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Positive forces are intervening but only in proportion to the violation.

Because we could equally ask,

Why didn’t STS forces (negative aliens – Service to Self) just show up with shock troops and mind control implants ready to go centuries ago when we didn’t have advanced weapons and take over the world then?

Why this slow process of infiltration, deception, programming the masses, etc…?

Well it’s because there are rules in place, just like a sports game.

Youth Football Referees-Talking to Officials

There are referees.

Just because one side is getting beat in the game doesn’t mean the referees step in.

They only step in when the rules are violated…

So the STO (positive – Service to Others) forces use proportional countermeasures.

Therefore if the threat so far has been done via,

Wolf In Sheep's Clothing Wallpapers - Wallpaper Cave

infiltration, deception, and programming and working through people in power to implement ‘certain things’ by force,

…they have to use tactics like,

truth, awakening, proof, majority backlash, and anyone in power that aligns with that…

If, however, the negative forces show up one day openly and take control actively, now the positive ones can show up to counter that as well, especially if some rules are thereby being overstepped.

Point is,

Stigmatising Theories and Effects | crime in the urban city

all sides are working within a rule set that they don’t want to, or cannot violate without consequences…

I’m talking about third party overseer groups working on behalf of the divine framework.

The issue is that if the majority of a population willingly goes along with something, and if there’s a karmic choice involved (like with WWII) that serves some higher purpose even in its suffering, thus the divine will and the overseer groups can’t step in.

You may have individual personal protection that gets you through it, but what happens to the majority collectively tends to be what it is.

History shows how bad things can get sometimes.

It's an Investment, NOT a Miracle! — Veritus Group

Miracles occur more on the individual level than the collective level.

Because individually, we are unique cases.

Why does one person seem to have divine protection, while another dies in an accident or gets sacrificed as a baby?

There are complicated factors involved like,

When You Do Something Wrong Karma is Here To Return The ...
  • being in the wrong place at the wrong time
  • or soul contracts and agreements
  • or self-imposed karmic patterns,

…and so on.

Collectively it’s more straightforward.

It’s about,

Just Another Blog: The Good vs. Evil Conundrum
  • choices vs. consequences
  • deception vs. truth
  • positive players vs. negative players
  • amplification of power where a small number of people affect a large number via the social contract,

…and how a society is set up.

But sure,

the more the negative forces ramp up their control, the greater the intervention will be.

Positive only do what they need to do, no more.

Any more and they interfere with our learning process.

They use,

Anti-mask mob chant 'freedom' and demand end to lockdown ...

spiritual jujitsu, butterfly effect, synchronicity, masterful timing, seeding ideas through willing people,

…and so on…

by: Tom Minderle 

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