Spiritual Transformation Demystified: 7 Signs You Are Having a Spiritual Awakening

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Suffering tends to wake us up, snapping us out of our waking dream. Life has never been the same since that day back in 2011 when I hit rock bottom. I didn’t know it at the time, but this was the beginning of a spiritual transformation that would lead me to things I never imagined were possible.

If you are here right now, you’re probably having some signs of spiritual transformation and are looking for confirmation or a better way to understand what is happening to you. You’re in the right place.

What Does It Mean to Have a Spiritual Awakening in Sobriety?

This article will explain many of the symptoms of spiritual awakening so you can be sure you are on the right path and not just going crazy.

What is Spiritual Transformation?

You might say that spiritual transformation is the very purpose of life on Earth. What else is life but a series of lessons to learn, an ongoing opportunity to evolve and fulfill our potential as spiritual beings?

Spiritual Transformation and Awakening

You are a spirit. You have a body and a mind. The body and mind are the vehicle. The spirit is the driver. Thus, spiritual evolution is the process of upgrading one’s ability to navigate through the obstacles of life while maintaining inner peace.

At an elementary level of spiritual awareness, a person makes many mistakes, drives their “vehicle” into walls, and never really finds their way to the desired destination (inner peace).

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At a higher level, one becomes a master “driver” and can navigate through life with complete ease and grace. There is complete knowledge of what paths and obstacles to avoid. One takes the scenic and peaceful route instead. Call it the highway to heaven if you wish…

But how do you know if you’re really on the right path or not? There would be no way to know unless others had already traveled this path before you.

Luckily, they have…

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Here are 7 sure signs you are on the path to complete spiritual awakening and some ways you can accelerate towards your desired destination of perfect peace of mind and harmonious living…

7 Sure Signs of a Spiritual Transformation…

#1. You Start Becoming Highly Aware Of Your Negative Thoughts And Emotional Reactions To Certain Events And Circumstances.

Quotes About Spiritual Transformation

The overwhelming majority of people on this planet experience negative mental and emotional reactions on a daily basis and actually believe this is a “normal” or “acceptable” thing. They never question it.

To someone going through a spiritual transformation, however, this inner negativity will become unbearable. There is something inside urging one to let go of this negativity in order to experience real happiness.

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People who experience trauma or deep suffering of some kind are often those who make rapid spiritual progress. It seems that pain and suffering are the motivation to evolve to higher levels of consciousness.

The strong desire for happiness is what makes one highly aware of the blocks to happiness. Suffering is thus a blessing in disguise, as it shows us what blocks need to be examined and surrendered in exchange for inner peace.

#2. You Lose Interest In Gossip Or Drama And What Most Of The World Is Focused On And Feel Pulled Towards Learning More About Yourself.

Spiritual Transformation Quote8

You used to talk about and do “ordinary” things and were perfectly okay with it. Now, it just doesn’t excite you as much. It may even become repulsive. You’d rather read a book or watch an educational documentary than go out partying with your friends or chatting about the latest gossip.

The urge to learn and discover more about yourself begins to outweigh the need to “fit in” with society. Shallow conversations no longer satisfy.

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At this stage, you may lose some friends, but I assure you this is nothing to worry about. There may be a temporary period of feeling lost or lonely, but this eventually passes as one discovers that spiritual discovery is infinitely more fulfilling than any worldly pursuit.

The spiritual transformation process can sometimes feel lonely, but when you get through this phase, you move into a more peaceful stage of the process, explained here…

#3. You Start To Prefer More Quiet And Peaceful Environments And Can Spend Lots Of Time Alone Without Feeling Lonely.

Spiritual Transformation Quote4

You become less externally focused and begin to dive deeper into yourself. The noise of the world becomes less of a stimulant and more of a distraction. Solitude becomes more attractive and you find yourself spending a lot of time alone but not feeling “lonely” at all.

You start to gravitate towards nature, as its silent but stunning beauty becomes more and more apparent. You find joy in simpler things and don’t get bored as easily.

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When I personally went through this phase (it’s actually more of a permanent thing), I thought something was wrong with me, but the silence and solitude were necessary for deeper introspection and the quickening of my spiritual transformation.

#4. Your Desire For Freedom Becomes Stronger And Following The Crowd Becomes More And More Unbearable

Spiritual Transformation Quote3

While we are all spiritual beings with freedom to choose our destiny, most people don’t recognize this, therefore, they follow the crowd and avoid taking risks because they think it’s safer and more comfortable to do so.

If people only knew how great freedom tasted, they would embrace the unknown and take a leap of faith. People going through a spiritual transformation often have an intuitive sense that something wonderful is waiting for them just outside of their comfort zone…

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For most, the fear of uncertainty and the unknown outweighs the desire for freedom. But for a fortunate few, the spirit within urges one forward to find out what’s waiting for them on the other side of fear…

Take a leap of faith if you feel the urge. It’s no accident that you feel this way. What will you allow to dictate your life, fear of the unknown or the love of freedom?

#5. You Start Questioning Everything You Believe And Begin Desiring A Deeper Understanding Of Religious Or Spiritual Concepts.

Spiritual Transformation Quote5

When going through a spiritual transformation, one begins to question the traditional rules and beliefs that one grew up with. For example, one may begin to question their own religious or spiritual beliefs and seek for confirmation or a deeper understanding.

As you learn more, you begin to see how little you actually know. More knowledge doesn’t actually lead to “more” knowledge, but rather more questions, which leads to more and more seeking. It never ends, until…

Human Consciousness is an Ongoing Spiritual Evolutionary Process - YouTube

You eventually realize that the real answers don’t come through the mind, but through a spiritual revelation or experiential phenomenon.

For example, one can read a thousand books about “love” but that doesn’t take one any closer to experiencing love. Love is an inner subjective phenomenon that cannot be fully explained, facilitated, or experienced by the mind.

The questioning of beliefs eventually leads to their collapse, which makes way for higher truth to be revealed.

#6. Negativity And Violence (Even In Movies And TV Shows) Becomes Less Enticing And More Repulsive.

Spiritual Transformation Quote6

Another sure sign of a spiritual awakening is being drawn to beauty and repelled by any form of negativity. For example, one may have previously enjoyed watching violent action or horror movies but gradually those become less attractive (and eventually unwatchable).

In my own life, this transition was very noticeable. I was originally a lover of hardcore rap music and horror movies, but after having some spiritual experiences in 2013, I became a lover of classical music and movies of a more positive nature (and with rare exception, could no longer enjoy the music and movies I once loved).

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A sudden change in preferences is very common amongst those who are going through a spiritual transformation. This can manifest in many different ways, but you’ll know when it’s a change for the better.

#7. You Tend To Enter Deep Depressions Which Have No Apparent “Cause” That Are Followed By Periods Of Unexpected Happiness And Inner Peace.

Spiritual Transformation Quote7

This one confuses a lot of spiritual seekers. “Why is my life getting worse when I am so dedicated to making my life better?” Here’s one explanation:

When you are dedicated to fulfilling more of your potential, that automatically brings up the obstacles within you that are preventing you from doing so. Periods of deep depression are often signs of a spiritual breakthrough waiting to happen. The inner turmoil is only showing you the obstacles to be released and everything in the way of that breakthrough happening.

Growing Shadows - Black and White Photography

If negativity is coming into awareness, it is actually a good thing, even though it may appear otherwise. It doesn’t mean you are doing anything wrong. It may often mean that your intentions are pure and that your inner world simply needs to be cleansed of the negativity in order for your pure intentions to be fulfilled.

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Everything becomes clear in hindsight. Almost always, you will see that your suffering was a blessing in disguise. It may not be pleasant or welcome while you are in the midst of it, but you will soon be incredibly thankful for that experience, I assure you.

by: Beau Norton

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