“Our goal is to win ultimate control of the wealth, natural resources, and manpower of the entire world.”

Mayer Amschel Rothschild


Wait, something’s wrong with that quote…

Here, let me correct it:

Human Rights Day: What are your basic rights and where can ...

“Our goal is to realize ultimate control of our individual abundance, health, well-being and reality.”

There, that’s better… That’s in alignment with who we are.

The former is an assay of who we are not; written by a non-human entity that does not appreciate life.

This species has no concept of compassion.

It only knows the cold domination of hive mind.

What If You Ruled the World? Achieving Personal Sovereignty

One has to wonder how the corrected quote is possible when most of the world is under communism. Oh, it’s not called that everywhere yet, but rest assured the Rothschild ultimate goal seems to be nearing completion.

Millions of people are brainwashed.

They believe in the fear scenario.

They don’t want freedom because it takes effort.

They want safety handed to them.

They hide behind the cloak of learned helplessness.

At this point, their chances of freeing themselves seem slim…

Those of us who have not fallen prey know that,

REALITY CHECK: Coronavirus fear porn - OffGuardian

fear is like a witches brew.

It is concocted from something that is not real.

It is first imagined, and then we have the choice to believe it or not.

Long gone are the days of falling for these nasty shenanigans.

We realize that FEAR is merely false evidence appearing real. Now we know we cannot go solely by what we see or hear.

fear porn | Rangitikei Environmental Health Watch

Still, many of us realize the “impossible dilemma” we face, and are perplexed by how to step into our true power with the goal of living in freedom. I admit that I too am baffled.

So, let’s learn together how to get out of this mess in which we find ourselves.

The answer is not separate from the problem.

“Nothing ever goes away until it
teaches us what we need to know.”
Pema Chödrön



We did this to ourselves through our ignorance. We are the responsible ones through our unconscious power of creation.

Peeking through the window | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

We created their dream for them
Through our unawareness
We are the responsible ones
Through our belief that no one could be so evil


It’s not that no one can be so evil,

The Great Satanic Conspiracy Of The Rothschild Family ...

It’s that no human can be so evil


We are created by Love. We are Love. We Love and we are Loved.

Our nature is kindness, compassion, curiosity, creativity, boldness, fearlessness.

Our nature is not cruelty, obsession, greed, aggression, ownership of others. The source of life, the source of nature, the source of universal law, loves us.

We are given full authority over our thoughts, our behavior, our actions.

Why Love Makes the World Go Round and Healthier - Ask Dr Nandi

Our gifts are numerous.

Our power is unlimited.

Yet we cower under those to whom we have foolishly given authority.

Why did we do that to ourselves, to our world…?

“Asking questions

is the first step towards knowledge.
It is a sign of courage

and intellectual bravery
to ask questions

and seek knowledge.”
Dr. Robert O. Young


The only way to win the game is NOT TO PLAY; it is their game

Rigged GIF - Rigged Trump - Discover & Share GIFs


Nothing is as it seems.

We live in an illusion but don’t know it. It’s a game, a constructed dream, and we don’t know we are playing a game within that dream. We think it’s all real.

The way this matrix works is the stronger the belief in this dream, the more fortified it becomes.

This is what we need to know so we can get out of the mess we find ourselves in today. Throughout the years, many have spoken to this point. More of us are listening than ever before.

To break through this illusion, there is much unlearning to do. Once everything is unlearned, we become detached and the Matrix changes, their dream dissolves.

Learning to Unlearn: The Highest Form of Learning • SHIFT

We literally wake up and find ourselves in a different world here on Earth that has always existed behind the veil that’s been pulled over our eyes.

We believe someone can own us and has authority to rule us. Unlearn that

We believe all laws are just. Unlearn that

We believe centralized systems work. Unlearn that

We believe hierarchical management is the only way. Unlearn that

We believe we are helpless. Unlearn that

We Need to Make the Murders Scarier: American Horror Story ...

We believe we must follow orders.

We think writing laws on a piece of paper makes them real and gives them authority over us.

We believe in government and banking.

We think we must have government and we must pay taxes on our labor to support government.

We believe political parties are different from one another.

We believe two or three choices give us freedom of choice over who should rule over us.

Unlearn all of that

Masonic Shrine of - The Vatican Audience Hall: A Snake ...

We believe the history in school books, and the bible lessons in church.

We believe public schools are good for our children.

We believe all doctors care about us.

We believe our employers care about us.

Unlearn all of that

How the Fake News Media is Poisoning Your Mind

We believe what we hear on the news, what we read in the news online, even though the news outlet stories have been proven concocted time and time again.

Unlearn that

In fact, unlearn everything because everything we’ve been taught about ourselves and this world in which we live is false.

Our minds have been invaded. We’ve been changed. Had we been aware of our own thoughts, we could have prevented this takeover.

But we weren’t, and here we are living in a world, being pawns in a game that masks our full potential. Some of us are so entrenched it will take more lifetimes before being able to see this.

Remove Negative Reviews | Improve How Your Company Looks

Those of us who are ready to step into our true power need to get busy with all this unlearning, dropping the fear, and get busy practicing our power.


I know the science and have heard the testimonies of those who have consciously created their personal dreams.

I’ve experienced some miracles in my life but I failed to observe my creative thoughts, feelings, and actions at the time. Lately, when I have an intuition, then find out later that it was accurate, I try to remember how it felt when the intuition came to me.

Intuition Is the Intelligence of the Unconscious | Feras ...

Intuition seems to come when I am not thinking and suddenly I know something or sense something specific. It’s only recently that I’ve begun to pay attention to these phenomena.

With practice, I will improve this innate skill.


We are energy beings. Everything about us and everything in this universe is energy.

Science tells us we have an energy field around us that extends about six feet from our body. I suspect it goes out much farther but we don’t have the equipment to measure wider distances.

Science also tells us that we influence the field with our thoughts and feelings. In turn, this influence affects our body as well as our reality, which affects our health and the world around us respectively. It’s like an “if/then” loop.

Put another way we live within a toroidal field that is always rotating. It works like a magnetic circuit. This field connects to the gazillions of other fields that make up this universe.

This means our influence is greater than we can imagine.

With this information, we can see that if we believe the stories we tell ourselves, we create those stories in our lives, and to a greater extent, we create those stories in our world.

So, the question is,

Writing Your Life Story - DayStar Books

What stories are we telling ourselves?

Are we repeating stories given to us in the game or are we being honest with our thoughts and feelings?

When we search within seeking the truth, the answer will solve the problem.


Thoughts are things that often become words, which often evoke feelings, which then affect the field, which in turn affect our health and well-being.

These Unintentionally Profound Statements Reveal The ...

How many times have we heard someone say,

“Oh, he/she makes me sick”?

First, we know that no one can make us sick (unless they jab us with poison).

Next, we understand that this is just a saying that does not affect us directly. Ah, but it affects the person saying the words. If this saying is a habit, then there is no surprise when that person does get sick.

So our words have more power than we realize.

A forgetful person may repeatedly say,

How to Make Yourself Forget a Bad Memory -- Science of Us

“my memory is shot” or “I have such a lousy memory.”

If this is a habit, they create having a bad memory.

However, if they change that habit to something like,

“I have an excellent memory,” soon enough that’s what they will have.

Our words are very powerful. This knowledge can be applied to everything in our lives.

With practice, this innate skill will improve.


Have the courage to walk away from world domination.

Defying Fear and Living Freely - The Messy Truth of Mommyhood

It is not in our best interest. Rules only have power when we give them power, when we believe in them, when we fear them. These manmade rules are not for us; they are against us.

Think about that. Walk away from that…


Fear of dying has kept us locked in chains, yet there are worse things than dying.

We were not given the spirit of fear by Source.

That fear is a mind control construct of the game.

Stop Living In Fear - Plaid for Women

Living in slavery, being permanently damaged by false advice, false medication, false politics, false rules, and false wars are much worse than dying.

First and foremost, we don’t die

Numerous people have returned from death (termed “near-death”) to tell you, we do not die. As mentioned earlier, we are energy beings.

Are Spirits Allowed To Communicate With Humans?

Science tells us energy can be changed but it cannot be destroyed.

Every avatar wears out and dies at some point but our spirit, our essence, our energy, never dies.

Fear of death is a mind control construct of the game.

Unlearn that

The Real Work
It may be that when we no longer know what to do
we have come to our real work,
and that when we no longer know which way to go
we have come to our real journey.

Here is The One Biggest Difference Between Spiritual Path ...

The mind that is not baffled is not employed.
The impeded stream is the one that sings.
Wendell Berry
(Collected Poems)


Religions and associated scriptural interpretations are mind control components of the game.

Unlearn that

10 Major Mesopotamian Gods And Goddesses - Realm of History

The gods in the Christian bible, for example, are the non-human entities that are in this article.

Stop listening to them

Stop looking for a savior. This makes you lazy, dependant, and impotent. No other is your savior. YOU are your savior.

Source/God, the one who loves you so much, the one who breathed life into you, the one who freely gave you Nature in all her abundance, will help you but Source will not do it for you...

20 Graduation Gifts College Grads Actually Want (And Need ...

What great parent does not want their child to grow up, stand on its own two feet, to think for itself, to be independent, to be self-sufficient, and to become great like itself?

If Source becomes your savior, doing this for you, then you have learned nothing at all

by Sherry Swiney


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