Unless Smart Choices are Made About Human Direction, an Idiocracy is Inevitable

Editor’s Note: I came across this article early this year and was poised to share it but reconsidered due to its controversial elements. However recently, I had a change of Heart, and decided to post it anyway. Notwithstanding its stance on ‘soft eugenics’, the article has many merits that should be looked at and discussed. It is abundantly clear that we are currently experiencing a degradation of moral values and scholastic acumen and it must be addressed sooner rather than later. PS

One of the reasons we are nationalists is that the nation, under proper leadership, is in the best position to understand, measure and improve its people’s potential and human capital. The cosmopolitan system of “we are one world” will produce the opposite, dumbing down and diluting large swaths of the population.

Scientific studies demonstrate that idiocracy is well underway. Westerners have lost 14 IQ points on average since the Victorian Age, according to a study published by the University of Amsterdam in 2018.

There is a perceived link between IQ and fertility. This is contentious because “inclusive” globohomo cosmopolitanism refuses to acknowledge that there are qualitative differences between human sub-groups.

But Jan te Nijenhuis, who ran the Amsterdam study, thinks the causa proxima of the fall-off is because intelligent women tend to have fewer children than women who are not as clever.

Dr. Nijenhuis examined the results of 14 intelligence studies conducted between 1884 and 2004 to come to his conclusion. Each study measured reaction times — how long it took subjects to press a button after being prompted.

The basis of the study asserts reaction time mirrors mental processing speed, and that speed is a reflection of intelligence. Doctors found that visual reaction time on average was 194 milliseconds during the late 19th century. By 2004, it had increased to 275 milliseconds.

“The reduction in human intelligence would have begun at the time that genetic selection became more relaxed,” said Dr. Gerald Crabtree, professor of pathology and developmental biology at Stanford University.

There is a secondary contributor besides genetics in the idiocracy issue: culture. A study by Professor Fynn found that brighter teens who took part in a 2008 study were on average 6 IQ points less intelligent than their counterparts tested 28 years earlier. Scientists found that performance dropped most dramatically among teenagers in the upper half of the intelligence scale.

Professor Fynn said the results could be the result of less-intelligent youth culture. What we know is that youth culture is now more visually orientated, focusing more on computer games than reading and holding conversations. Other studies have shown how pervasive teenage youth culture is, and what we see is parents’ influence on IQ slowly diminishing with age, he said.

Nutrition also influences mental development and in today’s culture that is a laissez-faire free-for-all promoted by corporatists. It’s the duty of the nation-state to reverse that. The nation-state should come down hard on agents in the environment that impact human development and health.

It goes without saying that lockdowns and mask-wearing are an assault on human well-being.

Winter Watch Takeaway

Eugenics is a trigger word, but in its pure form, it is defined as using selection in the genetic pool to carry on less diseased, smarter, and more prolific individuals. This has nothing to do with euthanasia. Nor is it directed at the “poor” in the least. Nor is it even about the “dull”. But the seriously mentally dumb, deranged, and pathological that’s another story.

Soft eugenics doesn’t have to be mass sterilization programs but could be something as basic as giving prospective parents a genetic test showing risks and defects. Armed with the information people can make their own smart choices about their progeny.

On the genetic side of the issue, there are also logical solutions. One is to reverse a welfare system that rewards poorly functioning women for reproducing children. A more aggressive policy would be for the state to financially incentivize women and men from sub-par IQ populations to use birth control or undertake reproductive surgery, such as voluntary vasectomies.

Higher-functioning parts of the population could be reconditioned to reproduce at higher rates through propaganda. If the system spent as much time and effort on that as they do on over-vaccinating the population, results could be achieved. Yes, that means population-qualitative evaluations and shrewder judgment must be used.

The science and methods are there to tell educators and parents the factors that contribute to better intelligence and higher functioning. It’s the duty of the state at a national level to promote these methods and purge the society, culture, and education of elements working against them.

Border policies need to be tightened considerably. This is more than just law enforcement, it also ties into the welfare system.

Winter Watch also questions the practice of cherry-picking intelligent, high-functioning individuals from developing and third-world nations, as that depletes much-needed human capital in those countries as well. Is a brain drain out of Afghanistan next on the agenda?

The reality of NOT going down this reversal path: an idiocracy and all it entails.

by: Thomas Müller


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