Hong Kong unrest may shake world economy

Humanity has been sought after our entire existence due to a little thing called human DNA.

  • Our DNA has been damaged and we have been dumbed down to the point that we’ve never known how incredible we really are.

    Our DNA is being activated meaning, those two biological strands of DNA (in 1st photo below) are starting to talk to those 10 strands of DNA that spiral and intertwine up thru them.
  • Those 10 strands of DNA have been intentionally cut from us (in 2nd photo below) because those 10 strands are our inter-dimensional strands

They “cut” these strands so they couldn’t talk to the two biological strands.

They couldn’t communicate so it kept us in a very low vibrational existence.

It’s keeping us isolated from an incredible reality…


our DNA is made up of 12 strands and there’s one strand for each dimension and that certain strand corresponds to that density of experience it’s the experiences of these higher frequency densities is what continues our evolution and this is what they’re trying to keep us from…

Hundreds gather in California to protest stay-at-home ...

That reality is where all of our psychic abilities are,

telepathy, healing abilities, time travel, that’s where your entire Akashic records are held and much, much more…!

This dark enemy is trying to erase the original blueprint of the human DNA that we are clawing our way back up to achieve bringing us back to our original blueprint as at the time of our creation.

These dark rulers are trying to suppress our Ascension…!

Hospitals Stealing Your Babies DNA Without Parental Consent

We need to look at the great lengths these psychopaths go to downgrade our DNA.


they’ve tried to suppress our Ascension with chemicals, toxins, poisons, vaccinations, GMO foods, they bombard us with low frequency signals to keep us in control.

Currently, they are in a massive push for physical, global control because they cannot stop what’s coming due to this incredible Human Awakening…!

As Many as 20,000 People Protest Lockdown Restrictions in ...

It is a true testament to our incredible power and the draconian lengths these dirty players have to go to.

These Elite Off World psychopaths live in extreme fear of humanity waking up and expanding our awareness because they lose everything, meaning,

total control of their entire empire…

Republic Broadcasting Network » COVID-19: RFID, Vaccine ...

The enemy’s plan is to erase every bit of our original coding to accomplish complete control over the human race.

These dark players goal is to hybridize the human race.

What Is A Statue, Anyway? - Adam Wren - Medium

Because, with emotion we ask questions, so in turn, we want answers which is a major threat to them.

They want us to be a corrupt, artificial bloodline so we’re easier to control.

They are trying to suppress our frequency and to do that biologically they do that through poisons, toxic vaccinations, poisonous food etc.

Ask The Advocate: What's happening with 5G cell towers in ...

To do this consciously, they do this through frequency bombardment of low vibrational signals.

People that are not mentally stable to begin with, are easily corrupted by these signals.


if they’re about to step off the edge these signals and frequencies will push them.


they lose their minds…

Weekend limited or closed because of COVID-19 – Blue Ridge ...

These dark rulers know boundaries and restrictions limit our spiritual growth.

Because, not only does our DNA exist biologically but dimensionally as well. They have been trying to destroy us biologically and, at the same time, destroying us consciously, but that’s not going to happen.

Bill Gates Foundation: Remote Control Female Contraceptive ...

These elite psychopaths know they’re about to lose their mighty empire and they’re not about to let it go without a fight.

Hence, the current global situation…!

In Philadelphia, police violence and gun violence not an ...

It’s going to get rough, real rough but humanity has no other option but to fight

by Teri Wade

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