Paradigm Shyft

pexels-photo-256807.jpegDo ya feel it? That “something is in the air” feeling? Nowadays, you can’t go a week without hearing some reference about this feeling. This feeling has been remastered for the modern times and is often expressed as The Event, The Awakening, the end times or other biblical references.  There is a change that is happening and everyone is feeling it and can’t quite put their finger on it. The Human collective are not wrong in this assessment. This time is not like before, unless, it is. Make no mistake, This time, IS different. What is it and should there be cause for alarm?

What Humanity is feeling is a shift both collectively and internally and in my very first blog EVER, I will attempt to give my perspective on this “feeling”. No pressure.

I am sure that I am not the only one who is witnessing a surge in outlets being accused of delivering “conspiracy theories”, false grandiosity, or  Truth News  on social media. The  attacks against this upsurge is conspicuously brazen in its attempt to squash or subvert this rising voice. But why? Why are there people or organizations threatened by this voice that is getting louder and louder?

This feeling is very Human. This feeling has been tucked away deep within each of us waiting for the predetermined time to resurface. That time is Now. What triggered this feeling did not originate on this beautiful Planet, yet, its birthplace can be found Here. We can discuss this at a later date. Needless to say, Humanity is currently in the process of becoming consciously aware of everything (aka: Awakening) and this realization is leading us smack into this reality show that is playing out around us.

There are two disclosures currently happening right now. The first disclosure, I will call “false awakening,” is currently in the forefront of this “Event”. In the public, This Event will be expressed by the exposure of false flags and secret operations created to reveal undercover mass corruption. This Event is very complex that has many expressions that will run deep within the crevice of this corrupted program. A program that is fractal in nature and design. Its synthetic and not natural. Its an entrainment system that relies on our complacency to function.  This Event is preparing Humanity for a much larger disclosure that I will call ” The Awakening.” This “Awakening is the root cause of everything that is happening including this “feeling” I keep talking about.

The Event is why I created this blog and why the voice keeps getting louder. Too loud, in fact, that it is starting to poke at those of us, I like to call sleepwalkers, out of our entrained daze. This is on purpose. We have to wake up NOW!!! This is no longer funny although it should be. Humanity is now at the point of no return and efforts are being made to wake us up. No matter what it takes. That is what the Event is for. This Event has been well thought out and prepared. It covers all areas of interest that has been accepted as a part of our collective belief system ie: entertainment, politics, media, ect. Nothing is spared or hidden from this Event. By the end of this Event, which we are well into, there will not be any doubts of the deceptions, but, there will be mass confusion about why. That is when our loud “voices” will be needed most. For clarity and Truth but more so, for direction. This will lead us into the second disclosure: The Awakening. It is my hope that by this time most of Humanity will have a better sense of clarity of self. This is essential because in order to have a better sense of clarity, you have to go within. And going within is essential in understanding the second disclosure.

These disclosures are happening side by side but not equally in rate of intensity and collective focus.  Symbiotically, they are still entangled in a glorious dance of Truth. They have to. It can be no other way. Otherwise, this global awakening will have side effects for those of us who are finding it difficult to release these now defunct programs. This Event and Awakening is happening right now. If you want to kick and scream to add a sense of flair, go right ahead. Nothing is going to stop this. In fact, soon its presence will be unavoidable. To navigate through this period unscathed, a collective paradigm shift is needed to maintain equilibrium but it starts with you. You, the reader, is the key to all this. You are the reason why all of this is happening. We are causing it. It is for this reason why I chose to spell “shyft” with the letter “y”=you. I will go into much more detail later but for now, it is important to have foundation during this time. Finally, many of us have spent many lifetimes preparing for this. What we do now as a collective will reverberate in ways that are unimaginable. No pressure.

Thanks for listening 🙂






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