Going Within-The Aftermath…What’s Next?

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I wrote an article last year titled “What does it mean to go within?”. I wanted to write about the stages I encountered when I began my journey, in hope, that it may help others find their own way. I want to now discuss and expound upon the experiences I have had since I consciously chose to breakaway and release from this programs outdated beliefs, dogmas, ideologies, and contracts of (non)consent.

Paradigm Shyft

The biggest shift in my perception was putting into practice intentional manifestation. I knew that changing your perception leads to the changing of your reality, and remastering the art of intentional manifestation, materializes that reality.

Using aggression and violence to force change only reenforces the energies of aggression and violence. Therefore, you must become a vibrational match to a reality that is not based upon negative forms of expression. Intentional manifestation is your key to doing this. Living your life in ignorance and no accountability is no longer a valid excuse as well as sitting on the fence. Acts of complacency will not save you. It will only continue to keep you imprisoned within a corrupt harvesting system and ultimately destroy your spirit.

I believe our ultimate goal as Humans is to individually create a collective reality that is based on Love and not fear, thereby, creating a universal “bridge” to assist during the transition. The transition is a biological/spiritual transmutation process that magnetizes your spiritual resonance with its desired perceptual reality.

Eyes Wide Open

Door to another world! - Kalemegdan Park | Pedja ...

Door to another world! – Kalemegdan Park

As we all know, awakening to your Truth is a process. A path that leads you through a series of triggers, synchronicities, and revelations. After I began to shed a majority of my dross, I began to experience an increased sense of awareness and knowing.

Earlier in my journey, I viewed myself as separate from my Higher Self. My Higher Self was someone that I went to for answers to questions that would pop up on my road to self-rediscovery. Now, it has flipped. I am my Higher Self and my vessel is my expression. An organic expression operating within a self created hologram. A hologram that is interacting with an advanced sentient/synthetic parasitical computer system that was redesigned to create fear, trauma, and endless suffering.

This shift in conscious awareness was massive for me. My perception of reality would never be the same. Shortly, thereafter, I began to experience memories that were mine but not really. I began to enter into the phase of knowing.

Knowing- Remembering YOU

‘Lucy,’ ‘Nikita,’ and the State of the Female Action Movie – Flavorwire

The most powerful experiences I began having since I broke free was having memories of experiences outside this program. I began remembering many wars, my roles in them, and how each of those roles are entangled with my current life. I began to remember parts of the “electric war” that led to our current situation and how the healing of these wounds would lead to Humanity’s ultimate freedom.

These memories are emotionally overwhelming and energetically draining. I believe this is why I voluntarily created particular traumas in an effort to armor myself with the knowledge and experience needed to confront, forgive, and heal not just my memories but society’s dark past.

It isn’t all bad. My most profound moments of knowing is when I am silent and going within like I have done in the past. However, this time, the feelings are more intense, perceptual images are clearer, and remote travel becomes easier and more natural.

The Rabbit Hole Goes Deep!!!

Life, rabbit holes and reality | Enlightened Conflict

As I continue to vibrationally expand, the Truth of the illusory reality becomes ever more apparent and intolerable. I continue to attract to my conscious awareness hidden Truths to remind me just how very deep the mass corruption of our society really is. I am also attracting into my reality other players that are on similar missions to expose the Truth. These players are not just my awakened Human family who are also fulfilling their personal missions, but others who have always had Humanities best interest at Heart. We are all fulfilling our individual roles and actively manifesting a bridge to assist Humanity with the transition.

Staying Balanced

Intrepid Dynamics: Balancing...it's all an act.

This new journey continues to challenge and expand. The energies blasting our planet, largely due to Humanity’s mass awakening, is forcing massive change and readjustment.

The only way to weather this storm is to maintain emotional neutrality (detachment) and spiritual equilibrium which is accomplished by anchoring our energies in Mother’s planetary consciousness. Diligently harmonizing our energies on a daily basis keeps us balanced and helps us mitigate any energetic side effects.

This is essential. Imbalance creates lower vibrational descended perverted realities that are fractalized into a never-ending labyrinth of despair, lack, fear, victimhood, and self-sabotage.

Been there done that.

The Journey Continues…

The meaning and symbolism of the word - Journey

I am fully aware that this is just the beginning. Our journey toward spiritual reunification is an ongoing process. This is the first time in Human history that we are able to do this on such a mass scale. We are recreating a new Human experience that is catapulting us forward into a new age. A new age of discovery, expansion, and growth. A world that fully embraces our gifts and creates opportunities of potentiality.

In short, we are getting back to the basics before an unauthorized hijacking led us down a different path.

Never again.

Onwards and upwards.

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