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“If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9, then you would have the key to the universe.” – Nikola Tesla

When global events are chaotic and intense, It may be an indication of timelines converging. The world is on the verge of a massive transformation, and topics of awakening and ascension are being widely discussed.

Quantum physics suggests that time is non-linear, which opens up the idea that we may be living parallel lives, with the ability to timeline shift or jump and experience multi-dimensional realities.

Parallel Lives 

A parallel life is a belief that we are existing in more than one life at the same time. Quantum physicists have explored this possibility in scientific and philosophical discussions that theorize on the concept of multiverses.

Do we finally have PROOF that we live in a multiverse ...

The Multiverse Theory is a relatively new idea, believing that there is more than one universe that exists. If there are multiple universes, it may be possible that a person may be living parallel lives and experiencing multi-dimensional realities. Parallel lives are the view that we can be living multiple lifetimes simultaneously. It implies that the very nature of time is non-linear and works in ways we have yet to fully comprehend.

A person’s energy and spirit may be spread across and living in the other realms or alternate dimensions which allow one to access alternate states of consciousness and information. Perhaps this is why a soul is able to send messages to loved ones upon passing.

Time is relative - Wormholes | The Truth Is From God

Time and space are not as we perceive them. If we can exist in two or more locations at once, on an alternate plane, the galaxy as a parallel life would suggest, that time is ‘relative’ and space may be more expansive than we realize.

Types of Parallel Lives

There is no definitive answer to what a parallel timeline is, nor whether it exists. It is hard to prove something that is not concrete and tangible in our daily 3-dimensional existence.  Advancements in quantum physics have peered into new ways of viewing reality. Some ways of looking at parallel lives are:

Two lives existing in separate physical realities that are sourced from the same soul. Both are earthly. They may be very different people living in different parts of the world who never meet. That may mean a twin soul or a twin flame relationship, in which case they might meet and have a spiritual agreement to connect.

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Several lives occurring one after the other along a linear timeline. A soul that reincarnates into the same set of life circumstances several times to live a new experience. There may be a loop of several consecutive timelines where someone lives in the same part of the world with a similar family, line of work and personal relationships, only each time, the events occur differently.

A life that is occurring simultaneously in several realities. A decision or experience lived in one has a different outcome in another parallel reality. The lives are occurring simultaneously on earth. Burt Goldman, the author of “Quantum Jumping” states:

Different versions of yourself 👥. . . . . . . #fujifilm ...

 “there are myriads of different versions of yourself living in multiple Universes… They all have the same ‘starting point” – same parents, place of birth, body, looks and name – but after that, all these lives can go in all possible directions, like flights from a major airport… the same departure location, different destinations.”

Multidimensional lives where aspects of our higher self, which goes beyond the individual or ego self, are connected to a collective consciousness spreading through many realities, and many worlds, These lives may have the same origin and point of departure, but different destinations which lie in the past the present, and the future.

Timeline Jumping 

Humans may exist in various timelines, and they may shift according to our life experiences and personal choices. We all may experience an infinite number of timelines, largely influenced by our perception of reality and free will.

What is Déjà Vu? Theories Regarding Unexpected Familiarity

Although we may be born with a particular timeline, it may change over time. It is believed that Déja Vu is the act of seeing realities cross over like crossing wires or a glitch that allows for a glimpse into another way that we are living our lives.

Our ability to control and create a shift or jump in a timeline may be largely due to this personal perception of reality. We may gain deep insight into this possibility and awareness through meditation and other practices. When we harness and expand our awareness, and achieve altered states of consciousness, it may be possible to create a life of our envisioning.

Multi-Dimensional Realities 

Humans are said to be multi-dimensional, in other words, functioning at many energetic levels. Some believe that there are multiple ‘bodies’ in which we exist.

Bridging the Multidimensional : Expanding Perceptions of ...

The multiverse, in which multiple universes exist, has been considered for over a century but only recently shown as a scientific possibility. The multiverse is a theory in quantum physics in which multiple universes exist, has been considered for over a century but only recently shown as a scientific possibility. Physicist theorize that there are at least three-dimensional universes, but up to 9 have been considered as

There are many ways to perceive reality, and each person has a different experience and understanding. There is no singular way to understand multi-dimensional reality. One way of looking at it is from the perspective of the chakra system.

Chakra System and Dimensional Reality 

Multi-dimensional and higher dimensional realities have been connected to the chakra system although there is no proof that this is connected, some relate the chakras to certain energetic bodies.

Axis Coeli - Axis Mundi Attunements - Page 2 of 3 ...
  • Physical/Material Body – 1st Chakra
  • Emotional Body – 2nd Chakra
  • Astral Body – 3rd Chakra
  • Chamber of the Heart ‘Holy Grail’ – 4th Chakra
  • Etheric Body – 5th Chakra
  • Causal Body – 6th Chakra
  • Light Body – 7th Chakra
  • Christ Body – 8th Chakra (and beyond)

3rd, 4th, and 5th Dimensional Realities

The terms three, four and five-dimensional reality may refer to states of consciousness. All realities exist simultaneously, and each individual may tap into states of being and awareness on one or many levels.

Reprogram Your Consciousness ~ Goddess Light

A person may be aware of one or all dimensions, and no one dimension is better or worse than another. Accessing and achieving awareness in correspondence to higher dimensional reality is a constant practice rather than a fixed state of being.

3D reality is the physical world reality where there is a disconnection from one’s higher self. Life is experienced through the 5 observable senses, and interests are related to the material world. A lack mindset, and sense that the only way to advance is through great effort and accumulation on the physical plane. It is a dualistic state of being.

4D reality is considered the bridge to higher consciousness. There is a connection to the higher self and awareness that thought may create things while staying connected to the 3D/material world. A person may be undergoing an awakening when this dimensional reality opens up to them.

Live Park 4D - Feel Desain | your daily dose of creativity

Thoughts of lifestyle, sense of purpose and noticing that there may be more than what is observed are all characteristic of linking in with this reality. There is a dualistic way of thinking in this reality.

5D reality is when a person transcends the physical world and sees what is beyond. There may be a sense of oneness with all that is and a great deal of creative agency. Non-judgment, non-duality, and non-competition are in practice,  and love for mother earth are all part of this dimensional state. One may have a deep connection to angelic beings.

A Psychic Perspective

In practicing psychic tools and meditation to increase awareness, an individual becomes more aware of emotional states, thought patterns and energy that may inhibit or block one from living a life of freedom and joy in the body.

So You Want To Be A Clairvoyant?

One tool that allows us to shift timelines and perhaps even access alternate dimensions is the psychic mock-up tool. Practicing Psychic tools, coupled with mediation and other personal practices, may lead to more personal power to release, heal, and take growth steps in a life of their own design.

We may also become aware of alternate dimensional realities as we awaken to our own awareness and truth. Accessing this information and connecting with these perceived realms may be an excuse to escape life’s challenges and trials, but when integrated into a present-time reality, becomes more potent and powerful in creating and personal transformation.

The Art of Jumping Timelines - Article by Tom Kenyon ...

The more we develop and increase our awareness, the more we may realize that we are sovereign beings,  in control of the trajectory of our life.

We are more than our personal stories that our ego and outside influences would have us believe. It is possible to jump timelines if we consider that jump as a shift in energies. As with any concept or idea, it is always ideal to look at your own information and find what resonates with your truth.

by Natalie Colosimo

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