The Three Waves of Volunteers

The three waves of volunteers are souls who began coming to earth around 1945 to positively influence humanity. Their ultimate goal is to save the planet and assist people in their healing, so more people are equipped to move with the earth into the next age. Each wave, depending on the time frame of their arrival, has unique characteristics, though they all share certain fundamental desires and an overarching mission.

Many, no matter when they’ve come, have never experienced life on earth. Some have never been in the physical form of any kind, having come directly from Source. Some have lived on other planets, while a few seem to have incarnated on earth prior to their current life (though this seems to be rare).

When the call for help went out, those who wanted to assist the earth and her inhabitants volunteered to come.

They wanted to do good for this planet and for the multiverse (because all universes and dimensions are intertwined, what happens to one happens to all). Since the earth is a free-will planet, this is Source’s way of providing much-needed aid without interference.

The first-wave volunteers, who are currently between the ages of roughly 45 and 75, have the greatest challenges. They’re the groundbreakers and way-showers. They tend to find life on earth very dense, disruptive to the peaceful state they either vaguely or strongly remember, and difficult.

They have a profound feeling of homesickness that has nothing to do with their current life. They often have a deep yearning to leave the density of this place and go “home.

” As a result, these souls sometimes feel suicidal. Some volunteers make serious attempts at suicide because they know no other way to relieve the intense misery they suffer.

These first-wavers are often quite sensitive to loud sounds, harsh lights, strong emotions, crowds of people, and anything else they encounter that challenges the peace and oneness they’ve always known. Due to these sensitivities, the oldest volunteers often find it easier to be alone. Many choose to work from home in relative solitude.

They often do not marry or have children because they’re innately wary of creating karma. (Once on the wheel of karma, a soul must continue to return to earth, sometimes with the same souls with whom one had issues, to learn lessons. This is clearly not something the volunteers are interested in.

They usually want to surreptitiously do their jobs and go home.) They often feel misunderstood and rarely, if ever, recognize themselves in others.

First-wave volunteers find the customs and ways of doing things on earth to be strange and unnecessary, even barbaric, at times. They try very hard to adapt—and to varying degrees, they’re able to —but there are always parts of earth’s culture that seem unfailingly daunting and confusing. This can lead a first-waver to feel as if they’re somehow inherently flawed and maladaptive and then, naturally, as if they don’t belong.

These volunteers often have trouble finding their tribe, which can create a sense of loneliness and isolation, further solidifying their strong desire to return home.

Second-wave volunteers have many of the traits of their first-wave forebears. These people are currently in their 20s, 30s, and possibly early 40s. In particular, this younger generation comes with an inner light that others seem instantly drawn to. Just being—naturally beaming their light—tends to help lift people up and can even provide healing.

The paradox is that the second-wavers don’t like being around other people, especially in great numbers, generally preferring to be alone or with animals.

Second-wave volunteers are often concerned that they’re not doing enough to accomplish their purpose or mission, however, they really don’t need to do much except be.

Their light does the rest. These beautiful souls are often, however, drawn to some kind of healing or helping profession. They, like the rest of the volunteers, are often spiritually gifted and connected to Source energy.

The third-wave volunteers are currently children and adolescents. Although they seem to have an easier time than the first- and second-wave, these younger ones still have challenges. They are often the brightest, most creative people among their peers. Due to their upgraded DNA (this will happen to everyone, apparently, but the children who came in already changed), they have tremendous gifts and “knowings.”

They frequently exhibit skills and knowledge way beyond their years. They tend to learn quickly and become bored easily. Because of this, the third-wave volunteers sometimes have difficulty in school—not because they don’t excel remarkably fast, but because other children, teachers, administrators, and sometimes parents, don’t understand them.

In our diagnosis- and pill-happy society, these gifted children can very mistakenly end up labeled learning- or psychiatrically disabled and placed on medication. Such a tragedy for these amazing beings who are here to move us forward and save the world!

The time we’ve been simultaneously dreading and hoping for is near. The New Earth is forming and now is the moment when we must identify who we are and why we’re here. The volunteers have come to assist with the transition and ascension process. The more they learn and heal, the more prepared they’ll be for the job at hand. It’ll be no small task, but when destiny calls, those who answered that initial bulletin for help must show up.

There is much to be done in preparation. Focus on healing and cleansing; love, forgiveness, and compassion; and connecting with Source, as well as those in your Spirit family or council. Do what you can to move beyond societal norms and the systems that keep us enslaved. Cultivate a calm and faith-filled demeanor. Practice moving beyond the restrictions of time and space, whatever that means to you.

We’re headed for the free, joyful, open, loving beauty of a dimension much more enlightened than the one we’re experiencing right now. This is the journey we’ve known about and have been waiting for.

by: Sharon Barbell

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