10 Reasons Why Humans Elect Corrupt Politicians

There is a reason we are fed up with our politicians.

There is a reason there is so much hope-fuelled energy during the elections.

Justin Trudeau

But as much as we are optimistic, they never tend to stop from shattering the already-plummetted expectations of the public.

Why do we elect them again and again, even when we know that they disappoint us every time?

1. Because some politicians are successful and rich in their private lives

And people get impressed by cash and show of money. They never bother to wonder where the money came from.

The fact that a politician did really well in his personal life impresses people and somehow convinces them that they can handle the responsibilities of a public office too.

2. Because politicians promise the same things that the people aspire for

And he/she somehow knows exactly what the people want.

3. Because sometimes politicians exploit the hate, a section of the society feels for another

And cash in on the hate. Hate is a good vote bank generator.

4. Because politicians cash on the opportunity that the people are not really educated

And an uneducated person will not be able to realize that he/she is getting nothing out of this after the results come out.

5. They cash on the fact that people really believe that the politicians care about them

The biggest mistake people make is that they think that the politician actually cares about them. They forget that there is a whole political party with a completely different agenda behind the person fielded.

6. Because people are stupid enough to get bribed with money and alcohol

It is so easy to buy votes here.

7. Because people have just given up and think that the next one will do better

When one politician breaks your expectations badly, every candidate in the fray looks like Nelson Mandela.

8. Because some of them have had the same story as us. Hence, we relate to them

And they have no compunctions in exploiting that.

9. Because we are too dependent on them to make our lives better. We have no choice but to trust them

India is heavily dependent on public utilities. Anything goes wrong, and thousands are affected.

10. Corrupt people need corrupt politicians to keep things rosy

Let’s not take false comfort in thinking that all of us are extremely clean individuals. A big section of society loves to make money through illegal means.

For such people, corrupt politicians are the best bet.

We all need a reality check in our life when it comes to electing politicians.


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