The Timeline Shift Technique is a Tool for the New Time

The Anatomy of a Timeline Shift ~ DL Zeta - YouTube

The Timeline Shift Technique takes the Parallel Worlds Theory from the “big picture” perspective to the “up close and personal” perspective in order to make it useful in the daily life of an individual. The Timeline Shift Theory says that an infinite number of timelines exist within our energetic field.

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Because these realities are already in existence, all we have to do is to perceive the timeline we prefer and shift to it through the power of intention. We will naturally adopt the most relevant focus self that belongs to our new timeline.

The timeline shift technique doesn’t see us creating new realities from whole cloth. If we can imagine/perceive/sense this new reality, it already exists. (Of course, we can’t perceive all reality threads at a given time, but our awareness of potential threads expands as we grow in understanding).

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In parallel realities, you are all the things you’ve ever imagined becoming, whether it is a novelist, belly dancer, poet laureate, world traveler, fitness aficionado, mountain climber, and any number of other potentials. In order to draw a reality into your present experience, all you need do is begin focusing on it, harmonizing with it, and setting your intention to make it a central part of future realities.

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This timeline shift method is more aligned with the Law of Attraction than some methods of manifesting. A major distinction is that it sees the desired reality as already in existence, not something that must be developed from scratch. It sees your desired reality as something that is already a part of you; in other words, it is already the reality of a “you” that exists in a parallel dimension.

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To me, this is a more effective technique than seeing my desired creation or reality as something not yet in existence, or not yet part of me. Seeing potentials as outside us keeps us constantly on the outside looking in. This condition serves as a breeding ground for frustration, which is a lower vibrational emotion that spins out more versions of itself much like a virus duplicates itself.

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With the timeline perspective, my desires and visions represent already-living realities that need only the nurturing light of my intention and attention to come into energetic resonance with my present moment.

This seems much more consistent with the way reality actually manifests than methods of reality creation that separate us from our desired realities.

by: DL Zeta

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