Where Did The Time Go: The Phantom Time Hypothesis

I’m going to be sharing with you the three truths about shifting timelines that a lot of people don’t talk about, but nonetheless, when you know these ideas, it can totally transform the way you go about making choices, the way you go about your life in general, because then you’ll see that if you do certain things, you’re going to end up on a certain timeline.

When it comes to timelines, understand that this is something that happens naturally in reality, in what we experience as linear time and space when we’re going about our days and are going through different experiences.

Whereas constantly shifting through different timelines. There’s always an infinite number of possibilities for what we’re experiencing. However, we always get a reflection of what we believe to be true and what we believed to mean to be most probable, so what happens is as we make certain choices, as we do certain things and we have a certain momentum that will be a certain timeline, now there’s a general timeline for the way our life is going at the moment.

And if that timeline stays the same, meaning the momentum stays the same as the emotions we’re feeling, the actions we’re taking, and all these different things, then it stays on the same timeline. However, if we make a decision that is different than what that timeline has inside of it, then we will then shift to another timeline. Shifting timelines is something we all do naturally, so it’s not something we necessarily have to try to learn how to do.

This isn’t something that is really anything other than just what we do in day-to-day life. If you’ve ever seen somebody that goes to maybe a clairvoyant person and that clairvoyant person says, Hey, this is something that’s probably what’s going to happen, well, that’s on the current timeline that that person is on, but as we shift from moment to moment to moment, there may be a different timeline that we begin to experience.

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Think of it like this, if you’ve ever seen a movie projector, this analogy made it easy for me to understand a movie projector. You know that on a movie projector, there’s a film reel on that film reel. If you were to take it out and look at the individual frames, you could. You could stretch out the frames and look at all of them and see that as a whole bunch of individual frames that are on that film reel.

However, you know that each individual frame exists at the same time right now and in the same way as all the infinite parallel reality. As you can imagine, they all exist right now.

It is not about you having to create them from something that doesn’t already exist. It is simply about realizing you’re already shifting. You’re already shifting, you’re already shifting, and that is a natural byproduct of who you are and the way reality works.

1. Understanding emotions

The thing that strings all of these together and the first thing you need to know about that has timeline shifting that’ll change your life, is understanding emotions. 

Emotions lock you into certain timelines.

What this means is a certain vibrational range. It is more so actually also that we are generating and we are picking up on the frequencies of certain timelines. The way our mind works is our mind can never really imagine that and create something new.

Our mind just reiterates the past and reiterates what is already there. We are generating the vibrational frequency of different realities based on our emotions. If we’re feeling really good, then we’re on a certain timeline and as we feel really good, we are then starting to split into better and better versions of that timeline.

There’s this buffer of things that are great, and those things that aren’t so great. Our state of being and our emotions determine which of these timelines we end up on. They all exist right now. The thing that makes it different is our perception and experience of each moment.

Our emotional state and our feelings are what encapsulate the realities. So our life experiences are a reflection of either what we believe to be true or of our current state of being. Have you ever noticed that when you’re feeling really good you find more and more reasons to feel really good, and when you’re having a bad day and don’t feel good, you find more reasons to validate that?

It depends upon the frequency range of the emotions you have. In the moment that something happens. If you give it a negative meaning, then you will then shift yourself to a less optimal timeline because of the meaning you give it. But the thing is, just as much as you could do that, you could also give it a positive meaning, which means then it bumps up to a better timeline, both opportunities.

Both options exist at the same moment. The difference is the meaning you give to these situations. Everything on the outside is a reflection of the insight and the timelines that you experienced internally.

The timeline that you shift to will all depend upon the state of being that you are currently in. Your state of being is equal to the things that you have experienced in life and your emotions which have to do with the meaning you give things.

I once had a sales commission job. There were times I’d pick up customers that I thought weren’t going to be good people and that I could tell were in a bad mood. Or another salesperson would pass off a customer to me pretending like they were busier than I was and I had to take care of them because the salesperson didn’t want to deal with it.

I would give the experience a positive meaning despite my egos narrative that this probably isn’t going to go well. The results would just completely blow me away. There were times when people would not only buy, but they would do it with such a good attitude. I would just have fun with them. I would make it less about how much money I can make from this commission to how can I just have fun?

How can I increase my state of being? I would joke around with the person and the side effect of that was them then putting themselves into a buying state where then they wanted to buy. There were so many times in my own life when I realized that if I simply give situations a positive meaning, regardless of what my ego would have said in the past, then I would then shift to a timeline that is more optimal.

Remember, all the different variations of what you can experience exists right now. Is it not a question of whether can you create it? It’s can you perceive it because of the meaning you give the present moment. Understand that if you give it a positive meaning and you increase your state of being, you make it more about how you feel than what is happening.

You will increase your vibration. You will then perceive some realities that are more in alignment with how you feel. This is about understanding that you’re already shifted and all you have to do is give it a positive meaning.

2. Everything in life is a choice

The second truth about timeline shifting that will totally transform your life is knowing, as I said a little bit ago, you don’t have to try to do this. You naturally do this by simply existing. You are here now.

The reality you are experiencing is a reflection of either what you believe to be true or the emotions you’re feeling and you’re shifting through different timelines.

The key is to understand that everything in your life is a choice and ONCE you BASE everything in your life AS a choice, you then start to take your power back.

Sometimes people get stuck and believe in. There’s only one timeline they’re going to experience in their whole life, but every time you make a choice, you are shifting timelines.

You see, the thing is, most people are on autopilot. They’re just simply living the same way day in and day out, and because of that, they’re experiencing the same things day in and day out. The key is to wake up from this hypnosis and step out of the autopilot mind.

Things are happening as a stimulus response. When we begin to think that we are the ego we are giving our power away. When we think we are the ego, we are trapped in identification. You are NOT the ego, you are simply the observer, not the participant.

If you treat every situation as if you chose it, you take your power back because then you integrate the experience instead of being a resistant member. It’s about your state of being. Allow things to come into your life and transmute every experience with a positive meaning. Make the choice that everything in your life is a choice.

Literally, see everything as a choice, even things that you don’t think are a choice, pretended as if you chose it because you start to bring more awareness into it and you start to allow it in. The moment you allow it to be is the moment you begin to transform it. This takes your life out of autopilot and gives you more control.

We think on average between 60,000 to 70,000 thoughts a day and 90 percent of those thoughts are recycled from the day before. Therefore, we are thinking the same thoughts, triggering the same emotions, doing the same actions, probably talking to the same people, and having similar conversations. Therefore, creating the same reality over and over again.

The ego loves to be comfortable. The ego loves survival, but when you do something different, you shift timelines. I’m going to go to that yoga class and I’m going to have an amazing time or I’m going to meet up with this person that I haven’t talked to in forever since that one thing that happened, but you know what? I know that deep down we can get along.

You push yourself to do something spontaneous. You then start to shift timelines. Dr. Joe Dispenza’s talked about this before, where if you simply get into a new environment, you’re in the uncertainty and you can only create something new in the uncertainty. If you’re in the old autopilot mind, you’ll continue to create what you always got.

The key is shifting to that awareness. You don’t have to create it from a new mind. The new way of being. You simply have to choose it because everything already exists. There’s an infinite number of probabilities that exists. There’s an infinite number of timelines that already exist. It’s simply about perceiving them and becoming more aware of what you already do. You don’t have to try. It is already happening.

3. Say “YES” to the present moment

The third truth about timeline shifting that will totally transform your life is this simple idea, be present. This is the difference between an enlightened person and an unenlightened person. This awareness, this little difference that makes all the difference. Say “yes” to the present moment, whatever it is, say yes.

If you say yes to the present moment, you increase your state of being to whatever that is you see as the truth in life. Enlightenment is all about understanding that there is no meaning to life other than the meaning we give it, that this life is actually more of a virtual reality to something that we are experiencing. However, at a greater level, we are immortal, spiritual beings.

They’re nothing more than sensations and vibrational interpretations that we use to experience reality. The real reality, the true reality is you are an infinite spiritual being that’s just remembering your life in this temporary human experience, and right now you’re becoming more aware of this and integrating this new knowledge into your life.

Life is becoming more aware that we are so much more than we can imagine, but you see, enlightenment is about saying yes to the present moment and knowing that whatever the present moment is, that’s it. That the past and the future don’t really exist but as concepts in the mind.

There are people right now thinking about the future. They’re here right now thinking about the past, trying to become more. If they could only become more, if they could only get this into place, if they can only do this instead of being present at the moment, and when you are present at the moment, everything begins to transform.

You will experience more optimal timelines by you saying yes to the present moment and by understanding the truth. The truth is all truths are true. Whatever you believe to be true, will be reflected back to you.

You can play a game with yourself. A game of, I’m going to go do this. Let me see how this happens. Let me see how this works. I’m still playing the game of the guy on YouTube that is traveling the world and speaking and doing seminars. That’s the game I’m choosing to play.

However, I’m aware that it is a game that is the difference. Most people are not aware that it’s a game. They’re not aware of what they’re doing. They don’t have that awareness. Bring that awareness into your life and understand that life is a game and when you become aware of the game, that’s when everything begins to change.

Start to take your power back. Start to understand that the more you say yes to the present moment, the more you experience the optimal timelines of what you want to experience. This is about shifting to the reality we want by knowing that it already exists. If we can imagine it and it already exists, it’s simply a matter of vibration, and part of our vibration is the emotions.

We’re feeling the thing is, everything in our life is neutral except for what we give it, meaning it will be a neutral idea. We give things meaning which generates the type of consciousness. So when certain things happen we say that’s good, that’s bad. Either perspective is true. It’s just what is serving.

Stop asking yourself the question, what is true and what is untrue? Start asking yourself the question, does this work or does this not work? Is this serving me? Yours is not serving me. Just switching that question alone will transform your life shifting your level of consciousness, shifting your level of awareness, and waking up from the autopilot mind knowing you are so much more now.

This is the shift. This is understanding that what you want already exists as you don’t have to try, it’s simply a matter of vibrational frequency. Instead of trying to become something, you’re not, Be More here now, be more. Say more about the present moment. Don’t say any more about it, but you know what I mean. Be here now and know that the present moment is all that exists.

Remember the three truths about timeline shifting that will transform your life is knowing that your emotions are what shift you from the timeline that you need. Change your emotions. You change what you perceive. The meaning you give situations’s going to be what you get out of it.

Secondly, this is something you naturally do. You don’t have to try to do this. The key is to be more aware of what you’re already creating and wake up from the autopilot mind, and then thirdly, as you say yes to the present moment, your whole entire life will begin to transform.

by:Aaron Doughty



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