Is The Event happening sooner than expected?

I have always had admiration for David Seaman and the courage it took to expose a disturbing Truth to the masses. Regardless of your views, you cannot deny his impact on social media. His current, and possibly last video was released today, and I wanted to quickly share it on my site. For me personally, I have always assumed the “Event” would begin as a slow drip of disclosure and evolve into a huge wave of mass revelations that would lead into the final stage toward the end of this year. According to David Seaman, it may happen sooner than I expected due to a leak.  In fact, he believes it could be as soon as a couple of weeks. Is America and the world on the verge of Golden Renaissance? Could this be Earth’s transition or perhaps its precursor? Was the leak intentional or accidental? Who gave the order?  If what David says is True, maintaining balance within will be crucially needed. Not just for you, but also for those around you! I guess we’ll see. Anyway, I ranted too long. Check out the video and let David explain it himself. Cheers!



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