Is Tarot Real?

All About Tarot: Everything You Need to Know about Tarot Card Reading

“Is Tarot Real?” seems to be a common question these days… Do you listen to tarot cards? If so, this post might shed some light on the best way to use tarot cards from my experience. I have been a tarot card reader for the past three years and have grown to love the way that they help me tap into my inner voice.

Does that all sound crazy to you? Well, you are in luck! These days, quantum physics is catching up to what mystics have known for thousands of years: the universe is mental. Our minds have more power than we could have imagined.

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Tarot cards help to draw that intuitive power out of hiding and into the spotlight! Instead of hiding that voice in the shadows of your consciousness, tarot cards help you to listen more deeply to your highest truths.

These days, tarot has experienced a resurgence of interest unlike anything we have seen since the early 1900s…

More than ever, folks have questions about tarot and how it all works.

Are Tarot Cards Accurate?

In 2020, tarot cards have seen a resurgence unlike what we have seen in recent collective memory. Understandably, this brings skeptics. Are tarot cards accurate? How can we be sure that these tools are aligned with truth and not leading us astray? In this section, let us venture into the realms of our subconscious and understand the tarot at a level that goes deeper than the cards themselves. After all, the tarot cards are just a tool.

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People wanna know:

Is tarot “real”?

If so, how does it work?

Am I really working with spirits or angels???

Well… sorta.

Tarot began back in ancient Egypt as a way to practice divination.

“Divination” is an ancient practice of tapping into “higher powers” in order to receive guidance or cause some sort of impact on the world around you.

In fact, throughout history, many famous leaders have studied divination in an attempt to better understand the future.

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Queen Elizabeth the 1st of England employed one of the most famous diviners of all time as her personal advisor:

John Dee.

Never heard of John Dee? You’re missing out.

John Dee and Queen Elizabeth

Imagine if Gandalf was real and he was into astrology, inventing machines, and gazing into crystal balls… that’s John Dee.

John Dee and his story of working with the Queen is one of the best examples of a famous and powerful leader using divination and astrology as a regular practice.

Hitler and his inner circle were also students of divination and the occult… unfortunately, like many “leaders” in history, they used these powerful secrets for evil.

Nevertheless, divination has been used by many world-changing figures for all sorts of reasons.

But why?

Tarots and other methods of divination are meant to help YOU dig deep inside your intuition for answers.

Although divination CAN be used to contact third-party spirits, that is not really necessary.

Instead, tools like tarot should help you to tap into your inner voice and have clearer guidance from the clearest version of yourself.

In other words: it doesn’t really matter what cards are drawn… it doesn’t actually mean anything crazy if you see shapes in your crystal ball… if your horoscope is super accurate, it isn’t a big deal.

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What IS a big deal is a message that it sends to YOUR intuition.

If you have a crazy tarot card reading that “really speaks to you”… is that the cards talking… or is it just that your inner voice is coming in loud and clear?

Skeptics of tarot and divination say that they’re “fake” because the person will only ever see what they want to see in the cards…


THAT is the magic of tarot.

It drags your inner voice out from the back of your head and brings it front and center.

How Do Tarot Cards Work?

Although I do personally believe that there is magic in tarot and other methods of divination, this “Magic” is only significant or helpful to my life because it helps me to listen to myself better. Have you just had a tarot card reading and you want to understand the meaning? Instead of looking for meaning inside of your tarot cards, look for that voice of intuition and analyze what that voice is saying ABOUT the cards.

Contact with spirits is praised by many tarot card readers. Personally, I am no such reader. In my system, tarot cards serve best to highlight the individual voice and draw that out from a torrent of other voices.

In my work with spirits, they have only ever taught me how to better listen to and follow that most important voice: myself.

For many people interested in tarot card readings, this is confusing. However, ask yourself this: if “contact with spirits” does nothing but keep you running in circles, then what good has that “magic” done in your life?

Instead, you have wandered into a labyrinth of chaos. Thankfully, there are easy ways out.

The more you dive down these rabbit holes, the more you realize:

Your intuition is your link with the divine.

That little voice in the back of your head with lots of crazy ideas?

How to Connect With Your Higher Self

Perhaps that’s the voice of your highest self?

Do you believe in such things?

If you don’t, consult quantum physics for some answers.

Examine how our universe is woven together in a fabric of wavelength.

Perhaps your mind is one such wavelength?

Science seems to be leaning toward the view of the Hermetic, as was predicted in the 1900s.

What I’m getting after here is that your mind has the power to influence the world around you, through the power of vibration to create frequency.

That frequency then influences the world through the principle of cause and effect.

What Is Tarot?

So going back to tarot:

When you draw that intuitive “highest self” voice into the forefront, you might find yourself better able to influence your environment.

How to Connect with Your Higher Self |'s Website

This is what people mean when they talk about “an evolution of consciousness”…

It is an evolution of the vibration at which your atoms are pulsating. This evolution begins in the mind.

When we draw out that voice and start to LISTEN and ACT on what it says, “magic” starts to happen. Tarot cards are just a tool to activate that inner voice more directly. Although there is meaning and inspiration in the cards, the archetypes, and the suits, it is much more important what that intuitive voice is saying to you about the cards.

Over time using tarot cards, you might find that certain cards become common. In my case, “the Chariot” is a card I find often. Inside of the Tarot, the Chariot is the archetype of overcoming obstacles and riding forward into victory.

Ever since I have been drawn into becoming a tarot card reader, the Chariot card has reminded me of my highest self. In my readings, this is what it represents. I have found that when you develop a personal relationship with a certain tarot card, that personal connection will speak more clearly than anything an old book has to say. Tarot card reading is meant to be intuitive.

It is helpful to understand what the different tarot cards mean. Over time, I will expand this post into a more detailed breakdown of tarot card meanings. However, today, I will leave you here.

Play around with divination and see what you find.

You don’t need to contact any outside spirits. In fact, I would recommend you instead just try and listen better to your highest self.

How to Connect With Your Higher Self - Inner Outer Peace

Instead of invoking some god that may or may not exist, invoke the best version of yourself.


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