Personal Sovereignty: Living in Alignment with Your Soul

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How Does One Lead An Independent Life?

My view of living an independent life is this – that I am living, by my choice, in alignment with my soul’s journey; with who I truly am, in alignment with the divine essence that resides within me and within each of us.

I view independence as choosing to be in alignment with how my Soul guides me and what my heart desires. I declare my personal sovereignty from influences that would take me off my true path.

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This is both a spiritual, and an energetic approach. It does translate into action in the physical world, also.

And, let me add – I choose this in alignment with divine law, and through unconditional love for my self.

This is my definition of personal sovereignty –

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it is a spiritual and energetic state of being that translates into action and alignment as we live our daily life.

How do We Remember How to Align With Our Soul?

I found that the best way to get in touch with my essence – with who I am as a Soul – was to remember how I was as a child.  What did I love? What inspired me?

These are the very same things that inspire me, that I love, today.

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It seems strange doesn’t it – that who we are as young children, reflects our truth?  But think of it – remember back to who you were before you were told what to do, what obligations you must pursue.  How was life for you?  What did you dream of?  What did the little child in you love and wish for?

Remembering and then Aligning with our Soul’s Sovereignty

How I define independence is that I make conscious choices every day – to be what I came here to be, to do the work I came here to do.

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For me, independence means free of unconscious choices and influences; free of external programming of any kind.

I am free of outside influences that would steer me off of my Soul path, but I live in community, in family.  And, I work co-creatively with my divinity; my inspiration – my inner muse, my Soul’s light.

I am incarnated on this planet for a reason, for a purpose.  And, I choose this as my daily activity, each day, based on how I am guided, in the moment.

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Do I have a sense of the bigger picture?  Yes, I do.  I understand the context I’m operating within, I understand the reason I’m alive and I am filled with gratitude that I am aware on my journey.

I do – in a way, I marry myself, if you want to think of it this way.  What is more independent than finally choosing to love ourselves fully, or to express our authentic selves fully?

Claiming Our Personal Space Through the Choices We Make

Spiritual and energetic personal sovereignty does not mean freedom to do whatever impulse comes to me, willy nilly, from outside influences, or from unconscious influences.

"Taking Responsibility For Your Life" by Pastor Joe Calloway at Grace Walk Church 9-14-14 - YouTube

Indeed, it means taking responsibility for my choices and my actions, my thoughts and words and deeds, even my feelings and impulses.

And, this does not mean control, it means allowing what is to be what is, it means accepting who I am and what I do everyday, and still loving myself, in all circumstances, truly.

Our spiritual and energetic personal sovereignty translates into our choices in our daily life:

The Only Way To Live Your Best Life Is By Taking Responsibility For Yourself
  • I claim my alignment with my Soul’s essence.
  • I claim owning my personal space – my physical body and my energy fields.

Being independent does mean making conscious choices in my daily living more in alignment with my Soul’s truth each day.

As we practice living in alignment with our Soul, we get better at it.  And, we get better at being in that alignment, moment to moment, day to day.


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