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“The nature of psychological compulsion is such that those who act under constraint remain under the impression that they are acting on their own initiative. The victim of mind-manipulation does not know that he is a victim. To him the walls of his prison are invisible, and he believes himself to be free. That he is not free is apparent only to other people. His servitude is strictly objective.” (Brave New World Revisited, Aldous Huxley, 1958)

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The Monarch Program is an umbrella term for mind control devised by Disney in collaboration with FBI and other shadowy government institutions in USA.

It is usually regarded a hermeticly sealed program involving between 40,000 and 2 million Americans, who have been subjected to rendition and programming through a method called Trauma, Repetition and Reinforcement.

The Monarch method is to produce disassociation or “induced fragmentation of the ego”, spawning alter egos capable of actions beyond what their ordinary self would be willing to engage in, such as wilful prostitution, spying, assassination and mass murder.

Wise As Serpents - A Crash Course in SYMBOLS

Monarch takes its name from the Monarch Butterfly, which is a key symbol to mind engineers, suggestive of a complete physical transformation.

Software Delivered Subliminally

In everyday situations the average eye blinks about every 2nd or 3rd second. When watching a movie the average user is blinking about 3-4 times per minute. The drastically decreased blinking rate is equivalent to having your eyes taped, as it took place in some mind control programs.

The darkness of the room effectively creates a reasonably effective level of sensory deprivation. Vast intake of sugar products helps the body sustain the impact of involuntary convulsions and biochemical responses, as the nervous system is bombarded with a sequence of impulses designed to take the subconscious mind through a cathartic journey leading through trauma to Gnosis.

MK ULTRA | Memoirs from Morocco

The Monarch technology is a universal method to target four main personality types and cultivate a basis for more indepth, hands-on mind control, carried out by the right hand of Illuminati, the secret intelligence communities.

The method of delivery is coded sequences transferred to the brain through through subliminal messages.

The Two Hands of Illuminati

In a Monarch Movie the narrative, the designs, the direction and the editing all work together to form a compressed script for a set of actions.

The script or program is framed by subliminal messages that throughout the frames, a secondary sequence that fundamentally alters the meaning of the entire fable. What is, at first glance a typical morality play is, when deciphered with the Illuminati key, rather the opposite.

Hidden Adult Messages You Probably Missed in Disney Movies ...

The goal of the public mind control is to install a set of packages in the collective mind of the general population. These packages can be likened to software that can be triggered by a set of cues known only to handlers and mentors.

Those who build the symbolic sequences into a film or a song are not necessarily aware of how it is exploited in the other end of the process, on the street level.

When the general public has been satiated with a specific programming, handlers and mentors may seek out adepts in people who display signs of sufficient levels of Monarch transformation.

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These individuals can be recruited and groomed as a societal engineer (Alpha), a sex agent (Beta) or an assassin (Delta). Most people remain in a dormant stage throughout their life, responding only occasionally to collective triggers, for instance during democratic elections.

Not all sequences can be perceived and deciphered by someone outside the system, since they are designed to only be known to handlers, who can apply the triggers for highly specific purposes.

Why Illuminati is ‘Going Public’

There’s one more layer to the overt use of Illuminati symbolism, and that is the agenda to distribute gnosis in order to scan the public for new Alphas to fill the ranks in the ever growing pyramid of power.

Christopher Nolan's "Inception" Mash-Up With "Up" (Viral ...

The entire Monarch methology is partially revealed and discussed in Christopher Nolan’s Inception, which along with a lot of clutter reveals the current level of mind control technology. 
Inception is pre-occupied with the concept of Inception – to install an idea at a rudimentary level in a dreamstate and watch it develop into full size, as the subject believes it is his own belief.

Nolan gives away a few pearls, such as the necessity of tying the inception to a highly emotionally charged subject, usually early family relations, but besides that nothing too substantial.

The esoteric idea of the film is to recruit people who make the connection and are capable of abstracting from the obviously unethical scope. 
Like Star Wars, Inception is an Alpha project designed to distribute rudimentary knowledge about mind control in order to stimulate interest in joining the Monarch Program as an insider.

The Origins of the Jedi Project

George Walton Lucas Jr., owner of Lucasfilm and THX Sound Systems, is one of the greatest recruiters who ever lived. 

Lucasfilm taps Producer Michelle Rejwan As New Production ...

Son of George Walton Lucas Sr., a store-owner in Modesto California, George Lucas wanted to be a race car driver and later studied anthropology, but became “obsessed with movie making”.
THX Sound Systems is named after THX 1138, Lucas’ first feature length film, a dystopic science fiction movie about a future society regulated by drugs.

The Star Wars sextology, his life time achievement, fostered several ground-breaking new developments in the mind control community.

First of all, an academy and a division of “clerical warriors” or brahmashatriya (Hindu for priest-warrior, combining Brahmin and Kshatriya) was established at Fort Bragg, where the graduates receive the title Jedi Knight.

One of the greatest mind engineers of all time, James Cameron, responded to the Jedi Project embedded in the Star Wars sextology, which is mainly a vehicle for basic level Alpha Programming.

How My Girlfriend Used The Jedi Mind Trick On Me From ...

The famous “Jedi Mind Trick” is actually an agressive form of neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), which can be exercised in real life under conditions not unlike those specified by the film.

Like Inception it was a partial disclosure meant to fascinate potential adepts of this school of “Jedi Knights”, and it worked. James Cameron was so thrilled after watching the first instalments of Star Wars (Episode 4-6) he threw all other projects aside to become a filmmaker, and his “obsession” even cost him his first marriage.

The James Cameron era of Monarch Programming 

James Cameron was behind a series of ground breaking Monarch schemes from the cult hit Terminator to the Academy Award Nominated Titanic, which predictably earned him the title Rex Mundi.

Top 16 Worst Oscar Moments

“I am the King of the World!” James Cameron said at the ceremony, citing his own alter ego, Jack Dawson.
A somewhat problematic figure to the Illuminati overlords, like the rebellious Ridley Scott, James Cameron experienced some problems getting funding in his early days of film-making, but later – as all higly succesful Hollywood personages – willingly submitted to the program.

Terminator was allegedly the product of series of horrifying nightmares, where James Cameron dreamt he was being hunted by machines sent from the future to kill him.

The producers were so delighted with his script he was also put in charge of directing this classic Monarch tale that also fulfilled on promises given to the Austrian bodybuilder, Arnold Swarzenegger, later to be chosen as the Governor of California.

Avatar Extended Cut and Avatar 2 Details From James ...

Cameron went on to produce the highly acclaimed Avatar, which takes the Monarch seduction to a new level by romanticizing the complete disassociation from self and wilful transformation into a celestial being in a Paradisic condition.

The Monarch programming has become so powerful that there are reports of depression and suicide around the world due to the fact that Pandora, the fabled planet in Avatar, does not really exist.

Illuminati’s Philosophy on Twinning 

During the same era masters like Francis Ford Coppola and Martin Scorsese were tasked with producing a number of high profile Delta movies like Taxi Driver and Apocalypse now.

The Twins Effect | Movie fanart | fanart.tv

The Illuminati employs a concept called “twinning” to all aspects of their dominion: The IMF and the World bank are virtually identical organizations tasked with different aspects of the same economic agenda, to ensure the stability of the global finacial market.

The World Trade Center directly embodied this principle with its Twin Towers.

The idea is an ancient one, going all the way back to famous twins through history, like Cain and Abel from the Bible and Romulus and Remus, who founded the city-state of ancient Rome.

The idea is also found in the Sumerian epic Gilgamesh and in Homer’s Iliad – the close brotherhood of two men or almost identical entities produce perpetual synergy and makes them capable of exercising more power than the sum of their combined efforts.

Gilgamesh Immortal - Godawa

In Gilgamesh the king is brought to a higher level of performance by meeting the giant Enkidu, who is his only equal, and in the Iliad the protagonist, Achilleus, gives up his petty dispute with Agamemnon and returns to the battle, when his mentor Patrocles is killed (in the Hollywood movie Patrocles is his younger cousin).

The obsession with twins dates back to Lebersborn, the project run by top SS Nazi officer Heinrich Himmler, which organized selective breeding andadoption of children and had a peculiarly large number of twins among them, since twin research is the key to unlocking a number of secrets about genetics.

Arnold Schwarzenegger vs. Sylvester Stallone | EW.com

In the Hollywood Monarch program you will always see the most popular and high profiled film makers and stars matched with a “twin” with whom they rival and compare themselves.

Hollywood’s Implementation of Twinning

In recent decades Michael Mann and Ridley Scott were matched as twins, producing each their branch of Monarch devices for the masses. Michael Mann, recruited from MTV, was always the more complacent and manageable one, while Ridley Scott was more defiant and rebellious.

Scott’s Alien, utilizing the compression of human phobia in Giger’s art to produce the Omega device of all times, was so impressive they put him in charge of the screen adaptation of Philip K. Dick’s novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep.

Blade Runner (1982) - Pop Culture Thoughts

Blade Runner is a classic Omega device, which also reveals the basic categories of Monarch programming (Assassin/Mercenary, Beauty/Beast, Pleasure Model), but Ridley Scott took it in some “wrong” directions, responding negatively to the Monarch conditioning of his product. Blade Runner was sabotaged.

The production company demanded, likely after a rigged audience screening, that a voice-over and an artificial ending was added, effectly flunking the movie, earning a de facto masterpiece scathing reviews and lukewarm reception from the audiences.

It was only as a video release and in Director’s Cut Blade Runner became a cult hit. Scott’s defiance has also been eternialized in movies like 1492 and Gladiator. In 1492, by the end of the film, Columbus has a conversation with an aristocrat:

Sanchez: “You’re a dreamer.”
Columbus: [shooting a glance out of a window] Tell me, what do you see?
Sanchez: [pausing to look] I see rooftops, I see palaces, I see towers, I see spires that reach… to the sky! I see civilisation!
Columbus: All of them built by people like me.
[Sanchez doesn’t respond – shocked]
Columbus: No matter how long you live, Sanchez, there is something that will never change between us. I did it. You didn’t. 

How We Argue: You Don't Like It?

In Gladiator it is Scott’s alter ego, Maximus, who yells: “Are you not entertained? Are you not entertained? Is this not what you are here?” likely reflecting Scott’s frustration about having to follow Hollywood’s formula of violence at the cost of artistic value. “One for the art, one for the industry”.

Zack Snyder and Christopher Nolan

These days the twin principle is apparent in the promotion and elevation of Rodriguez and Tarantino, and in the subtle rivalry between Zack “The Wizard” Snyder and Christopher Nolan.

Zack Snyder quiso tener la bendición de Christopher Nolan ...

Snyder and Nolan are the two major competitors in the field of Monarch programming, with Zack Snyder tasked mainly at raising a Delta army of Anglo-Saxon culture warriors and Chris Nolan put in charge of Alpha  recruitment and basic training.

Overlooked by almost everybody is Snyder’s insidious clip before the intro and credits to his well-produced Dawn of the Living Dead. In a 5 second shot you see Muslims kneeling down in prayer with a sound like bees buzzing in the background. There are no other direct references to politics and religion in the intro or, for that matter, in the film.

Why Dawn of the Dead (1978) Is the Best Zombie Film Ever ...

The subliminal message is quite clear: Muslims are frightening, collective beings, who can sting – in fact they are zombies coming to take over the world with their infectious world view.

Illuminati hates Islam and stays out, as much as possible, from utilizing the Quran, even if they do produce Monarch devices for the Islamic world and also set up Quranic sleeper cells via other channels.

The mystical insights and symbols of virtually every known religion are employed in the Illuminati scheme of occult power, but Islam represents the final and ultimate challenge, namely because the central project to rebuild the Temple of Solomon requires the disbanding of the Al Aqsa Mosque.

Zack Snyder’s epic about the Battle of Thermopylae, 300, has already become famous and infamous for invoking crass racism and strong Nazi imagery to depict the Nordic type Spartans as superior to the mongrels of the East.

42 Epic Facts About The Battle Of Thermopylae And The 300 ...

300 is already cited by European New Right bloggers and white supremacists like the ones who fostered the Norwegian terrorist, Anders Behring Breivik, as one of the main influences “if Europe falls into culture war and decides to expel the Muslims”.

Nolan’s approach is more technical, even if he does mix Delta programming on various levels into some of his productions, namely the revived Batman franchise. In Batman Begins the protagonist, Bruce Wayne, is employed by an ancient secret society called League of Shadows, who employ terrorism in order to prune entire civilizations.

A Philosophy of Mind Control Revealed

Ra’s al-Ghul (the name is combination of the name for the Egyptian sun god, Ra, and Ghoul, which means eater of human flesh) uses standard MK Ultra and Monarch devices to make Bruce Wayne comply, namely the traumatic memory of the murder of Bruce Wayne’s parents, which has caused a split in his personality.

Gotham: 15 Mysteries The Show Neglected | ScreenRant

Ra’s fosters and trains the violent and punitive side in a classical Delta relationship between mentor and disciple. Batman breaks free and fights Ra’s al-Ghul and apparently kills him, but from a Monarch perspective the transformation is complete: Batman has come into existence and marginalized the civilian part.

In The Dark Knight Batman goes as far as to produce a miniture version of Echelon by tying all cell phone signals in the city to a monitor, just to locate The Joker. The Joker is a frequent character in Monarch storytelling, often seen dancing – he is the instigator, the handler who makes things happen by applying chaos and conflict to a placid condition, thereby bringing out the hero’s “potential.”

In The Prestige Nolan lays out the first part of a complete philosophy of mind control, but he also reveals some ambiguity about his own role in the project.

Gary Oldman (Commissioner Gordon) In The Dark Knight Rises ...

By the end of Batman Begins the noble policeman, Jim Gordon, expresses concern about escalation, and The Dark Knight picks up from that point, introducing the Joker.

By the end of The Dark Knight the engineer, Lucius Fox – the equivalent to Q in James Bond flicks – demands the termination of Batman’s private Echelon project, calling it “immoral.”

Likewise, The Prestige is not just a meditation of the tricks of the trade and the art of illusion, but an ethical inquiry into the cost of the Illuminati twinning program. One magician, Robert Angier, loses his soul in a bizarre line of events that tempt him to reproduce and kill himself infinitely, before his last alter ego is finally killed in an act of justice carried out by Alfred Borden’s real life twin.

Nerd Calendar — February 8, 1899 - Robert Angier Visits ...

Interestingly, Christopher Nolan wrote the script together with his brother, Jonathan Nolan.

A major theme in The Prestige is blood sacrifice and guilt, reflecting the predictable problems of the healthy psyche as the human cost of ambition becomes apparent to the mind. Zeta (“snuff”/human sacrifice) elements of the Illuminati programming target the final barrier to be broken down, since it is virtually impossible for the healthy mind to take delight or even accept this level of programming.

The Public Era of Illuminati

On a wider scale the hanging of Saddam Hussein and the assassination of Osama bin Laden, along with the Abu Ghraib atrocity, represents evidence to a general degradation of the natural defenses against Zeta Programming. Complete desensitization of large parts of the Western population has been accomplished.

Satirical Magazine French Kisses Mohammad

A number of events, including the publication of the Mohammed cartoons, have been staged to test the receptiveness to visual cues and, reversely, the acuity of natural responses to atrocious conduct.

The successful desensitization marks the transition to a new phase in the Illuminati timeline, where its presence grows increasingly public, while at the same time any attempt to out, oust or counter Illuminati’s schemes are instantly denounced as “conspiracy theory.”

This is mostly perpetrated by unwitting Gamma operatives, who have been brainwashed with what they perceive as a rationalist mind-set.

However, in spite of the apparent rationalism, they never exhibit any inclination to critical thinking and investigation, which would immediately lead to concern about the floods of Alpha level Illuminati programming distributed to society through the entertainment branch.

Who is Q Anon, the Internet's Most Mysterious Poster?

Gamma operatives are equally conservative and liberal – the conservative package contains triggers like “9-11 truth” and “inside job”, which immediately sends the Gamma operative into a rant about conspiracy nuts. Likewise, the liberal package is prompted by concern that the anti-Illuminati agenda is a conservative ploy to take away civil liberties, namely women’s rights and gay rights.

The Illuminati programming is designed to pit ethnicities, religions and political ideologies against each other for the very obvious reason that demographics is the key to societal control. This is also why Western societies at the surface level hails multiculturalism and racial integration, while at the same time its cultural products promotes status quo, which is cultural fragmentation – without the races, Illuminati loses a powerful instrument of social engineering.

The overt Alpha programming of our age installs the premises of Illuminati and their basic methods of operation, appealing on a subconscious level to those who have the desire to become masters rather than slaves. Perceived as a rebellion against religious fundamentalists, still more artists and artisans align directly with the Luciferian agenda, employing Illuminati Alpha programming almost “at will.”

Illuminati Tattoos On Celebrities Http://i.imgur.com ...

The “show and tell” phase is designed to create a basis for a new class of Monarch managers to oversee a rapidly growing kingdom of carefully designed cultural imperialism. In spite of all controversy, Illuminati now count on the persuasive power of their subliminal programming and the gullible nature of the masses.

Shakira as Butterfly. MK Ultra Project MONARCH symbolism ...

Rejected as a conspiracy theory by most people, Monarch is free to keep churning out mind control dreamware to spell-bind the masses and to make the highest initiates able to pick and choose from the ranks of common people who to lay, who to kill and who to send to kill them.

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