The Loosh Paradigm… and Theocrats Deities (UPDATE)

Understanding humanity as being nothing more than an experiment by some other race with higher consciousness is uncomfortable to say the least.

It smashes our anthropocentric conception of reality, taking away the sovereign crown that we received in the first verses of Genesis; moreover, it diminishes us to the perceived status of the very animals and vegetables on which we feed or experiment.

It is disturbing to think about the existence of entities that enjoy more freedom than we possess, who use their freedom to feed upon and study us.


It is unquestionably easier to believe in the fables of the Holy Scriptures where we are treated better and elevated to a higher place for our peace of mind: we are the sovereigns of Creation!

It suffices merely to bow our head, comply with some laws, avoid working on Saturdays and when faced with inconvenience, offer some blood sacrifice.

In a context that may be less histrionic, Mangasar Mangasarian, author of How the Bible was Invented, has something interesting to say:

How the Bible Was Invented: Mangasar Mugurditch Mangasarian, M. M. Mangasarian: 9781544952833 ...
An Extraordinary Book, a book which claims infallibility; which aspires to absolute authority over mind and body; which demands unconditional surrender to all its pretensions upon penalty of eternal damnation, is an extraordinary book and should, therefore, be subjected to extraordinary tests.

Neither Christian priests nor Jewish rabbis approve of applying to the Bible the same tests by which other books are tried.

Why? Because it will help the Bible? It can not be that. Because it might hurt the Bible? We can think of no other reason.

The Truth is that the Bible is a collection of writings of unknown date and authorship rendered into English from supposed copies of supposed originals unfortunately lost.

Open Bible | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

However, today there is ample academic certainty about the source material that could have given rise to the Pentateuch: the publication of the ancient Epic of Gilgamesh by assyriologist George Smith, who at the end of the 19th century translated it from cuneiform tablets that recount the Universal Deluge, wherein the Akkadian Utnapishtim is identified with the biblical Noah in the utmost direct way.

 David Cangá Corozo in his book La Conspiración del Ángel Gabriel connects this story with other Mesopotamian poems:

La Conspiracion del Angel Gabriel by David Canga Corozo

In the Enuma Elish are related cosmic events that occurred during the creation of the solar system, the Atrahasis tells us the events that occurred from the activities of the Anunnaki on this planet before and during the creation of man until the Flood, and in the List Real of Sumeria, we are given details of the first human civilizations.

Combining the stories of these three Mesopotamian epic poems, we can put together an account paralleling the story of the creation of the biblical Genesis; in fact, George Smith published in 1876, his now famous book The Chaldean Genesis, where he suggests that, by the various similarities:

the epic poem Enuma Elish and the Hebrew Genesis refer to the same creation story.

According to these tablets, thousands of years ago, from somewhere – we speculate that from the cosmos, or from some other dimension – some beings came to Earth, with the intention of extracting materials.

These beings are called the Anunnaki, which means,
those who came down from Heaven to Earth.”
The Anunnaki were ruled by a hierarchical system based on lineage, where the leader of all was An (Anu), who had two sons:

Enlil and Enki, who were the leaders of the planet Earth mission.

Mighty Enlil Of The Sumerian Pantheon Of Gods | Ancient Pages

The story of the Atrahasis is more than intriguing, especially if we connect its legendary content with ufological views;

in fact, it is a story that could be considered gnostic and, pondering its exquisite literary touch, even graced with a remarkable lovecraftian background:

mysterious beings come to Earth to perform certain works of “material extraction.”
They were of varied categories: the godlike leaders, among whom we find Anu, Enlil and Enki, and their subordinate workers, generically referred to as the Igigi deities. (1)

(editors note: Use discernment in relation to the deities involved in this hijacking. Not all of the deities mentioned played a part in the enslavement. in fact quite the opposite,  it has been mentioned that Enki and his gang were the ones responsible for the deception.)

After a time, a revolt occurs and the latter, complaining about the demanding conditions, refuse to continue with their labors.

Mesopotamia, History & The Rise Of Civilisation | Ancient Origins

After negotiations with the Igigi were exhausted, Enki solved the problem by designing a specialized worker by making use of the body of a sacrificed Igigi, from where Anunnaki genes are extracted, together with Belet-ili, the “goddess matrix,” so that finally:
“A god and a man mix together in clay.”

It is striking to find a point of contact here with the work of the anthropologist Carlos Castaneda, particularly his book The Active Side of Infinity, where Don Juan tells him that,
“the predators gave us their mind, that it became our mind.”

If we read the first volume of Textos Gnósticos: Biblioteca de Nag Hammadi (chapter On the Origin of the World) we also come across something similar:
When (the archons) had finished Adam, (the prince) placed him in a vessel, for it had taken the form of an abortion devoid of spirit.

The Song of the Hoe: translation | Mesopotamian Gods & Kings

Because of this, when the great archon remembered the word of Pistis, he feared that the real man would penetrate his creature and become the lord (of the archon) […]

When Adam arrived, they saw that Eve was talking to him, they said [among the Archons]:
“What is this luminous thing? For it resembles the similarity that was manifested to us in the light. Let’s capture her and pour our seed into her, so that she is sullied and can no longer return to its Light.

Besides, those who are born of her will be under our obedience.”

If we view this story from a ufological or hiperdimensional perspective, we may propose a broader conception:

some extraterrestrial entities came to Earth in order to exploit its resources.

Great Orme Bronze Age Mines | North Wales Holiday Cottages

These beings, organized under a strict hierarchy, sent their subordinates to perform a laborious and tiring task:

while the higher gods remained in the heaven-reality (in Fourth Density) the work of the Igigi, by contrast, took place in physical reality (in Third Density).
What work was it that agonized the Igigi deities?

The Atrahasis informs us that:

“The gods had to dig channels. They had to clean the channels, the lifelines of the earth. The gods dug the Tigris River and then excavated the Euphrates.”

Were they terraforming?

Reference to the lifelines of the earth quickly connect us with the Ley Lines:

the famous energetic alignments that the druids called Nwyvre (terrestrial dragon) where we find the old monuments, the megalithic constructions next to sacred places.

Getting to know the Pyramids of Giza - Lonely PlanetRobert Monroe, in his book Far Journeys, mentioned a similar perspective:

entities from a higher level of reality, in their eagerness to obtain a “scarce good” that would be found within the organic molecules disseminated throughout the galaxy, perform a series of biological experiments, starting with the First and Second Crops, that is, the Stationaries or vegetables and the Mobiles or animal.

This “scarce good,” called Loosh, is easily collected when it emerges in a conflict situation, especially during the death of a living organism:

As the Second Crop grew scarce, energy needs of the Mobiles became acute.

Often two Mobiles would seek to ingest the identical Second Crop unit. This created Conflict, which resulted in physical struggle among two or more of the ungainly Mobiles.

How Emotions are Mapped on the Human Body: aura - kirilian ...

Someone observed these struggles, at first bemused with the problem, then with great interest. As the struggles ensued, the Mobiles were emanating Loosh!

Not in fractional amounts, but in sizable, usable quantities and of a much higher purity.

He quickly put the theory to the test. He removed another unit of First Crop from the liquid Garden area, redesigned it for the gaseous environment – but with one significant change.

The new Mobile would be somewhat smaller, but would require the ingestion of other Mobiles for nourishment.

This would solve the problem of overpopulation of Mobiles, and at the same time would create good quantities of usable Loosh during each conflict-struggle, plus a bonus if the new class of Mobile terminated the life span of the other.

Blog | The Goddess of Sacred Sex | Opening to the sacred in your lovemaking

In this paradigm, conflict among organic life of the Earth – the Garden of the Deities, which John Keel conveniently named Disneyland of the Gods – generates a source of vital energy, arising from the struggle for survival.

These Sowers or Cosmic Farmers, equipped the animals with fangs, claws, speed and dexterity in order to augment victim-predator combat and thus increase the collection of Loosh.

But finally they came up with a novel prototype that they had taken great effort in designing and a considerable time in perfecting:
the Fourth Crop, the human being, an experimental model that surpassed all the other previous crops:

Ancient Sumerian Tablet, Enki & Ninmah Create "Adam" 6,000 Year Old Text - YouTube

The Fourth Crop exceeded all of Someone’s expectations. It became apparent that a consistent, useful flow of Loosh was being produced in the Garden.

The balance of “life” operated perfectly, with the Conflict Factor producing immense amounts of Loosh and a steady supplement brought into being by the constant life-span terminations from all types of Mobiles and Stationaries.

To handle the output, Someone set up special Collectors to aid in the harvest. He set up Channels to convey the raw Loosh from his Garden to Somewhere.

No longer did Somewhere depend principally upon the “wild state” as the principal source of Loosh. The Garden of Someone had ended that. With the success of the Garden and the production of Loosh by cultivated means, Others began to design and build their Gardens.

To reap such harvest, the Collectors generated storms of turbulence and turmoil in both the gaseous envelope and the more solid chemical formations that were the base of the Garden itself.

Cuando los templos sumerios daban préstamos a los esclavos ...

Such upheavals had the effect of terminating life spans of multitudes of the Fourth Crop as they were crushed under the rolling base formation or smothered under waves from the agitated liquid area of the Garden.
We find then an interesting explanation for the origin and fall of human civilizations, one far removed from any anthropocentric view and in line with the gnostic teachings of early Christianity.

Further, it is understandable that the work that the Collectors (the Anunnaki: the Igigi deities of the Atrahasis poem) disregarded was to be, in some way, “embodied” in the physical plane of Third Density, namely by processing raw materials there into more refined types of Loosh.

For it is more convenient to design a Stationary automata that converts solar energy into chemical energy, have others robots with greater mobility harvest these sugars and starches for nourishment, and then have these mobile robots serve as food for even more sophisticated automatons that feed on their fat and protein reserves.

With every wounding, phagocytosis or death, useful subtle energy is released for the Sowers – the leading gods of the extraterrestrial hierarchy – in Fourth Density.

10 Horrors Of Aztec Ritual Human Sacrifice - Listverse | Aztec art, Aztec civilization, Ancient ...

Under this framework, it is easy to understand the insatiable needs of Yahweh and his tenacious demands of blood sacrifice.

In fact, it also explains the conflicts, battles and wars to which he subjected his “chosen people,” and it illustrates the appropriateness of the nickname The Lord of Hosts (El Señor de los Ejércitos).

Upon arriving at the explanation of the Fourth Crop, it is only logical to deduce that Loosh of higher purity is, in short, what psychologists identify as libido, the Freudian sexual drive that Carl Gustav Jung later pointed out as the psychic energy – the vital pulse of subsistence, what the psychoanalyst Wilhelm Reich reasoned as the so-called orgone energy: the qi (chi) of the Taoism teachings.

Sex In Ancient Times Stock Photos and Pictures | Getty Images

In short, the Fourth Crop is the final link in the trophic chain that completes the “extraction of materials,” from the rudimentary sugars and starches of the Stationary, to the proteins and fats of the Mobiles, to the formula for the distilled Loosh of humanity:

the subtle energies that arise from orgasm, suffering, anxiety and melancholy.
Moreover, certain humans, abject in the eyes of the alien control system, can be tampered with via ultors or implants, which operate as psychic fetters.

Our beloved brothers in the Quest for Truth may try to connect, as the key to Alchemy, this strand of knowledge with the collection and preservation of the “subtle hydrogens” in the instinctive and emotional centers.

Monroe later asked himself:
The loosh rote explained everything very neatly.

Most important, it explained the purpose, the reason for it all, the why of it. This factor had long eluded me. The loosh answer was simple and obvious.

Humans Can Feed Off Each Other's Energy The Same Way Plants Do, Study Says. - Conscious Reminder

The reason was there, in very prosaic fashion. We were indeed producing Something of Value.

Loosh. If one finally was able to get past the emotional barriers involved, it became hard even then to find holes in the general concept. An explanation of total human behavior and history.

Loosh, an energy generated by all organic life in varying degrees of purity, the clearest and most potent coming from humans – engendered by human activity which triggers emotion, the highest of such emotions being – love?

Heart Dripping Blood Stock Photos, Images, & Pictures ...

Is love loosh?

Like the ancient Gnostic teachings of the early Coptic schools, the modern New Age movement saw something similar to the paradigm presented by Robert Monroe.

In her channeled material, Barbara Marciniak provided a surprisingly analogous explanation of an agenda dating back to the beginning of the genetic manipulation of humanity approximately 300,000 years ago – a date close to that given in the Cassiopaean Transcripts:
309,000 years,
…which, when divided by the measure of a Platonic year (25,776 years) produces a quantity close to 12, representing the end of an era or major cycle:
Consciousness communicates continuously. Consciousness vibrates, or can be led to vibrate, at certain electromagnetic frequencies.

Electromagnetic energies of consciousness can be influenced to vibrate in a certain way to create a source of food.

Just as apples can he prepared and eaten in a variety of ways, consciousness can be prepared and ingested in a variety of ways.
Some entities, in the process of their own evolution, began to discover that as they created life and put consciousness into things through modulating the frequencies of forms of consciousness, they could feed themselves; they could keep themselves in charge.

The 14 Tablets of Enki (Former Anunnaki Leader of Planet ...

They began to figure out that this is how Prime Creator nourishes itself. Prime Creator sends out others to create an electromagnetic frequency of consciousness as a food source for itself.

The new owners of this planet had a different appetite and different preferences than the former owners.

They nourished themselves with chaos and fear:

these things fed them, stimulated them, and kept them in power.
These new owners who came here 300,000 years ago are the magnificent beings spoken of in your Bible, in the Babylonian and Sumerian tablets, and in texts all over the world.

They came to Earth and rearranged the native human species.

They rearranged your DNA in order to have you broadcast within a certain limited frequency band whose frequency could feed them and keep them in power.

Rosicrucianism discovered this same issue centuries ago but kept it secret, only revealing it to its more advanced adepts, probably due to the ontological shock it could produce in an unprepared mind.

What is Rosicrucianism, AMORC and the ESP? - Rosicrucians In Oregon

Before immersing ourselves in the analysis of their knowledge, we would like to mention the works of Kyle Griffith, whom we have previously commented upon and warned the reader about.

We mention Griffith not because we take his book, War in Heaven, at face value, but rather because a careful reading will allow us to observe that the two factions therein, the Theocrats and the Invisible College, demonstrate familiar hyperdimensional tactics, wielding a spurious consideration for the free will of humans.

If the trained eye can connect the Invisible College with the sects of European enlightenment (Hermetic, Masonic, Rosicrucian and other energetic embezzlements), a large part of our preventative mission may be considered fulfilled.

Under the aegis of the excellent works of the English scholar Frances Yates, the Rosicrucian movement was born during the 15th and 16th centuries in the bosom of Catholicism by the hands of two renaissance priests:

Marsilio Ficino and Giordano Bruno.
Both cultivated their studies in the shadow of the venerable Corpus Hermeticum, a work attributed to the Egyptian priest Hermes Trismegistus – although neither of them realized that it had been really forged by Christians – with the addition of treatises on Kabbalah and medieval Alchemy. (3)

Marsilio Ficino quote: [The imagination] . . . inspires an audacious mental habit...
Leaving the historical details for another occasion, the Rosicrucian paradigm – unlike the Masonic one that submits itself to the Great Architect or Demiurge – exposes the Decans, the Chaldean demons or the Lords of the Zodiac, who coldly govern the physical plane and must be appeased by frequent sacrifices.

Nowadays, hermetic orders call them Archons of Destiny, that is, the powers that be.

In short, the Archons abuse and make use of the humans as an organic slave designed to collect and harvest, through his earthly experience, a useful energy product at the cosmic level called Askokin, of similar properties to the aforementioned Loosh.

The late master of the Chilean Rosicrucian order and director of the Hermetic Philosophical Institute, John Baines (Dario Salas Sommer), commented:

If we were evil gods or immoral spoilers, we could not devise anything better to make a group of slaves work quietly than to make them believe through collective hypnosis that they are happy and important.

(editor’s note: We Humans like to use the chauvinistic expression ” Happy wife, happy life.” This is the crux of the enslavement.

Satanism and Hollywood

We would have perfect protoplasm automatons that would work tirelessly producing what interests us. In addition, these robots would manufacture and maintain themselves.
To complete this review and return to our biblical analysis in relation to the Mosaic theocracy, in his book The Stellar Man, Baines refers to the failed work of Moses during the liberation of the Jews from their slavery in Egypt.

Through ritualistic invocation by the use of the sacred Egyptian arts, Moses summoned a demonic entity which, curiously, Baines only mentions with the initial Y. (Yahweh):
Everybody knows that Moses appeared floating in a basket down a river and was subsequently adopted, deceiving the Egyptian priests of the time.

They took him for an Egyptian and initiated him into the mysteries of ritual magic, which is a method for making the key notes of Nature vibrate, and thus produce certain phenomena which the operator wishes to achieve.

The study of atomic physics shows us that it is theoretically possible to produce changes or transmutations in matter; therefore, there is nothing miraculous about these mutations being achieved by means of secret procedures.

The Book of Alchemy by Francis Melville | Jason Zapata

In spite of his esoteric identification with Egyptian magic, Moses was always loyal to his ancestral blood. Thus, his most powerful wish was to make himself the leader who would free his people from enslavement, leading them to the promised land.

Guided by this desire, and conscious of the powerful forces he had learned to control, Moses had a daring idea:

to make a magic pact or alliance with an angel, a divine creature charged with the task of providing him with power and assistance from heaven to save his people.
After lengthy preparations done in deep solitude, he performed the ritual ceremony with magic words and corresponding invocations.

In the midst of amazing atmospheric and terrestrial phenomena, an impressive being appeared, making Moses tremble with fear and panic, due to the tremendous force it projected. It will never be possible to know or even imagine the conditions under which the pact between man and heaven was made.

The angel agreed to everything Moses requested and promised his help, demanding the strictest obedience in return.

He revealed his name as Y., and requested that as a sign of union, all his followers should undergo a small ritual surgical operation, with a light discharge of blood. Every man who underwent this would come to be a son of Y. The blood that was shed sealed the pact.

From that day forward, Moses was invested with superhuman powers and started doing all kinds of magical feats, converting the Ark of the Covenant into the center of his power. Plagues and calamities fell over Egypt, and non-believers and rebels were struck down by the wrath of Y.

'Let My People Bargain!' Why Moses Was History's First ...

In this manner, Moses’ people started the Exodus that would last forty years.

Later, Y., the occult power behind the leader, suddenly started to change his procedures by formulating strange demands, all of which had the shedding of blood as the common denominator.

Moses was overcome with fear and started to become aware of the magnitude of the error he committed.

He then understood that the divine angel was in truth an angel of darkness, the complete opposite of the luminous power he had intended to invoke. This infernal angel was a member of the host of shadows.

In order to maintain its power and strength, this vampire needed to feed on human blood, an essence charged with the vitality conferred by the divine spark.

Maya Sacrificial Victims Were Likely Young, Foreign and Skinned Alive | Ancient Origins

This is why all through the Exodus, so many blood-shedding incidents occurred, provoked by the occult dictator.

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