Intuition is the ability to understand something immediately, to connect with the meaning of something or someone without a need for conscious reasoning. 

Intuition is the coming forward of the heart and soul to speak.

Developing your intuition is about connecting your logic and reasoning to the heart and soul’s messaging. 

Connection to the knowing, feeling, seeing, and sensing you have within yourself.

The development of intuition requires a process of getting down to a primal, subtle level of connection to the world around you.

Connection possibilities are all around you.

To develop intuition, below are five unique ways to enhance your psychic gifts in everyday life.

#5 Shift your gaze to a wider perspective

Seeing the world as an observer, as though you are in a classroom, working on a vast experiment helps. 

When you step back and watch the experiment as a whole, you notice more intricate and influencing factors, than when you strain to look through a microscope at just one element.

Both sharp focus and a wide gaze are needed to understand and interpret the entire science project.

Walk into any environment and try shifting your sight to a soft gaze, next time you’re in a space that’s beautiful. 

Open your vision the way you would when taking in a large canyon. Notice what or if you see things differently. 

With a soft, relaxed open gaze, you can see auras. You can also see and feel the subtle changes in the environment more easily. 

You pick up on cues in your environment that you could never have noticed before solely by softening your gaze outward. 

#4 Open to receiving love more

To develop intuitively, we have to allow emotions in, and the most important one is human affection.

The intense feeling of human affection and emotion is known as being an empath or the gift of clairsentience. However, we can all open ourselves to this. 

Allowing yourself to feel it helps you fine-tune this gift.

Allowing small acts of receiving love to play a natural part in your life opens intuition because it gives your energy sensors time to play and explore.

One of the ways you can start receiving more love is by changing your body language to be more open. 

You can use body language to promote empathy and love. 

Align your chakras to the person you’re talking to can help you connect and tune your chakra field to the current needs right in front of you, allowing you to serve more sincerely. 

If you’ve closed your energy field, you can slowly open it this way.

As you do this, you’ll eventually notice loving energy sent towards you, and pay attention to when this happens and from whom it comes. 

These are other intuitively open souls, and they will be compassionate to hang out with. 

The more you practice aligning and opening your energy field as you mingle with others, the more you will see the many other types of energy signals people send in your direction.

This awareness can be illuminating, but it also guides your path. 

To get the other signals, first, get comfortable with sending the original message sent from person to person: love.

Imagine a heart in your solar plexus or your chest and visualize it being sent out from your body to another person as you talk to them. 

If you write or chat for a living, you can also do this as you work at the computer. Energy sent through digital signals is perceivable as real energy. 

Once you start sending it, you will begin receiving it via the law of reflection, though it is an imperfect law, so where you receive it back may surprise you. 

#3 Create space for dreaming and clearing

Try incorporating a period where you are not connected to any strings pulling you. To dream, you need space to do so.

Take an hour or even ten minutes to release your connection from outside influences of television, radio, email, phone calls, or text messages. 

Release your cords of attachment to all.

Start with a few moments every day where you spend time alone in reflection. 

Maybe doing something you enjoy or just standing in the sunlight. You can also do this activity indoors by standing somewhere with a breeze and a view, such as an atrium.

A moment where you’re connected to no one except the wanderings of your soul can recalibrate your intuition. 

Notice emotions when they happen here, then let them go. Notice images that come forward, then let them go.

When we connect with others, our pure energy and their pure energy, when mixed, create the third energy. 

Sometimes this third energy needs to be cleared and reset to rebalance and reconnect to our psychic energy. 

A clearing moment allows you space to do this, giving you a floor to receive real things after everything else has emptied.

#2 Say hello to the spirit in all

When we see the Spirit within all, even if we just internally acknowledge it, many psychics believe it opens up a person’s soul, giving you the ability to connect psychically as well as physically. 

Try going around for one day or one week, integrally acknowledging the Spirit within others before physically saying hi. 

It can open the energy of others to one of trust.

Others permit you to sense their energy field in a state of trust, and this is a tremendous gift when you are developing because it can allow you to feel and imagine your way through the interaction, giving your intuition a chance to lead. 

The more your intuition leads and things go well, especially in human interactions, generally, the more people trust it. 

This activity comes out of an old psychic school next to the Phoenix & Dragon in Atlanta, Georgia, and I love it so much I continue to share it. 

#1 Speak in wishful thinking terms

Wishful thinkings are intuitive dreams coming from the heart and soul and giving time to dance in the mind. 

By speaking our real dreams, others around us get access to these seed ideas in their mind, and these intuitive dreams can make their way down to the hearts and souls of those we love. 

From here, the intuitions, dreams, and true desires of the heart become shared, and when shared by more than one, they are more possible to manifest. 

Most humans have an innate desire to please, meaning many people desire others’ dreams to come true and will innately act towards ways to make these dreams happen.

Sharing wishful thinking is the opposite of complaining because often, wishful thoughts are given to us by our higher self, guides, or angels, so it is the sharing of Divine Truth, and because of this, doing so can bring joy.

As well as an awareness of a shared dream, happiness improves intuition because it opens the body to receive.

so to recap, five ways to open your intuition are

  1. Shifting your gaze to a subtle energy lens
  2. Open your energy to receive and send love signals
  3. Create space for dreaming and clearing
  4. Say hello to a person’s Spirit
  5. Speaking of wishful thinking

These activities can open your supernatural sensors to the non-physical, connecting you intuitively with yourself and others. 

Best of all, you can do these activities daily as you go about your life. When this happens, the truth is more revealed, and the more we see the common bonds we all share.

As more of us see the truth, it allows us to create a better, more joyful world for all. 

Opening intuition can make the world and our communities a more loving place because it opens the heart and returns one to Source energy, which is usually similar to something like the embodiment of joy. 

The Importance of Religion for Humanity

Joy is often contagious, so opening intuitively creates a combined benefit of greater happiness for you and those around you, too.

by: Amanda Linette Meder


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