PS SPECIAL REPORT: Freedom Convoy Preemptive SOS Press Conference Feb.7, 2022 (VIDEO)

Trucker Convoy Update Morning Of 01 30 2022 Ottawa Dubai ...

Despite the media blackout, right-wing fringe accusations, and public smearing by Justin Trudeau, Freedom Convoy is not a menace to Canada, but a group of people fighting for their freedom of choice. As an American who witnessed the Jan 6th event being twisted into a false insurrection, I see a similarity happening in Canada. I would not be surprised if Trudeau is planning to insert false actors into the movement to incite violence, thereby validating their false narratives.

Below is a news conference that was held yesterday by the group’s organizers who are preparing to be blindsided this weekend at an Ottawa event. They are being extra cautious because there are forces who are determined to demonize this movement by any means necessary. I want the followers of this blog to witness firsthand democracy in action and the conscious effort by the ruling elite to squash that from happening. I want the readers to see the faces of the doctors, truckers, and scientists who are doing everything in their power to reach a peaceful resolution and for the readers to draw their own conclusions.

Despite the many European Nations finally coming to terms with the Truth regarding this virus, the West is still struggling to find its voice. It is no surprise that this site supports the truckers and their quest for freedom of expression and we wish them all success.



  1. Mike

    If you follow and know about Michael Jaco, he made a yt live stream supporting these rallies, but the guy who was talking to him Nick Alvear has different opinion. He mentioned the CERN-s triple 6 signs on some of the trucks as a indication according to him that it might be a psyop.
    Maybe it is exactly what are you talking about, someone infiltrated the convoy with that of the truck design which would send a bad vibe to people. Its a very effective tactic for sure either way.
    And a oportunity to ask you are you opened for a communication through email? I would ask you a few questions regarding some of the technologies. I dont know if you see my email though my comment through wordpress, i would not publish it publicly for different reasons. You can delete this part of comment. Thanks.

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    1. paradigmshyft13

      I don’t follow Michael Jaco but that is a great catch regarding the CERN symbol. I will check out his yt channel. It is possible that some of the truckers have been compromised.

      One of the originators of the truck convoy recently uploaded a video today discussing the growing possibility of Trudeau orchestrating mass arrests by this weekend.

      He stressed numerous times in the video that what they are doing is peaceful and the steps they are taking to make the situation more tolerable for the residents of Ottawa. They are doing this for their children and the eradication of mass mandates. Any violent retaliation by Trudeau at this point would be stupid and will backfire tremendously b/c the world is watching. Thx again for your response.


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