The Return of the Gnostics and The matrix

A candidate wins the U.S. presidency and a considerable part of the population rejects the results, embracing exotic stories of birth certificates or Russian meddling. Captains of commerce like Elon Musk contemplate that humanity might be living in a simulated reality. Claims of a flat Earth or lizard overlords are widely shared on Facebook walls alongside vacation and children pics. A sense of alienation settles … Continue reading The Return of the Gnostics and The matrix

The Contract- Holodeck Earth

editors note: This well written article, by Rosanne Lindsay, is the most comprehensive article I have come across recently. It is not only a good read for the newly awakened, but also for those who have been aware for awhile. We are in a dream-state manipulation, a simulated fold of time-space in an artificial timeline. Our minds are running the machines. In order to rouse … Continue reading The Contract- Holodeck Earth

The People vs. Paris

“Let them eat carbon!” said French President Emmanuel Macron this week, offering his peasants a six-month reprieve on their coming carbon sin tax. And, kicking his feet up on his desk at the Élysée Palace, he breathed a sigh of relief. He had bought himself some time to figure out how to deal with the rabble at the gates. But how much time? Not much … Continue reading The People vs. Paris

Coming Out of the Consciousness Closet…What to do When You are the Only One Awake

When everyone you know and love is asleep and you’re the only one awake, the world can sure seem lonely and even unfriendly at times. While the concept of awakening can have many definitions, in a nutshell, ‘awakening‘ can be summarized as the rising of consciousness, and this means that regardless of path or process, the more conscious we become, the more we awaken. Although … Continue reading Coming Out of the Consciousness Closet…What to do When You are the Only One Awake

In the Shadow of Brilliance

“To follow is human, to lead is divine.”  Human Nature We are born into a reality designed to condition us into submission. Our daily lifestyle is rooted in a default pattern of blind servitude. We are enslaved by an artificial realism so ingenious it exploits our belief to sustain its existence. Our human virtues are used against us in a merciless and relentless social control … Continue reading In the Shadow of Brilliance

Are You Ready?

In my experience, everyone will say they want to discover the Truth, right up until they realize that the Truth will rob them of their deepest held ideas, beliefs, hopes, and dreams.  The freedom of enlightenment means much more than the experience of love and peace.  It means discovering a Truth that will turn your view of self and life upside-down.  For one who is … Continue reading Are You Ready?

Negative Beliefs, Law of Attraction, & the Law Polarity

Your negative beliefs are attracting more of the circumstances you do not want in your life, despite your best efforts to focus on what you actually want. By pitting your conscious mind against your deeply ingrained, subconscious negative beliefs, you are inadvertently setting yourself up to attract more of the same unwanted circumstances that you are trying to change. To understand why this happens and … Continue reading Negative Beliefs, Law of Attraction, & the Law Polarity