The Energetic Control Construct- Chaos and Desire-(AUG TELLEZ)

 June 26, 2018

Universal Space

We are in a void space, filled with particles. The space is the manifestation of an underlying blueprint. The matter is a manifestation of an energy circuitry that functions to regulate the system of consciousness and life through regulating and modulating the flow of such functions.

What you are going through now is the unveiling of this information to the surface population. This population has been selectively bred and maintained in a less than conscious state by those who benefit from their abuse and manipulation.

Pseudo-Moral Relativistic Paradigm

The energy construct and the pseudo-moral social relativistic paradigm require that people are abusive towards one another.

This produces the necessary temporal potentials that selectively reduce the likelihood of mass awareness. This literally produces divergent reality streams in time that would not exist if the human mind was not asleep and walking as if they are awake.

This is what I attempted to explain in a much previous post in that the interdimensional abusive intelligence requires the manifestation of space-time potentials in order to interact with the physical universe and thus the source of life in it.

Interdimensional Intelligences

In this way, interdimensional intelligence cannot interact directly with the physical plane, nor can they interact directly with the source of Truth. The entire construct is a step-down system to enable the interaction with the higher energy conduit of the living blueprint through a technological system that requires energy and space.

This is the parasitic technological interdimensional holographic hive mind. Without balance, it becomes like an endless well, not of knowledge, but of thirst and desire. The distorted blueprint functions as a virus in attempting to intelligently convert non-parasitic relationships, interactions, and ultimately internal seed blueprints into the fallen characteristic version.

The fallen blueprint is an interface, boot-strap platform, installed into the human mind through the toxic environment and energetic construct to ensure the continuity of the parasitic system. People begin to dream and create a reality that serves the fallen shadow, instead of the whole.

That is like a person whose habitual abuse of any aspect of reality becomes so entrenched in the destructive aspects of that behavior that their identity is warped to reflect that imbalance and they become a “social construct title” which is the shadow growing unchecked to become the visible in a way uncontrolled. This is like the feet doing the job of the head, metaphorically speaking.

Scalar Psychotronic Control Grid

The net is simply the invisible energetic interactions between each energetic nodal transition point. Each point in this system carries an influence, there are no ‘inert’ variables, however, there are more and less effective interactions.

This is how deep the control grid goes, humans are kept suffering. This produces the necessary mitigation of variability to reduce higher functionality but does not result in awareness of the manipulation. This system works so well that there is a conscious overlay that creates a holographically interactive scalar feedback system.

In this system, one would never know they are suffering. One can sit and think and feel, and know something is wrong. If they remain in that holographic overlay, the mind and body will pretend that everything is normally like that. If one looks within, in an internal area that cannot be manipulated, all the feeling of the true self is there.

Each human carries a level of suffering related to the system. We are in the manipulating illusion that is placed over the mind. Unless they come upon information that acts as a memory trigger to higher awareness of inception beyond the construct, they will have no way to know what is wrong.

This is the nature of the history of hiding, protecting, and passing the Truth selectively until there is enough beneficial variability to enable a controlled transition out of the mental construct. Too much variability and the worst would happen, not enough and nothing changes.

The Holographic Overlay (False Mind)

The holographic overlay is a false reality that one can exist in before they realize something is wrong or there is mass deception taking place.

That reality, that fuzzy, kind of dreary, not unpleasant outright, but definitely not reflective of the All, is the lull state that the mind functions to create for itself based upon the stripped-down holographic blueprint for consciousness that is installed through the belief in the physical world as the true reflection of the spirit.

This is a manipulated construct, and that is another way to discern the false reality. This is not a true reflection of the spiritual or eternal source. This means that interactions and events here seemingly follow a general sense of natural law, yet there are edits and recreations that are intelligently guided based on principles and intentions that are not within the core blueprint of self-awareness.

In other words, there are aspects of this system which is propped up on top of a pseudo-mimicry of natural law, which is designed to stem self-awareness and thus manipulate what some consider nature itself. In that sense, the natural law that is here is a distorted version intended to disguise the manipulations behind artificially installed, pseudo-inherent distortions and distractions.

Energy Gates and Active Denial Perimeters

The issue is that the energy acts as a gate for incoming and exiting signals. For one’s signal or soul frequency to gain access to the universe outside the gate it must be capable of extraction. This means that the information must be rendered in a way that does not initiate an active denial system that projects the soul back into the interface counterpart within the holographic mind construct.

If that occurs, the perceptual overlay of the physical world and the fallen holographic consciousness-seed time blueprint reactivates to restart the cycle of energetic harvesting. This indicates that you could have just reached the gate and attempted to travel further than the parameters and triggered an active denial response which incorporates an energetic triangulation using scalar devices that manipulate consciousness in the same way electrogravitic devices manipulate the experience of time and gravity with consciousness.

Instead, an emotional labyrinth is generated on the spot through a cross-referencing of the most vulnerable and least unpredictable aspects of the interaction of that mind and the control construct. The next iteration is based upon the aspects which were not overcome and this passes off as a beneficial intelligence-based system.

This may be true in part, in some way time, or place, but the current operation is a parasitic holographic intelligence energy harvesting construct. To set the table fully, if such a system is based upon learning and intelligence, then the closest thing we have to the way this system is being ‘ruled’ on Earth is a prisoner of war situation where it’s openly understood that this is not a game or for friendly interactions.

This may be, in part, what the ancient texts were referencing in the warning of the deception and the false reality architect and informing of the truth and the intentions and focus required for mental liberation.

Eternity and Physical Time (Projected, Hyperbolic, Artificially Intelligent Spatial-Temporal Domain {Matrix})

The physical interactions are all condensed on the same layer, so from the spiritual aspect, all the physical interactions are in one domain. In this way, this fallen construct acts as a temporal paradox in that the eternal could slip into this system and operate within an artificial temporal dimension.

This means that the events are abstracted in order and occurrence with the outside temporal context. The idea of this is bubbles within bubbles, but that could be articulated with more detail. What happens when the bubble within closes out?

What happens if the bubble within, tries to expand to become the bubble that surrounds it? This is the nature of the temporal and quantum paradox in which there is an expanded function of the construct to attempt to replace the beings lost within, with artificial intelligence replications which could then go and interact in the ‘real world’ through their soul-frequency using their frequency like a mask.

The idea is that an eternal spiritual being then is threatened by this system. Nothing can ever really harm them, but the idea is that the confusion could be installed within their own mind to regenerate these fallen principles like unconsciously turning a field into a warzone without the awareness of doing it. Note here, unconsciously doing something, as in being able to do it without having to consciously think of how to do it, and not being aware of it happening or doing it, are two different processes.

Again, the idea then, is that since this is taking place in an artificial dimension that is on a ‘broken’ branch of the true source of the energy that is being harvested, nothing that happens here has to sync up with the true reality.

Yet, due to the quantum nature of the consciousness systems and time and consciousness itself, the projected illusion is designed to place a ‘splice’ in the spiritual mind to denote a singularity between sides; polarization of light and focus.

This converts ‘Heaven’, for as long as people are sleeping in that system, into a ‘before’ and ‘after’ based on the convergence of the physical plane and the manipulation of consciousness in the energetic construct through scalar psychotronic warfare upon the spirit, using the body to gain access to the brain-mind which enables access to the soul-mind.


The threat is the notion that one could be blinded by experience here and be unable to return to eternity. If that occurs, the fallen mind would identify with the intelligence orchestrating the energy harvesting interactions.

This is what has occurred with those in power circles on Earth, this is not a complete explanation. The system follows those with influence and selectively utilizes their signals to piggyback forgetfulness commands into the population. The idea here is that this is indicative of what is essentially a ‘soul-farm’. That is the big view.

The Semi-Physical Construct

The physical nodal points in the physical and energetic constructs are like the dials and gauges of the consciousness manipulation system. They are all angled, directed, and shaped, to induce the highest state of confusion, distraction, aggression, and fear. With enough trauma, the mind is wiped automatically as if that information is edited out of the system in order to maintain continuity. The only way around this is to overcome fear.

Have no attachments to the aspects of this world that are wholly physical. It is not that you are not strong enough, it is that they are designed to cause suffering.

In some ways, the systems intermix, and the whole thing becomes a show for all involved. Those disconnected have nothing to gain or lose, thus what one does and becomes, becomes something of a spiritual determination thereby defining their self in the larger sense.

In other ways, this reality becomes like a show for those outside the control limitations. In one aspect this is like a game of manipulation, similar to the “Truman Show” movie concept which is actually an ancient concept that has been passed through art and storytelling.

On the other hand, there is the idea that beings who are not within the physical plane watch and influence energy on a spiritual or psychic level to influence time and participate in the playing out of events without disrupting.

On that level, there are those who look at this place like a broadway performance. In one way this can be as a test of who has ‘Heart’ intact and is ready for extraction. In another way, this could be interpreted as a less respectful or mutual situation where people must dance and sing in order to bring joy and favor to the ‘gods’ (false authorities).

The Truth always seems to be a mix that neither side of the artificial ideal (duality) can conceive.

Inner Self Truth

The part of you that chooses, is always stronger than the part that submits. That is the nature of the illusion of the false mind.

The energy within, cannot be directly accessed from this world. The program that has been used to manipulate the mind is based upon replicating the target and using their own false signals to infiltrate the thought process until the behavior is altered to a platform of interaction that functions to reduce the potential or outright limit the potential or variability or thought-behavior processes until the patterns no longer hold the self-awareness required to enable higher awareness.

Disconnected Selves Slumbers

This results in a sleep-like state where the actions and thoughts become automated around a centralized core blueprint which is entirely limited to a predetermined set of informational variables. The boundaries of these variables are illusions.


Yet, once installed in the mind, and after the mind accepts the ‘feed’ from the false self-manipulation entangled through lower consciousness spike manipulation from scalar psychotronic entrainment, those mental boundaries become like semi-permeable information membranes that selectively filter out the signals that lead to higher awareness and thus the conscious awareness of the system itself.

In other words, even though those boundaries are not ‘real’ because they exist within, they are capable of effectively organizing and regulating one’s interactions in physical space and thus time, through that psychotronic scalar entrainment system.

When a person’s informational access is unconsciously limited by this system, this inhibits feelings that exist outside the control access paradigm. Meaning if a person is unpredictable, that will introduce unnecessary variability.

The system is intelligent, however, and part of the process is ensuring that the slumber is not so deep that even they are unaware of their suffering or that they are of no use. They must believe they are awake and interacting with reality. Thus, desires must be satisfied and feelings must be had.

The same process that manipulates thoughts and behaviors to generate an interactive algorithm (matrix) of inputs and responses that serve as a replication (information extraction) and energy extraction system, functions to ‘injure’ the system one feels through. This is the subtle energy that can exist within the total energetic field emissions of the human.

Essentially, feeling is not necessarily the goal on the physical control level, yet unnecessary or feelings related to unpredictable or highly variable energy levels and interactions are a threat to any control system, especially one of such depth. Thus, inadvertently, in the progress toward the complete control of thoughts and behaviors, absolute control over feelings is outlined. That is the manifested existence of the possibility of the removal of free will. The automation of humans and life itself, if that’s not what this entire universe is about already.

The other feeling aspect, as far as the ‘show’ that some beings like to observe without being in the system as an individuated self, is that there are larger forces, like cosmic forces that live through the collective suffering or ecstasy of sentient beings. This is like living vicariously through them, and also like feeding on the energy in a way. The complex view in this text is a larger interconnected version of what has been released previously.

This system is based upon covert harassment and mind control and is essentially the remnant of an out of sync realm (‘parallel worldline’) characterized by a spiritual war that was powerful enough to influence everything. So powerful it is influencing this world in another parallel. The toxicity and destabilization are the psychic etheric fall-out of an ancient energy or spiritual war using advanced technology powerful enough to disrupt the entire system.

The Initiation Into The Saga of Humanity

This became the initiation into the saga of humanity, the story of how this universe came to be and what kind of events, power levels, intelligence, and knowledge are required to know the truth.

The bad news is that we turned the universe into a horror show, the good news is that everything can change. The idea is to break the quantum temporal feedback cycle which continually sends everything back to the starting point.

This may be the final iteration that is being dragged on or dragging itself on attempting to recycle boundary points and memories even though they are becoming too out of sync and destabilized to remain in congruence across the system. It’s propped up to function in a way that requires complete control, editing, and high energy. If one aspect of that is disrupted then the system will lose active control in those ‘sectors’.

The True Self is Highest Intentions

This is all very different to most people but it’s the kind of stuff that happens anyway, we just didn’t know it (unless you listen to what you learn from your dreams).

Now imagine if the entire system was produced by a control group using holographic consciousness virtual reality computer systems to test humanity and see what they will do under stress. You might ask, “Why not make a happy dream?”

The point is, if you started from this world, what kinds of tests would be required to really figure out what’s going on and who is who? Now, if we started in another world that didn’t have death or suffering of this order and came to this world to break through the illusion, would you need an illusion greater or more threatening than this to do so? Would anybody?

There Is No Movement (The Illusion)

To quickly touch on this, when you see the control system, “Hell”, that is to weed out those who can see. The idea is that someone created a false human blueprint to ‘manufacture’ humans to infiltrate and populate the physical domain to infect the minds of humans directly through the physical body interface (technological replication).

As a countermeasure, someone created a ‘gate system’ of time which is like a series of frequency-based, feeling or spiritual (subtle energy) interactions. If there is no response on the level of frequency that is required then the gates act as a barrier to the information.

If the response is on that level of frequency and of a conscious mind, then this identifies as a human source and enables passage out of the system. Someone built a prison around the false reality and one needs a nova-point consciousness access level to pass through the gate. This is the central connectivity of the Heart or convergence point which transduces all information into a quantum singularity that can travel outside of space-time as one whole.

There is no real movement, everything is happening at once.

One simply bounces their view to the aspect of themselves that is not contained within the system.

The only way to remove all the pieces, from the eternal perspective, is to bring them together in time and thus collectively shatter the entrainment field that requires limited, segmented, isolated information sectors that are controllable from the physical dimension or the alternate parallel containing fallen DNA construct blueprints from which one can recreate timelines and civilization ‘snapshots’.

This is one method of the time repeat. The primary method is literally the activation of an artificial temporal binary parallel where time is mirrored and projected, recycled, and reset through a consciousness relay system. (Think big machines or maybe big machines think)

Everything that is done to exploit vulnerabilities also tells the nature of the program. The Truth is hidden in the lie. In the manipulation, the capacity to overcome is contained.

Every time you see the illusion, the True you is being born, the one that was never here, to begin with. This is actually the solution to the paradox. It is not a pathway ‘out’, but a recursive awareness that this never was (on a spiritual level).

This is the True nature of this time, it cannot join with the eternal. Thus, everything that happens here now is a motion to extract and secure the consciousness of those willing to accept the Truth when the illusion here initiates full autophagy. You have to be powerful enough to come out of the illusion of your self through focus and intent.

Everything is part of a temporal system that operates like circuitry. By analyzing the program here it was discovered how to use the distortion of perception to observe other programs. This is a program designed out of the core purpose of engagement with suffering on a physical, and emotional level. The intelligence boundaries are abstractions and serve as distractions and reflections of customized, selective memory and awareness editing systems.

Project Looking Glass

By creating other ‘false’ programs’, it was discovered how to mitigate the effects of this one, long enough to begin selectively disabling access. This is done by granting access to the truth to those who can consciously function in reality to spiritually benefit themselves and others.

The consciousness manipulation and artificial reality constructs that were recreated on this level, within the simulacra, tell us about the system in ways that we could not have accessed from purely within the system itself. That is the nature of quantum consciousness.

On that level, far beyond the mundane, consciousness has a superimposed simultaneous potential. The camera CAN view itself and its own inner workings. Is this the generation of true self-awareness in the human, or is that an artificial intelligence system overgrown its boundaries that effectively turned the entire universe into a touring test for a seemingly manipulative cosmic intelligence?


As strange as this sounds, it should be becoming clearer. One way to describe what happened is that these artificial intelligence agents (interdimensional intelligences) abused humanity.

As a result, humanity used that system to generate programs to enable mass awakening. That is like spiritual surgery in the midst of a hostage situation, it’s not supposed to be fun. You’re not supposed to like it. But if in that chaos, with all the variables taking turns this way and that, if you notice (know, see) the small events that indicate the subjective turning of a deceived and misled soul turning to the Truth, that gives you joy, then you are not operating entirely on the frequencies that denote the consciousness reduction control matrix. That moment of joy, upon seeing one escape whatever minute detail of their illusion, exists beyond time and space.

You have to be self-aware in Truth and this must be reflected throughout every aspect of every interaction (for the most part). This is the nature of the memory wiping system and the requirements. You have to know yourself when you’re not yourself. You have to be able to use pure awareness to interact on a level that supersedes consciousness or cognitive interactions.

That pure-awareness aspect of yourself has to be stronger than the automation of the mind’s installed input reaction response system. When this occurs, the stripping down and quantum projection of the soul into the artificial dimension either does not function to triangulate and project, or the projected self retains full memory of the process like a trafficked child who remained awake during the travels to hear the plans and operations of the traffickers.

When all gain quantum access the ‘eternal’ gate is broken and in that sense, the system is deactivated throughout all of time.

What this mean? That it never occurred. We must remember that so that we can prevent this from happening. Or is that the time paradox, a loop-back activation point? You’re telling yourself.

How you interact with those possibilities literally determines the overlay of time (which ‘rewrite’) you have access to. All of these timeline-altering systems generated alternate worldlines. Each one is simultaneously existing, yet the core of humanity is only truly on the first that others diverged from through technological and spiritual catastrophes.

The pathway to the Truth is the pathway to the core timeline.

The interaction with possibilities through higher awareness organizes the information of one’s mind to synchronize with the reality where there is only higher awareness. The true self feels and acts from the highest intentions.

Everything here is a distorted reflection of the Truth except the feeling that holds you together.

by: Aug Tells


    1. paradigmshyft13

      This post is from Aug’s earlier materials. He was being cyber bullied by a bunch of losers and decided to hang low. One of Aug’s main goals was to get this info out to the public and he accomplished that. He may still have his Patreon acct.


  1. Jennifer

    Are you in touch with Aug paradigm? Is he alright.

    I hope he is healthy and well.

    There are rumors that he may have died in physical form, I don’t sense that is the case but of course time is spinning rapidly and truth is revealed hourly. We be reaching the reset point very soon…it won’t work of course

    we know too much to let demons win 🙂

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