What happens after our last reincarnation?

What will happen to us after we complete our reincarnations, having reached the end of the Old soul stage?

Throughout the reincarnation process, each soul can be thought of as a “fragment” of a greater whole. During reincarnation, the fragment seeks to fully realize itself as an individual in its own right.

After reincarnation, the self-realized soul now comes to unite its consciousness with others from its own “family” of origin as they also complete reincarnation. This occurs on the mid-Astral plane. In all, there will be around 1,000 soul-mates converging like this.

Once all members of the entire “family” or “entity” have completed and reunited, there are two further stages of evolution to undergo — stage 6 and stage 7. These take place in the non-physical realms.

Stage 6 and the Transcendental Soul

In the 6th stage, a higher order of consciousness emerges on the Causal plane. Here, the wisdom, life experiences, and understandings of the entire reunited group are integrated, forming a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts — a “Causal Body” or “re-integrated entity”. Any sense of fragmentation now disappears.

Many channeled teachings are from souls undergoing this stage, including the Michael teachings.  The being we call Michael is actually a re-integrated entity made up of precisely 1,050 souls who have completed their reincarnations and are now going through the 6th stage.

Through this cycle, the souls experience a unity of consciousness in which their individuality, while still there, is no longer important. Collectively, however, they will still perceive a difference between self and other, or created and creator. That difference is finally resolved for good in the second post-reincarnation stage

There is no need for souls at this level to reincarnate. However, the group can elect to send a representative into physical life as a way to educate and inspire human society in some way. An incarnate soul from a re-integrated entity is known in the Michael teachings as a Transcendental Soul. In history, however, we recognize them as realized masters. Examples include:

  • Socrates
  • Mohammed
  • Gandhi
  • Paramahansa Yogananda

Such individuals tend to have easy access to the higher moving or “tantric” Center, in the sense that they know how to bring spiritual energy into their mundane life.

Transcendental souls (from stage 6) will sometimes incarnate to herald and prepare the ground for the coming incarnation of an Infinite soul (from stage 7).

Stage 7 and The Infinite Soul

Stage 7 is the final stage of evolution, where consciousness finally merges with the infinite presence and eternal life force of all that is — the Tao.

By the end of this stage, the consciousness of souls is effectively at one with the creative power of the universe. Individual thoughts give way to infinite consciousness; individual feelings give way to infinite bliss. The consciousness now comes to experience and know itself — paradoxically — as both creator and created, both the source of evolution and the end product.

Again, there is no need for such souls at this level to reincarnate. However, on rare occasions, they can descend into physical manifestation to help jump-start a mass shift in consciousness.

A manifestation at this level, known as the Infinite Soul, is an embodiment of ultimate Truth, Love, and Unity — in other words, an Avatar or a living god. Examples include:

  • Krishna
  • Buddha
  • Jesus Christ

An infinite soul is a representative from the upper causal plane, who is, in turn, channeling through a universal quality from one of the three high planes: love, truth, or beauty. — Michael Chat with Shepherd Hoodwin: Soul Age, Part II

It is not that the Infinite soul will inhabit a human body from birth. Personalities are not designed to sustain that amount of energy. Rather, a self-realized soul (i.e. a 7th-level Old or Transcendental soul) will incarnate and then, at a prearranged moment in adult life, give way for the Infinite soul to manifest, either partially or completely, for the remainder of that incarnation.

Siddhartha Gautama, for example, was a realized soul who in adult life gave way to the Buddha, a manifestation of perfect Unity.

Jesus of Nazareth was a fully realized King soul who in adult life gave way to Christ, a manifestation of perfect Love.

From what I can gather, even after the final stage, we are forever free to choose to undergo the whole grand cycle again for the sheer thrill of it!

by: Barry

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