How to Wake Up to the 5th Dimension

Image shows the illuminating beauty of life in the Fifth Dimension.

“Being himself the Supreme Being, but thinking himself to be separate, man strives to become united; what is stranger than this?” ~Ramana Maharshi

Our world is being forced to re-enter the Age of Enlightenment from the threat of global suicide. There are already millions of people who have reached a higher level of consciousness, simply because there is no better place to turn to. Now, this your chance to let go of all your struggling and expand all of the limitations that you have had. It’s time to transmute all those dense 3D layers of suffering into lighter 5th-dimensional levels of bliss tonight!

This article dives into the exact steps on how to reach the highest dimensions of human consciousness in a way that is effortless, fun, and easily attainable. Are you ready to exponentially increase the level of spiritual FUN that you’re currently having in life? This 5th-dimensional consciousness is becoming a worldwide trend and you are being invited to get out of bed, wake up and jump on the enlightenment train with everyone!

“Sometimes we just need an excuse to start choosing a more spiritually awakened existence. We need a catalyst to make us believe that we are much more amazing and brilliant than we have imagined.” 

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This self-awakening journey begins right now by accepting one sweet and simple fact. That you are a spiritual being who will never die. Yes, you may intellectually know this, yet are you truly living it?

When you live, work, and breathe with this spiritual understanding inside you, every action you take all day long allows the 5th-dimensional experience to naturally initiate itself. Your experience of time and space will expand, as you find yourself becoming more patient, understanding, loving, and present to your vast spiritual nature. As you physically embody this eternal soul who cannot be wet by water, nor burnt by fire, you will (as if for the very first time) experience your real divinity inside.

Embracing Your Feminine Spirit Meditation | Cynthia Occelli

“You are given the gifts of the gods, you create your reality according to you beliefs. Yours is the creative energy that makes your world. There are no limitations to the self except those you believe in.” ~ Seth

Each moment of your life contains the possibility of experiencing your Self as pure consciousness, which is omnipresent, found in everything and everyone. You already are a divine soul. You do not have to do anything to achieve it. You already are an unlimited Source of divine cosmic intelligence that is overflowing with infinite love, power, and unstoppable creativity. To embody this enlightened state only requires one thing. To bring your mind into complete stillness and silence….to fall into the infinite gap that is between… your thoughts.

Try it right now. Let go of the last thought your mind was focused on, and don’t touch the next thought that is about to come. Simply be in the middle. Be still, relax into your heart, and enjoy being here now. Explore this for many hours, many days and weeks until you feel a perceptual paradigm shift occur. You will know when it happens.

Meditation Images Gallery - Beautiful Pictures by Anton Gorlin

The silent mind meditation practice is simple. Bring your attention repeatedly into the heart space, until you finally can calm and tame the mind. The pull of the mind is usually outside of the body, towards the plethora of desires and distractions that everyone else is magnetized to in the world out there. When the mind perpetually redirected inwards, towards the Source of spiritual stillness for hours on end, the results will be magnanimous.

In the 5th dimension you’ll experience a profound inner peace with everyone in your life. Every challenging memory from your past will become easier for you to be with.  Essentially you will stop all of your suffering. Tranquility and serenity will take over your reality, and you’ll see how easy, enjoyable and effortless life truly can be.  This amazing paradigm shift manifests by finding stillness inside your body and mind. Inner stillness is the first door to entering the 5th dimension.

Chakras - Heart Chakra - Lulu's Enchanted Gems

Another sacred secret for your journey is this. Choose to keep opening your 4th chakra (the heart center) all the time. The 4th dimension is accessed through the heart, and it must first be wide open with 100% trust before the higher 5th-dimensional experience can fully blossom.

Your heart must remain open in every situation, with every person you meet if you wish to receive this Divine 5D experience. To keep the heart open, simply redirect the needy mind back to the Source of love. The heart will naturally remain open on its own in this silent loving space, and the 5th-dimensional experience will naturally find its way into you.

“The enlightened one lives in the Heart. When he moves about and deals with men and things, he knows that what he sees is not separate from the one supreme reality, the Brahman which he realized in the Heart as his own Self, the real.”  ~ Ramana Maharshi

Heart shaped plants for your Valentine

The 5D seed has already been planted. It is just waiting for you to water it. You simply have to give your heart your silent loving attention. Your love is the sweet water for your seed to sprout and grow roots. In the beginning of this divine sprouting you will pass through experiences of joy, bliss and ecstasy, like nothing you’ve ever known before.  These are a few of the signs that you’re entering the 5th dimension.

 Listen to your innermost being. Each moment of life is guiding you deeper into the 5th dimension.  The Divine Universe is already on your team, and God is always here to help you discover your highest enlightenment. The spiritual heart is like your torch, shining the way through the darkness of the mind so you can ignite the higher states of self-realization and spiritual illumination.

What is a Lightworker? - Shifting Vibration

The good news is you don’t need to try to turn this spiritual light on. You already exist as an infinite Light Being.  The light of your spiritual heart IS already lit up and is that which your mind is seeking. Simply direct your awareness within and it will blaze brighter upon everyone including yourself. Your constant relaxation into this spiritual light is what makes this world a healing space for all to enjoy.

To find the entry point into your sacred heart, you must be emotionally at peace to find this deep penetrating silence of the mind. Imagine that you are like an enormous lake without any ripples. The mind is going to resist this at first. Yet remember one detail, the Universe is a vast open infinity of space and this is absolutely quiet. There is something completely NEW in this great silence that you’ve never ever experienced before.


The silent heart offers your life real freedom and true clarity. Your precious 5D soul connection is found and felt by surrendering completely to your heart. Surrender is the golden passageway to enter the 5th dimension, and it is unveiled when you allow your mind to be absorbed in the Love of your own Heart’s Presence. Detach from the busy mind, let go of thinking completely, and fall totally into your heart. Practice this daily and one day you will surely arrive in the land of 5D.

It is simply by the grace of your own soft sweet Presence, the natural state of your own Samadhi Consciousness that truly delivers you into the 5th dimension. No technique is needed. Simply pay closer attention to the pure stillness within the heart, as it is the foundation of your own Divine Presence. You already are Divinity. You don’t need to let go of anything to arrive there. You are pure God Consciousness at the core, no matter how ordinary your consciousness may seem. 

Epitome: The Stillness Secret

Simply surrender to stillness and your mind will fall away with all of its antics to change and “improve you”. When you can completely stop this frantic mind, you will instantly discover your own Divinity. When the ego/mind is finally quiet it is so obvious that you are the God Source itself. Nobody will be able to tell you otherwise.

All of the highest dimensions of reality are already available within you. You already have a cosmic body and a Universal bliss body to explore. The societal mind has simply narrowed itself, and blocked the path from you experiencing it. Like a small finger placed over your eye, it is blinding you from seeing your true omnipresent reality.

Sacredness of being Still

 When you drop your mind, and your egos ambitiousness to achieve something or become someone, you can come from a place of being more humble, sensitive, soft and gentle. In this space you can tune into the higher 5th-dimensional frequencies filled with abundance, love and lightness. In this ultimate humble space you’ll find your greatest freedom as a soul, the real purpose for your being here.

“What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls a butterfly.” ~Richard Bach

If you want to avoid all future suffering, jump on this global train to enlightenment sooner than later and make this 5D commitment. Every morning before you do anything productive, simply devote your entire being to quieting your mind and rest deeply into the silent heart. Sit completely still until you actually find a thread of absolute peace inside.  Do not take any actions in the 3D world unless you are connected to the center of this peaceful state. This commitment is the golden secret to spiritually waking up and experiencing the 5th dimension all throughout your day.

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Only when your intention is strong, and you are humble and open to receiving more love than you can imagine, then the actual specific guidance that you personally need will come to you. When the 5th dimension hits you, you will know things you could not know, see things you wouldn’t see, and feel this sacred energy within everything and everyone.

 Our planet is already home to millions of highly conscious heart-centered open-minded beings. The number of enlightened beings is multiplying exponentially with the help of the internet. As we come together with our spiritual connection to our own individual experience of Divinity, we become free from fear and are creating a global web of enlightenment. 

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When deep inner peace is found by billions of human beings, this planet will evolve exponentially. Technologically, socially, financially, emotionally, and spiritually…everyone will wake up on every level!! Darwin’s experiment of his 100th monkey test proved it. He taught a group of monkeys on a far off island how to wash their potatoes before they ate them. This new habit was not known or observed on any of the All the monkeys who were on a separate island unconsciously learned how to wash their potatoes without being shown how to do it. Nobody on Earth is going to miss this massive ride into a global spiritual awakening.

“Look within. Be still. Free from fear and attachment, Know the sweet joy of living in the way.” ~Buddha

My final advice to you on your journey into 5D is this. Be ridiculously patient and gentle with yourself. You’ve been trying to find this Enlightened State for many lifetimes. When you are devoted to being gentle with yourself and have the quality of infinite patience, feeling the spiritual eternity of time ahead of you, the process of finding this divine silence and stillness within your heart will happen naturally and effortlessly.

Keep Calm and Pamper Yourself (any color) Postcard | Zazzle

Through persistent gentleness and patience, we always make the most exceptional leaps in consciousness. The deepest devotion to beng gentle with your life, also inspires others to do the same. Patience is contagious! Other beings feel our vibration,  Watch how we respond to tricky situations and it shows them what is possible with their lives. Everyone automatically learns how to find their highest level of consciousness through the depth of another beings silence.

 So every morning that you can devote amble time to being with this simple soft sweet stillness within you, you’ll be  taking another step towards waking up to the 5th dimension. You’ll know that you’re in 5D because you’ll be so happy to take on anything that life throws at you. Whatever the situation or circumstances that are given, you’ll  naturally be meeting them with a peaceful heart and a joyful quiet mind.

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Through much practice in silencing the common daily mind chatter, the 5th dimension will slowly root itself in you. It just will happen on its own accord. You will wake up one morning and truly understand the vast unlimited power that you have inside!

Today is that day to start turning your mind around to meet your highest 5D self in the heart. Your greatest stillness will reveal all the greatest mysteries to reaching the 5th dimension of consciousness. The path to living in a 5D life is by far the greatest enlightening experience you could ask for at this point in your journey…enjoy!

“Enlightenment is stillness of mind.” ~Papaji

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by: Jafree Ozwald

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