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From cradle to grave, we are subject to control and manipulation by those who abuse their authority.

Some sleep through life with only the faintest sensation that something is wrong; others notice but believe they are powerless to resist or stop it. Control and manipulation originate from a broad spectrum of sources. Some we can see directly, others only through inference.

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What we see directly include conspiracies involving known people in known places: the corruption in Washington, ineffectual local school-boards, crooked cops, unjust legal system, swindling medical industry, and black-budgeting military.

Those who delve deeper may discover more: subliminal programming through media and entertainment, secret societies behind political events, and the deception of organized religion. Fringe researchers are familiar with even more sensitive topics: the UFO phenomenon, alien and military abduction and government, mind control projects.

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This article seeks to go further, touching on a topic that has been addressed by very few: the hyperdimensional manipulation of mankind. Few researchers have addressed this — what published works I draw upon have been cited at the end of this article.

Everything written here is the product of my personal experience, interpretation of published sources, and the correlation of my views with the independent experiences and observations of others.


Defined, manipulation is:

What is Photo Manipulation? - iPiccy Photo Editor Blog | iPiccy Photo Editor Blog

an attempt to undermine freewill by corrupting the awareness necessary to apply it, while control is the act of violating freewill by forcefully limiting its room for expression.

Both terms will be used interchangeably throughout this article. Control seems to follow a top-down structure, like a pyramid. Few at the top control the many at the bottom. But how far “up” does this pyramid go? We know that it extends beyond our homes, the neighborhood, the local and national government. We may even list the names of various secret societies accused of conspiring to implement a totalitarian New World Order. It does not end there.

A closer look reveals that the pyramid’s apex of control actually extends off our planet, beneath the ground, beyond space, and outside linear time.

Humanity is being farmed by hyperdimensional entities able to time travel and tweak our past, merge alternate universes to alter probability or create artificial coincidences and target anyone on an individual basis for abduction, monitoring, and manipulation.

They are variably physical entities native to fourth density (4D), a fourth-dimensional state of existence that interpenetrates and extends beyond our three dimensions. Having access to the fourth dimension allows them to regularly project themselves into our three-dimensional universe (3D) anywhere in space or time. Here, they manifest as fully physical entities, some of whom we recognize in abduction literature as the “greys” or “reptilians”.

Because they operate beyond the known laws of physics, their abilities are not limited by our common assumptions of what is possible; they are capable of far more and use their abilities to achieve a fine level of control over mankind.

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They can remove themselves from 3D at will, disappearing from our view as they slip behind the dimensional curtain. Staying physical for extended periods of time is difficult for reptilians because this requires tremendous amounts of energy.

To counter this problem, they have specially engineered greys to function as cybernetic extensions of themselves into the 3D environment. A typical grey’s control mechanism is psychically interfaced with a 4D reptilian, allowing the reptilian to interact with 3D without having to physically project itself.

More Than 12 Million Americans Believe Reptilians Are Running the U.S. Government | Time For ...

Their spiritual orientation is Service-To-Self (STS) meaning they view others as game pieces to be exploited, recruited or destroyed. “4D STS” would therefore be a descriptive name for this class of negative hyperdimensional beings.

By nature, all of them are highly evolved psychopaths seeking dominion over everyone and everything. They are narcissistic, loving only themselves and believing others should be assimilated and placed under their control. The 4D STS agenda may be summarized in three keywords: consume, recruit, or destroy.

Who are the descendants of Nephilim today? - Quora

These beings feed upon the spiritual, emotional, and sexual energy of the human masses, recruit individuals with special abilities or positions of power useful for their agenda and attempt to destroy those who pose a threat to their control system.

Being variably physical, sometimes they require physical food, sometimes nonphysical. When they are fully in 4D, they only eat energy, particularly the negative emotional and sexual energies of humans.

Robert Monroe called this energy “loosh”.

These Ancient Artifacts Are Evidence of Ancient Alien Visiting Mexico - Alien News

When they are physical, they require physical nourishment. The method of consumption varies with the physiology of their 3D projected bodies. For example, it has been reported that physical greys soak in a hormone-rich blood bath whose nutrients they absorb through the skin, while physical reptilians eat flesh. Human mutilations and permanent abductions provide for this.

In America alone, tens of thousands of children and adults go missing each year never to be seen again, many of them perhaps for this very purpose.

Child Kidnapping Facts #infographic - Visualistan

They are torturously dissected to extract every last drop of loosh resulting from the emotional terror and pain; then their flesh is consumed by reptilians while glands, blood, and leftover body parts are processed for the greys.

Simply put, these entities consider humanity a natural resource to be exploited. Because the majority stays in a nonphysical 4D state, humans are primarily used as energy sources rather than physically consumed.

These entities have created and maintained a system of control that maximizes the energy output of humanity.

The Control-Matrix is Crashing because the Truth-Seekers are Winning

This control system goes by many names, depending on the source:

  • The Matrix (Wachowski)
  • Matrix Control System (Jadczyk)
  • The General Law (Mouravieff)
  • Maya (Hinduism)
  • The Sphere (Wilde)
  • Demiurge (Gnosticism)
  • Predator (Castaneda)

I prefer using the term “Matrix”.

Vic Lockdown - H R6pbxixrkvqm

At its lowest levels, the Matrix manifests in the form of our organized religions, schools, media, and government. These comprise the backbone of control that keeps the masses complacent, asleep, and malleable.

Society’s emotional nature, sexual behavior, and direction of spiritual devotion are manipulated and tweaked via social conditioning and mind programming to make the greatest amount of loosh available for harvesting by 4D STS.

PADI's Horror Movie Survival Guide

Television shows and movies induce a roller coaster of emotions in reactive viewers, as do sports and fear-indoctrinating news programs. Organized religions demand blind obedience and emotional devotion via prayer to false deities.

Media infuses culture with paradoxical values that pressure people into being obsessed with sex or feeling guilty for not fulfilling that norm.

World Health Organization advises delaying of nonessential dental care in areas of COVID-19 ...

These are just a few ways in which various public institutions are used as tentacles of the Matrix to harvest loosh and keep the masses under control. These institutions may seem to have been created by greedy or manipulative humans serving their own agendas, but in an STS hierarchy, those who implement their own agenda inevitably serve the agenda of those above.

How ISIS Really Recruits its Members | Columbia Magazine

Periods of steady energy harvesting eventually culminate in artificially constructed upheavals and cataclysms that result in the death, injury, and terrorization of millions. Wars have served this purpose throughout history. They are very profitable for everyone in the upper STS hierarchy, from the international banker to the hyperdimensional entity.

COVID-19 vaccinations in Germany will take over a year: Expert panel head - CNA

Today, wars still occur for this purpose, but other sources of loosh revenue are available.

News and entertainment, for example, are equally as effective due to the billions reached through those methods, as opposed to the millions in war

by Montalk

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