Wuhan lab was performing experiments on bats from ...

This video was auspiciously released on the 4th of July. Its a short video, but the revelations are undeniable Huge! This will undoubtable lead to an investigation of the highest order on the grounds of crimes against Humanity. This isn’t about politics, conspiracy theories, or pointing fingers at one country. Its much larger. Many world leaders are active participants in this heinous plot and will be exposed sooner rather than later. Please watch until the very end.

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  1. Starr R. Stoddard

    We are being poisoned and have been poisoned all our lives by Mommy Medicine and Daddy Government via pills, potions, and poisons all cloaked as pharmaceuticals to treat the ailments, when it’s the treatments and the “cures’ that are causing the sicknesses, diseases, and chronic illnesses, which keep us lifelong consumers of a very insidious medical business. Viruses occur as a result of systemic toxicity (tainted/laced food, air, water and foreign materials like metals and chemicals being injected into us), not because the body has been invaded by some external threat. That is the medical fraud we’ve been spoon fed by the system, in which the medical profession relies upon to justify the use of vaccinations.

    Vaccination is a barbarous practice and one of the most fatal of all the delusions current in our time. Conscientious objectors to vaccination should stand alone, if need be, against the whole world, in defense of their conviction. ― Mahatma Gandhi

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