Divine Love vs Human Love: Which One You Should be After

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Too many people today are concerned with chasing human love. It is happening everywhere around us, for instance, ask yourself how many movies you’ve seen about finding your soul mate.

Finding the ideal mate seem to be important, right? But is this really that important? Is it really worth spending your entire life’s energy on that goal only?

I believe it’s not. I believe your main focus should be elsewhere. Don’t get me wrong; there’s nothing wrong with finding your twin soul.

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But your main concern should be trying to experience Divine love.

Let me explain why. 

The human kind as a whole has forgotten the true meaning of the word “love“. This word has been used (and abused) so much, that, sadly, many people never really find out what true Divine love actually is.

In this post I will try to describe the main qualities and differences of human and Divine love.

Divine Love

The most fundamental feature of Divine love is that it tends to transcend itself. In other words, it has a strong urge to overcome itself, which in turn leads to an equally strong urge for creation.

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That’s why we say that without Divine love nothing would be created.

So many times I’ve experienced this on a small scale in my life. Whenever I feel the energy of love, I’m inspired, I have a strong urge to create something beautiful.

At the same time, this also means that the key of spiritual development is having and experiencing Divine love.

If you want to know if you are making any progress on your spiritual path, ask yourself whether you’re experiencing Divine love.

But Divine love can only be realized if we’ve become one with the very stream of love, with the River of Universal Life.

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The greatest thing a person can experience is their unity with the Divine. That’s the most perfect love, the one and only kind of love every single person on this planet is looking for.

If only we could experience a piece of that love, our joy would be so great, so intense, and so all-inclusive, that we could hardly restrain it at all.

The Divine love has an enormous power of attraction. But, at the same time, it’s also a balancing force that brings harmony inside us, harmony with the other people around us, with Nature and with God.

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The Divine love seeks no object to express itself. It’s here for the entire life, the same way the Sun shines on anything and everything, no matter what. The Sun doesn’t need any particular object to direct its rays toward, nor does it require our gratitude in return for its generous outpouring.

The Divine love is unconditional. It has no need to control. It is not tied to human reactions.

It will leave your free will intact to make your own choices.

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The Divine love permeates the entire Divine creation. It has a totally equal effect on sinners and on saints. The difference being that the saints have “prepared the way and have made straight paths” for receiving it.

Whether you are aware of not, the Divine love is all that you’ll ever want. You might think that you are looking for human love, prosperity, abundance, social status, money, or something else, but actually behind all these manifestations there is your Higher self calling you from the distance.

If you realize that God is greater than all His gifts, you will find His love.

Human Love

In contrast to the Divine, human love is possessive. It is directed toward the object of our love.

If there is a certain object (say a person) that we direct our love toward, we step out of the River of Life and put an end to the process of our own transcendence.

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Human love demands to receive, to get something in return.

Whenever I’m feeling human love, it is never self-sufficient. While I’m able to express love, I’m doing that only if certain conditions are fulfilled. For example, that my partner is behaving in a certain way.

If something isn’t self-sufficient, it cannot be Divine, because it’s based on separation, duality, and limitations.

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Ordinary love is entrenched in the fulfillment of our desires. That’s why we say it is selfish. In contrast, Divine love has no borders, no limitations, no conditioning.

I, mine, me, I want, I need, I like, I have, I don’t have… those were the phrases I tend to use often, every time I don’t feel the Divine love in my heart.

When we discover this Divine clarity in us, we’ll be able to see it in others and love them like we love ourselves.

I dare say that our human love won’t bring us anywhere. We won’t make any real progress, no matter how many billions of people have managed to deceive themselves that their human love could bring them Heaven, or higher states of consciousness.

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Our loved ones promise us that they will love us forever. But how can that be? People’s feelings are fleeting, their memories are deceiving, their vows unreliable. Who can love us without any vows, without any promises? Only the Divine love has all that.

Key Points to Keep in Mind

  • The Divine love is all-encompassing, it has not end. The Divine energy is everlasting.
  • When you experience Divine love, you’ll see no difference between a flower and a dog, between one human being and another.
  • True love can grow only in deep meditation or in true prayer of love and kindness.
  • Once experienced, the Divine love will lead us to ever higher realms of eternal life.
  • The Divine love stands behind all fatherly love, all gentle motherly love; it is the most desired love of the lovers.
  • The Divine love is joyous, because it can give, and be what it is.
  • Your ego is constantly looking for a chance to derail you from the path of Divine love. Unless you’ve managed to rise up above the illusion, self-deception and false love of the ego, you won’t stand a chance to get into the flow of Divine love.
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The Divine consciousness is not a passive force that will leave you in your limited state of existence. It actively works to help you remove the veils of illusion, so that you can be free, if you choose to be free.

But one thing you cannot do.

You cannot adjust the Divine love to your needs. That’s not how things work.

The Divine love won’t accept any terms or conditions. It won’t stop its flow to adjust to you specifically. It will rather help you surpass your limitations.

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Can you love a person in a Divine way? Sure, but then you will have to love God in them, not themselves as such.

And you’ll have to give them total freedom. And you won’t expect anything in return. And you won’t ever feel disappointed, angry, betrayed, sad, or hurt in any way because something went the way you hadn’t expected or approved.

See the difference?

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If you choose to strive to experience Divine love, I can promise, it’s so worth it. If you knew how important that is, you wouldn’t be wasting your time reading this post.

You would be actively searching for it, right now, deep inside of you.

So get started and may God help you on your way.

by: Silva Iketosk

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