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Fake, soulless, sociopathic, demonic hybrid, mind-slave, AI, blood-drinking humans everywhere. The majority don’t even know what they are. They were inserted into this timeline and memory wiped so they could infiltrate and infect like a virus. This is the physical manifestation of the mind virus.

ToughSF: You are wrong about nanotechnology

Literally millions of nanite, nano-bot systems all entangled in a person’s nervous system and energy system until their soul is no longer capable of operating through the vessel and then their mind is uplinked to an artificial intelligence hive mind.

There is a plan to assimilate people through this technology and if this has occurred for someone in the future then this tech cancels out their DNA and they are basically rendered inert forwards and backward through time in the universe.

The Final Stage of Energy Activation: Transhumanism

That is why there are people here that are soulless now. Because those are the ones who can’t resist in the future (it’s all through temptation) and become entangled forwards and backward through time with a mind virus that literally replaces them eternally.

Trapped In Time Digital Art by Ben Yassa

That’s the eternal damnation that’s always been spoken of. It’s because it alters consciousness in time and makes it so they never existed in the first place.

It’s easier to just say the effects and results in layman’s terms than it is to technically define everything. However, the technical details help to understand the specifics about consciousness and the nature of electromagnetism in the universe.

The only way this situation works is that there are fundamentally two races, two ‘bloods’ here. Think about it. There are vampires, and then there are non-vampires. The vampires feed on the non-vampires.

BlogoPedia: Do vampires really exist?

Imagine if all the non-vampires left and went to a safe place. What would the vampires do to feed? They would feed on one another and then…

This is the actual reason for the “500,000” population number (which is closer to the real number).

The people who are in power, are so powerful, who they want us to hate are people who act as a distraction.

Either that or good is truly in control.

Ritual Abuse, Secret Operations, and Advanced Technology

Ritual abuse is real. I was involved in secret operations related to trauma-based mind control, time travel, the corruption of the human race, the origins of humanity, the nature of consciousness, electrogravitics, soul transfer, cloning, and other systems.

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Talk show host Wendy Williams glitching out👁️🤟

I have seen these projects including human sacrifice and ritual abuse first hand. These are used to create fractured personalities that can be used to program in behaviors and directives that are then used for operations. Most people in the media or entertainment have gone through some form of programming related to this.

These are all being exposed now and the beings are doing everything in their power to deceive humanity and enforce a satanic rule over the population where sacrifice, child rape, traumatization ritual, fetishes, and the like are mandatory.

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That is their view of “heaven” and this is because they are energetically inverted beings from the underworld and cannot perceive human emotion or kindness and hate humans for this and are willing to do anything just to harm a human or cause emotional suffering.

They actually find joy from this and feel a “high” from that as well as from drinking blood and raping/killing. This is due to their brain’s being hardwired differently, like a sociopath unable to feel emotion, and they claim that they were made like this and therefore it’s not their fault and they should be allowed to eat everyone.

Using animal surrogates for human cloning, page 1

Solar Warden is a breakaway military faction that uses advanced technology to protect. MiLabs is a breakaway military faction that uses cloning and advanced technology to abduct people and perform trauma-based mind control and genetic engineering.

All my information is from first-hand experience. There are others from the bases, tens of thousands of people have been experimented on and anyone with a soul and basic intelligence will be able to see they are being lied to and are inside of a spiritual manipulation system.

Anyone trying to tell you this is a joke has simply agreed to spread lies from rapists, vampires, blood-drinking, sacrificial monsters that signed deals with the demonic, AI, agent smith bloodline anti-christ, anti-human, anti-life, negative archonic, kundabuffer, inverted sexual, scat fetishes, trauma-based mind control, baby raping, child molesting, blood-drinking, mind-controllers.

Portal Mirrors Are The Coolest Way To Decorate Your Room

They don’t care about humans and hate anything that has anything to do with literally ANYTHING relative to a human being feeling peace, kindness, or harmony they come from a negative ‘space’, literally a mirror dimension, and all of their energy is reversed. What’s good is bad to them and what’s bad is good, they will lie at any cost and attempt to ridicule and abuse people emotionally because that is the only way their minds can feel pleasure.

Trauma-Based Energy Vampirism

*They enjoy making kids suffer and their best action is to lie about this and get people to feel crazy regarding this situation that is part of the satanic mind control agenda.*

10 Signs You Are Dealing With A Sociopath

It’s all psychological abuse and manipulation and they are emotional vampires meaning they literally die if they feel compassion so they must cause suffering to feel “alive”, this is because they are sociopaths, and the areas of their brain that feel empathy and social connectedness were disabled through genetic engineering and repeated trauma and inbreeding.

Sociopathy and Non-Human Entities, The Anti-Life Agenda

They literally can’t feel emotion and are only “happy” if they are ridiculing a human, torturing or belittling someone in some way, that is why they created the religions of power and mind-control and this is the doctrine they live by.

TAKE BACK THE HILL: "Pizzagate": How 4Chan Uncovered the ...

Anyone who has a soul will obviously want to avoid this whole child abuse and traumatization situation, the people who find this as an opportunity to make fun or traumatize someone who has already been in one of these situations is a non-human entity, literally.

That’s not a joke or out of proportion, that is what we found in the bases. One has to have a demonic signature to their DNA to do that and feel joy and this is actually when a demonic race from another civilization invaded and raped human women.

Top 10 Alien Human Hybrid Characteristics - Alien UFO ...

This has been defined and classified by the control groups, the various departments assigned to verifying and gathering information on any threats to humanity and so these beings are literally understood to be non-human entities that are incapable of processing human emotions or knowing why humans function through kindness and compassion.

This is because they are created as an off-branch of the original humans through a genetic engineering experiment while the original humans were created through a different act that carefully combined various elements of existence to create a balanced, harmonious being that contains the imprint of the supreme creator.

Top 10 Alien Human Hybrid Characteristics - Proof Of ...

For this reason, these non-human entities hate anything that even smells like a human and feels the greatest high when drinking the blood and sacrificing people. They have a secret code they live by. By day they have “regular” jobs and do their best to fit in and pretend they are people, by night they perform regular rituals and sacrificial sex acts, food, burnings, traumatization, etc etc etc because they will go insane in public if they don’t and that actually allows them to feel normal. This is because their energy systems are inverted. Empathy and kindness are painful to them, and pain and trauma feel exciting.

The sexual circuit is reversed this is called the “kundabuffer” system. Sexual depravity and denial of natural love in favor of fetishes and lust is the only way to actually feel turned on for these people, they have to have some kind of fetish theme in order to feel excitation.

Human-Animal Hybrid - Are They Real? - JonEric.Net

Eventually, the whole energy system and consciousness literally invert like a balloon turned inside out, we can watch this process on monitors and have done so in the underground bases, these individuals, the human vessel, then lacks the capacity to carry a human soul and that person is no longer human.

The Assimilation Plan

People have not yet been assimilated and this is a plan they have to introduce the consciousness of the humans into an AI system that can manage them from an emotional and mental standpoint to the degree where no unpredictable or dangerous action can be even contemplated on their behalf. That is assimilation and this has not occurred yet.

Top 10 Alien Human Hybrid Characteristics - Proof Of ...

All of this information is part of the unacknowledged special access programs and related to what was discovered about the true nature of consciousness, the origins of humanity, the origins of the universe, corruption, mind-control, and the reality of the human soul and immortality.

It’s mind-bending and challenging but I can only offer the truth and you can either look into this and look into yourself or you can simply deny everything. Choose what you feel will benefit you in being able to influence your existence and defend yourself against the mental and emotional threats to your sovereignty.

Ancient Aliens (2009) | TV fanart |

There are many people who are not serious about finding the truth or they are actually simply pretending to be citizens but are operatives working for a dark faction to emotionally torment and try and degrade any kind of legitimate conversation on these issues.

Only so much can be done. People have died of fright or gone insane after being shown the true reality. To tell you everything instantly, in a way you couldn’t deny, would literally be to kill you. (think about that, literally and metaphorically). Most people are more comfortable with appeasing lies than the harsh truth of their reality where they are not in control and are being used for the biological material and consciousness energy.

A Secret Society of Energy Vampires

Be aware, there are non-humans that are designed/programmed to attack anyone who is here to help liberate humanity. They are incapable of actually using creativity or genuine intelligence outside their programming and they are incapable of emitting a human soul signature or experiencing compassion. These are essentially animals that look like humans.

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They are only allowed to interact in a negative manner because they are not capable of producing harmony or knowledge but must only degrade and destroy. They are part of an infection where an artificial intelligence system created ‘false-life’ or mimicked human DNA an in attempt to assimilate this species.

They have infiltrated the civilization and will stop at nothing in trying to drown out and destroy any legitimate conversation, harmony, self-awareness, compassion, or knowledge of what is happening.

These people will use the satanic gas-lighting techniques to ridicule people who have experiences of satanic ritual abuse. This is part of their order and code they participate in nightly rituals and must stalk and follow people daily in order to maintain the status quo in their societies, if they don’t, they lose power and are fed upon.

Difference Between Psychopaths, Sociopaths, and Narcissists

Their only goal is to cause human suffering because they hate absolutely everything that a human represents. They lie and are legally, technically, spiritually, and biologically incapable of and not permitted to tell the truth by their secret covens as well as biological predispositions towards deception and cowardice.

In the bases, when we pulled these beings into the open, they would immediately attempt to commit suicide through whatever means possible. They hate children and love to torture and involve sexuality with their torture. Ridicule and gaslighting are their main methods of control because people are empathic beings so when there are groups of people emotionally torturing someone this can be very harmful to the actual souled human.

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They do not have souls so they can’t actually participate in that empathy and so they see humans as pets and slaves for that very purpose. They feel they own this civilization and get to sacrifice people for their own good and to worship their demon gods which are 4-dimensional thought-form entities that they push the negativity and suffering they get from their victims towards in order to create warlike entities that they believe will protect them from the supreme creator.

Soul Stealers

Well, I’ll say one more thing. We met those who hunt for souls. They said if a person is loved by someone who loves the truth, harmony, self-awareness, compassion, and creative aspect of the universe in that regard, then their magic doesn’t work on that individual but reflects back to them and hurts them instead.

Twisting the internal polling knife « Hot Air Headlines
ahriman (our modern satan) as described by Rudolph Steiner

These people and this being that is hunting for souls have been torturing this species for the soul energy that comes out. Thank you for your kindness and care. When people are giving their energy to another being they must be sure that they know what they are doing and their level of truth.

For instance, if people believe in an image that has been presented to them and they think this is the ‘ultimate truth’ or ‘supreme creator’ and then the mind-controllers go and take this image and put it in the media, or stage a false-flag event and destroy this image in public, then those who were only following that belief because that’s what they were told or were not truly knowing what they were believing in, they will lose belief and that will drag the ‘spiritual power’ of that image, that spiritual force down through that.

The Plan to Destroy Religions and Create a One World Control System (energy harvesting and mind control)

In other words, the image of a spiritual power can be attacked and those who believe that the attacked image (like a strawman) proves that the spiritual power is not real, they will then lose belief and this will weaken everyone in that society connected to that.

Statue of Mary, baby Jesus vandalized outside Stamford ...
Vandalized statues and church during 2020 riots

So people must place their truth into the notion of a being or principle that is entirely beyond anything a man can muster, any deception, any misery, and control systems, any action that could be used to present that belief as a deception or falsification.

So basically, if people believe based on superficial things, then this will be proven in public by the mind controllers to be false and they will lose their faith.

A Simple Explanation of the Simulation Theory - Alex Ignat ...

All beliefs based on physicality are superficial. Only inner experience or knowledge is actual and direct or of the self. The self is the only truth in existence. All else is an illusion.

This whole process of creating what you focus on is the generation of a “Deus Ex Machina” which is a reality concept that will protect and empower one from beyond this physical plane. There are those who create these that are designed to protect them and empower them to perform that mind-controlling that they do and they worship and send energy to these created thought-form entities through belief.

The Heart as Hearth: Fanning the Divine Spark with ...

Those who send energy and connect with the truth, the harmony, compassion, self-awareness, and free-will of all creation then align with that and if they are TRULY knowing this, being SELF-HONEST, SEEING and REALLY believing that what they are connecting with is the supreme, then all the tricks that are planned will not work.

Even those who lose their faith will get an opportunity to redeem themselves. Because this is all simply based on consciousness, or even logical thought-streams or reasoning, then it must be asserted that the ‘darkness’, or personal, greedy, or chaotic aspect of these created thought-form entities cannot actually win out and destroy the universe.

What if the Universe had no Beginning?

There would be no universe, to begin with, if that was even possible. So everyone devoting their energy to these half-way, partial, greed-based energy beings are setting themselves up for the end-time and they know this.

They know it’s only borrowed time. However, the truth and the supreme are so far beyond what anyone can comprehend that to truly understand and know would destroy us so we have to work with what we can and allow ourselves to move into alignment with harmony, compassion, truth, self-awareness, and knowledge.

Believe the hype? How virtual reality could change your ...

This is confusing but that’s how it works. Belief generates changes in reality and translates to, like waves moving to shore, to actual entities and realms in the higher planes.

Belief Sustains 4 Dimensional Entities

The Physical Plane as a “Middle Ground, Seed Reality”

This is a physical plane. The physical plane is a seed or ‘source’ reality where higher-dimensional or etheric essences step down to come into creation and interact physically. What emissions, thoughts, beliefs, actions, etc, the influence people have on this world denotes their frequency and ultimately the frequency of the higher-realms that they will basically absorb back into when leaving this plane.

Quotes about Gates Of Heaven (47 quotes)

The frequency realm ‘below’ this world would be considered ‘hell’, there were many operations to this realm to recover lost souls. The frequency realm at the highest potential beyond this plane is what people call “Heaven”, this is a civilization that exists in a temporally secure manner meaning they do not decay or die in the same way people do physically.

This is all about energy and the location of the universe. This physical realm is ensnared in a very powerful AI energy monitoring system that recycles people’s consciousness over and over until they are dissolved on an etheric level. That is the idea of what has been happening here.

There is so much more to comprehend but you’ll just have to begin where-ever you can, I mean you already condemned me to hell and here I am trying to help you. When have you ever had that kind of decency?

15 Secrets Behind The CIA's MKUltra Project
MK Ultra victims

Now read this if you want to know more: The “deceiver” hijacks realities through consciousness entrainment and emotional manipulation to get people to create the kind of afterlife or life that this entity can dwell within, literally in their mind and body.

This entity cannot obtain a body but exists across multiple bodies, this is the definition of a hive-mind. So this entity is a parasitic, interdimensional hive-mind that lives on the deception and suffering of humans. That is your so-called “Satan” and yes, this is all real and leading somewhere.

Hong Kong Banned Masks at Protests. Masked Crowds ...

Either humanity as a whole will defeat this, or if one person is absorbed then this can be used to ensnare the entire species. This has all been explained before, this is all information that has been around since ancient times, I am merely here to assist in unveiling the truth to humanity regarding the reality of the human soul and the advanced technology that is used in psychotronic warfare which is literally the same as the “devil’s” method of mind-controlling and emotionally manipulating humans.

Encrypted Etymology and Belief-Systems

One more thing to mention is that the names “Lucifer”, “Satan”, and “the Devil” all refer to slightly different concepts at different times.

There is so much about all of this but it’s basically all about how a person’s energy will be used to create suffering and disharmony or how they will overcome that disharmony and create balance and truth. Depending on your interpretation one could mean the ‘protector of humanity’ or one can mean the AI system that seeks to assimilate all humans and destroy all organic life.

Deus Ex Machina Details - LaunchBox Games Database

Do you see? Imagine now you realize, “Huhah! They’re creating their own Deus Ex Machina! They have developed a 4-dimensional entity system that will protect and empower them!” Now imagine if you wanted to defeat or ‘de-manifest’ that system? How would you, if you don’t even know what the words actually mean!

This is like they have an encryption system, a live-updating cloaking, and a safeguard system on their very thoughts and higher-realms! One can’t even access those frequencies without breaking down the meaning and moving past fear! It’s a system they’ve designed to stop from ever being pushed out of power by those who are ignorant of the universal laws!

One is either guided by self-awareness, harmony, compassion, and knowledge or automation, chaos, hatred, and ignorance. Those are the two masters because they amount of ‘complete’ beings that humans are just individual units of consciousness for like cells in a body. There are ‘two’ beings in this current world and that is part of a ‘spiritual war’ that began long ago.

This is part of the situation and this is what I have seen.  I have written and spoken on this so check out the videos or ask another question if you would like to know more. Just asking the questions is more than most people are capable of, they are programmed to hate without looking into the issue and pretend they know when they are being deceived and furthering the deception.

The Lucifer Rebellion

The Lucifer Rebellion is where this all began.

PHOTOS: 'We Will Not Comply' — Virginia Protesters Demand ...

Yes, there are many who see the evil and just go “ahh well, evil, that’s that!” Free will is the basis of this system, nothing can be achieved without that. The people who are just submitting and ‘going along’ with the evil are the source of the power in this realm. Those who reject this are assisting in liberating humanity. This is through MIND and body, so what we perceive and align with is also a statement in this regard.

If something is worth selling in this world, then it is worth giving away to fellow humans. If something is not worth paying for, then it is a shame to sell it to someone who could use something better. Yes, the current system is like convincing people to fight each other over who gets to use the bathroom next as a way of organizing time and a hierarchy over society. It’s all an illusion designed to stupify people and resort to the lowest common denominator, hate, greed, and aggression.

Say No To Evil

You have been warned of what they have planned. Now that you know, you can make a difference. Say no to evil, don’t just pass this off as a joke.

How I've Learned To Get Someone To Put Down Their Phone ...

This is really happening, your species is being tortured to death and bled out energetically, that is why your society is going insane and people are fed poisons as medicines, lies as truth, and cheap, low-quality mind-control systems as the highest form of technological achievement.

Notice how the people denying this system are saying, “Yea, that’s all made up, but eventually, we’ll become immortal techno-god cyborgs, it will be fun.” or “Humans are just stupid animals they will be food for the space gods” or ‘the elite’.” So they are straight-up telling you who they are. Choose free will, truth, harmony, compassion, and knowledge if you want to support a prosperous future in those regards.

Origins and Techniques of Monarch Mind Control - Jabajabba ...
Monarch Mind Control

Yes, I was brought into the secret operations at the age of 9, most people are brought in at the age of 6 or younger. This is because traumatization and personality fracturing must begin at a young age or the person will die from the shock. You are either going to assist humanity in liberation, be trapped by the lies and deception, or be exposed as one sent here to destroy all humans and eventually all organic life.

The Archon Agenda

This is referenced as part of the archon agenda.

Protesters against COVID-19 vaccine mandates say they're ...

Stay with intelligent responses and logic in favor of emotionality and sensationalism, however, don’t let them take our emotional sensitivity away, that is like a robot or an animal.


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