Everyone keeps wondering how the ascension is going to occur and by what means those who ascend will do so. Some believe it will be through death, others by way of spaceships and still others through alternate realities. For many, the crossing is already beginning. Contrary to what many might think or believe, you are currently preparing for the transcension right in your own backyard!

I am not talking about dream states or even meditation states; I’m talking about those moments, which are increasing beyond you control, where you have lapses in memory and return to your consciousness wondering what you were just on your way to do when the thought suddenly slipped your mind!

Vibration of the Fifth Dimension Consciousness Activation ...

We’ve all had these lapses to some extent. But for many, the ability to hang onto a linear thought and fulfill the action in this physical plane is becoming harder and more tedious as we continue to “step out” of our consciousness during these attempted physical transactions.

What this means is we are currently functioning in two realities, straddling our consciousness between the physical Earth and the multidimensional Earth, while physically existing in the current Earth plane. It is becoming more difficult for many of us to do both, and some of us may be questioning our sanity as we find ourselves stepping out more and more regularly and forgetting our conscious intent on a regular basis.

Divine Liberation ~ 5th Dimensional Consciousness | Awakening

But this continuing phenomenon will become clearer as we move toward the galactic threshold, spending far less time in the physical body where we dwell in this plane of consciousness, and more time in the alternate dimensions. What this means is the more time we spend out of body, the more we will acclimate ourselves to the eventual and total separation from this reality.

The actual “jump” will be painless, at least for those with peaceful and harmonious intentions. One day it will just seem like we’ve awakened to a new world when in fact, we will have just “let go” of the old and allowed the new world to become the new and primary focus of our attention.

Will there be UFOs to contend with, during the transcension?

Love In The 5th Dimension - In5D Esoteric, Metaphysical ...

Possibly our new multidimensional awareness will allow us to detect their presence and, if we’ve had past-life agreements with them, we will then be able to travel and communicate with them.

The concepts of multidimensional awareness and alternate realities may seem scary to some but for others it should be a relief to know that those lapses which we are experiencing, and which are becoming more and more predominant, are actually serving a purpose and preparing our higher self for the eventual and permanent shift into a higher vibration of consciousness.

Journey With Spirit: Merging with your Higher Self - Adya ...

It cannot be done in any other way because the higher vibrational energy is alien to us and we must first acclimate to it as one would attempt to acclimate to a different gravitational source. It must be done gradually so that our discomfort level remains minimal.

Will we have bodies following this transition?

If we choose to, we’ll have bodies. If we can acclimate accordingly, then we will be able to will our molecular structures to shift with us. Otherwise, we will assume new bodies if we desire to do so.

Gemini Full Moon - Reality v Illusion - Spiritual Counselling

This shift is actually a physical reality and quantum physics even supports the science that we can be in two places at the same time; in fact, we can be in even more than two places and can transport our body to wherever we wish to be. We are becoming multidimensional beings and are only now just surfacing the fourth dimension.

For those who are skeptical, there is no need for you to believe this. Your own reality system is what keeps you restricted and bound to a three-dimensional world. But for those who await the “ascension”, the process will not only occur individually or to just those on this planet, but will occur throughout the solar system and galaxy as we cross the threshold of conscious reality into superconscious reality.

It is an exciting time in which to live. Rather than worry about whether you are losing your mind, revel in the fact that you are becoming multidimensional beings, and do the best you can while you are still functioning in this dimension, in this vibration, and on planet Earth.

The Process of Transformation from 3D to 5D Earth | Wake ...

The great Mother will shift with us, and for those who are attuned to her energies and are nurturers rather than destroyers, we will shift together and then can truly witness heaven on Earth when the galaxy and the planet finally settle into the new and improved cosmic frequency and solar path.

Keep looking forward and focus on kindness, peace and harmony. That is the reality you will find yourself in when all has been said and done.

by Dawn Abel


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