Some soul-awakening articles that you read may sound redundant.

Why is this? You may realize that the majority of Lightworkers often repeat themselves in articles to really “drive the points-HOME.”

This “Home” is your birth-rite reality. It is like taking you back to where you were and consciously/collectively vibe as a whole. You are finding this place again that has sat dormant for eons of time.

Only this time you are ever ready to make it better and make sure you can say that these “points really add up” over time.

We have newly awakened souls who are looking for articles and information from so many other Lightworkers around the Globe for assistance, support, and clarification overall.

Change is occurring, whether you realize it or not.

You may be the one screaming, “enough is enough!” You have experienced this rollercoaster of Ascension perhaps more than you desired. It seemed to continue on like a broken record.

One thing after another occurred for you. Tower moments came and went. You experienced an awful lot of triggering events. Anything that you endured has made you wiser, stronger, and more equipped to tackle the next set of adverse interactions.

This is never to discourage you or disappoint you because you are a soul warrior that can do absolutely anything your heart desires.

Please realize that most soul progress and healing come from the biggest of challenges. Your emotional reaction and personal perception of any event that perpetuates in your life are for you to make the most of it.

No one else is your moderator. No one else can tell you how to act, react, live your life, feel, respond, or what to do. This does not mean we, as a collective, wish for utter chaos to fill our streets with crime and unruly actions of hated.

The idea here is that we increase in higher consciousness.

This will naturally bring all of us out of these dense low energies that encourage us to fight amongst one another as opposed to bringing us together in unity. Our goal as a collective consciousness is to find the unity within all of us that binds us and supports our efforts as ONE.

This effort is expanding greatly and which you should all be proud of! You are asking how you specifically are making a difference as if you are not. You do and are!!

We are moving faster and farther than projected.

With soul projection, growth, and expansion, it was a difficult gauge, to begin with. There was no way to honestly and accurately gauge the progress or growth of the collective consciousness.


Because the domino effect cannot be guessed. It’s a process that must be played out.

The influence of Energy fluctuates. Energy is a constant flow at a particular timeframe. The reaction to this energy is the fuel to the fire so to speak and reacts accordingly.

Please know that timing is everything and do not be discouraged or disappointed if anything transpires without your specific attachment to do so. We know we are moving faster and farther based on the consciousness achieved thus far.

It is best if you are able to release any and all attachments as you move along. In other words, I know it is difficult when you are faced with options for change.

The least you attach to outcomes or expectations, the better for you to minimize disappointments or added heartbreak. Everything happens for a reason. Absolutely everything.

You are NOT a victim. There is no Pity-party awaiting you in any realm of reality you choose to create for yourself.

You see… this magical land of the New Earth that we are all collectively and consciously creating, is of love, unity, peace, joy, and forgiveness. Anything else is our stepping stone to get to these ultimate goals.

We are well on our way!! Congrats in advance!! The ripple effect is in full swing.

It’s unstoppable…

by: Adeana M. Slater

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