you provide undefeatable evidence, they will not admit their actions. For them, it’s all about safeguarding self-image.

They Talk More But Don’t Listen 

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When you listen, you build trust and you show the other party you understand what they are saying. James 1:19 recommends followers of Christ to be quick to hear, slow to speak and slow to anger, but the Spiritual Narcissist is quick to speak and slow to listening. They like to be heard than to listen to others speak.

They are Scripture Twisters

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They will use the Bible to memorize only a few verses to justify their behavior. But they ignore any verse that contradicts their behavior. To counter them as a Christian, you must read the Bible and understand it all.

They are Good Confessors of Love But Do Not Show it

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Your words must match your actions. The Spiritual Narcissist will tell you that they don’t put grudge on people who rebuke them, but their actions do not prove that.

To the spiritual narcissist, leadership is by force, not example

A Spiritual Narcissist is the worst kind of leader you can have. They are controlling and uncompromising.

There you have it. Next time you want to associate yourself with someone, watch out for these signs to know whether you are dealing with a Spiritual Narcissist. Always trust yourself first before you can trust someone.

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by Edward Morgan

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