How It Works: Vibrational Therapy with the Language of Light

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Light Language healing works through vibrational transfer at the physical and subtle energetic body levels. A good way to describe it is waves of energy that interact with the multiple, interconnected aspects of your being (electromagnetic fields being one way to refer to some of these) for a specific purpose. I personally use the word transmission to describe the in-flow of energy and intention to describe the purpose.

How It Works: Vibrational Therapy with the Language of ...

A Light Language Channel transmits the energy while a Healer receives it, as illustrated above.

Transmissions can be face-to-face or remote, and they are equally effective whether live or recorded, such as when accessed via audio or video media.

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A transmission of Light Language creates potential for the healing, and you — yes, YOU! — are the Healer in receiving it.

Many people are surprised to learn this!

Those serving as Light Language Channels do not produce the healing at all; they merely provide a pathway on your behalf.

By receiving the transmitted vibrations, you and your Higher Self actually facilitate the healing, in the way and at the level that are most appropriate for you.

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The exchange, recognition, and shift all take place at the quantum level, instantly, and from there effects begin to unfold in your physical world over time.

The Language of Light bypasses the logic of the brain and speaks directly to your physical and spiritual bodies.

It allows for heart-to-heart communication between you and Source/God. It brings awareness to what is blocked or needs attention based on your intention, and it provides support to you as Healer to make changes, both in the moment and afterward.

Following Your Soul's Calling | Michelle Spalding

For those familiar with reiki, it’s a similar process of flow except that with Light Language there is no touch or hand placement on the body. The vibrations of the Light Language transmission are perceived by your body at the heart and subtle energetic level according to the intention you set for receiving them. You receive just as strongly whether you’re in the same room as someone channeling Light Language or across the globe.

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This type of exchange is not unique to me, nor to the process I describe. We all can do it, and do. You’ve probably been a healing Channel for friends, loved ones, and other people in your life many times, without even realizing it. It happens all the time and is fundamental to how we support one other through meaningful conversation, heartfelt words of encouragement (or admonishment), presence during difficult circumstances, or any action motivated by unconditional Love.

The goal of Light Language Healing is to facilitate the natural healing process that is inherent to all of us as vibrational beings and to amplify it through intention.

Step 1: Set your intention

Although it may seem obvious, a good first question to ask is, what do you wish to heal or change in your life experience? This can be a physical ailment, emotional pain, difficulty at work or with your family, or anything that is perceived as negative in your life experience.

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On the flip side, you may have something perceived as completely positive that you simply wish to broaden or expand. Either aspect works great as your intention for receiving a Light Language transmission.

State your intention clearly to yourself or out loud. You may wish to write it down for clarity.

Step 2: Release the intention

Just as important to setting your intention is your releasing it. Acknowledge it in the present moment and then move on. No need to sit “hands clenched”, so to speak, when receiving the transmission.

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There is no conscious mental action that directs the Light Language (its energy flow does not work in that way). Allow yourself a space of neutrality in the current moment to receive.

Step 3: Relax and get in touch with your heart energy

You’ll always receive the transmission in a way that is for your highest good and under the complete guidance of your Higher Self, but I find relaxation beforehand to be beneficial. You can use most any method.

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You might choose to be seated in a comfortable place or lie down, and/or you might choose to ground your energy by feeling your feet touching the floor or feel your lower body as it supported by the chair/surface beneath you.

It’s also very helpful to get in touch with the heart: I like to feel the beating of my physical heart along with the rise and fall of my chest as I breathe (the center of my body often begins to feel more open when doing this). Another method is placing one or both of your hands over your chest and allowing them to rest there for a short time.

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Feel free to call on your angels, guides, beings of Light, the Love of God/Source, or any other acknowledgements you might make as an opening to prayer or meditation.

Whatever way you choose, the only real thing of importance is leading yourself to a space of calm prior to the transmission.

Final Step: Receiving the transmission

Very little is required here — this is the easy step! Sit back and relax as the Light Language works with you on the subtle energy level.

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You may notice sensations in the body: tingling, warmth/coolness, muscle twitching, even an occasional tendency to cough or sneeze. You may notice a feeling, memory, unexpected thought, or other things on the mental and emotional levels.

Equally, you may notice ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, and if so that is completely, completely OK. No need to worry if you don’t sense anything out of the ordinary. Your Higher Self may not always clue you in to the details of what’s going on, but you can be assured that the transmission is always interacting with you, even if you don’t get direct bio- or mental/emotional feedback from it.

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The Light Language will always work with you right where you “are”. I say this from experience. I have honestly received both my and others’ transmissions repeatedly and had completely different experiences every time, even when listening to the same transmission more than once.

Sometimes my body will give me some sensations throughout the transmission — a bit of an “up and down” with them, like riding waves or the hills of a back country road. Sometimes I may get specific information through visuals and claircognizance, like with the keynote transmissions that I channel each month.

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Other times, it is really just a calm experience where I don’t get as many specifics and feel good simply to have less mental chatter after the transmission.

Again, even if absolutely nothing happens on a recognizable level, your physical and energy bodies receive the Light Language and are already reconfiguring based on your intention. It will unfold in your life experience according to Divine timing.


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