Unawakened Souls

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Those souls that have awakened and have decided to move themselves forward in this Ascension Process, are able to step between and recognize all Dimensions, both higher and lower.

Although they may choose to resonate mostly with the higher 5D realms and beyond, they have the ability to experience the lower realms simultaneously without giving it their energy or much thought.

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What this may look like to those awakened is that they are living in a fake world in which they feel mostly alienated and disconnected from.

This is because they SEE, FEEL, and RECOGNIZE the Truth from their heart and soul truth.

I often joke that those awakened are living in the “Twilight Zone.”

It may be difficult for the awakened to witness so many deciding to live in fear as opposed to living in love.

The Matrix of Technocracy: The Roots of the Conspiracy

Let us also suppose those unawakened do not know the difference between love and fear.

Perhaps their current lifetime and even those lived prior, was riddled with pain, hardship, and fear.

In other words, those unawakened souls may be choosing to live in fear and may also be choosing to blindly follow the dictation of others because they do not know anything differently.

This is not wrong, for them.

They may not be ready or able to awaken at this time.

Each soul are given this opportunity and option to awaken at different rates and speeds.

There are also those souls who do not wish to participate in this Ascension Process and will opt to leave this world altogether. This is their choice to do so.

AND, perhaps the lost souls need the loving and gentle guidance of the awakened ones who are living in their heart and know the difference, to nudge them forward in unconditional love.

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This is consenting energy by both the awakened and unawakened.

There is responsibility on both ends of the spectrum.

That those awakened make themselves open and available and those unawakened are willing to ask for help and assistance if they need it.

This is not for the awakened to be “right” and the unawakened to be “wrong.”

Remember that there is no right or wrong

General Principles of Sovereignty for non-lawyers ...

There is only experience and each individual soul has the right of sovereignty to choose what they wish to bring into their own reality based on their choices, reactions, and perspectives of each dynamic.

This Ascension Process is not to further separate you from others, but to bring you ALL together in the loving capacity to unite and care for one another during these trying times.

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It is in Unity and strength that you have the capacity to conquer everything in your path that attempts to hold you back or deter your forward progression.

Lean on one another and remember that you are ALL Co-Creators.

What you think, you create as your reality…

by: Adeana M. Slater

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