The Concept of Collective Consciousness, Defined

I have been hearing that we are living in an Apocalypse, in reference to “the end of times,” like “Armageddon.” I don’t believe we are in “Armageddon.” But I do believe we are having a global “Apocalypse.” Do you know the original meaning of “Apocalypse?”

“Apocalypse (ἀποκάλυψις) is a Greek word meaning “revelation,” “an unveiling or unfolding of things not previously known and which could not be known apart from the unveiling.” (Source: Wikipedia.)

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I do see an unveiling of things, I do see an unfolding, and more people having and sharing revelations. Many opinions exist, yet the fact remains that we have more time on our hands to really start looking and “be-ing,” versus “do-ing.” Remember, we are “human beings,” after all.

So, let’s take a look at “collective consciousness.”

It’s the energy from the consciousness of the collective. We, the people of this world, are “The Collective.”

Our consciousness is the energy of all of our thoughts, beliefs, opinions, perspectives, feelings, and so on, which are all “collected” in a “space.” Think of this “space” like a cloud in computer terms, where we can access or download this energy, sometimes knowingly and sometimes unknowingly.

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Therefore, we can tap into this energy consciously or unconsciously. For instance, have you ever seen someone with a new idea they are marketing, and thought “Hey! I was thinking about that!” That is tapping into the energy of the collective consciousness. Intuitive or psychic people are actually tapping into the energy of their client and the collective consciousness.

So, we have an “awakening” happening of the collective consciousness.

“Awakening” is similar to “apocalypse” as “awakening” is about a discovery not previously known.

More people are now seeing more new realizations than ever before. In essence, we are experiencing more “aha” moments. We have all experienced these revelations at times in our life in different ways, whether it’s a new idea, or finally understanding something that stumped them before.

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I am seeing an increase in people speaking their truth, but also awakening to new things and the meanings behind them. As more people awaken to new truths, the overall energy of the collective consciousness changes, too. This changes our reality, as our reality is also an energy form.

When we allow ourselves to be open to new ways of being, like this current “normal,” we are also allowing ourselves to see things from a different perspective.

Many people in this world have more time to do outward and inward searching of their understanding of life and spirituality. Many of those people are looking for and discovering new truths both within and around themselves.

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Many are taking this time for more self-healing, more meditation, more wellness, and more research. People are searching for ideas to help make this current “normal” more understandable and comfortable. This is creating a new energy for the collective consciousness to “hold.” Then, more people will somehow tap into and receive this new energy. Thus, even more revelations can be achieved.

The collective consciousness energy many feel is what MOST people believe.

But this can change as more people who are not as busy, and are actually more aware of self and how things and lives change. And, you can choose to tap into what most believe or you can also choose to tap into new or different beliefs. It is all about which reality you prefer.

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I prefer to believe in world harmony, peace, freedom, love, and joy. I prefer to believe we each can make change happen, as each one of us is open to change.

Perhaps it’s time for you to start working more on your personal truth. Perhaps it’s time to see if you have any “aha” moments with different viewpoints. The unveiling of truth is upon us. You can create your revelations by doing your research, to make positive impacts on the world, and what is in the highest good for ALL, as we are ALL ONE, living a human life. What life do you truly value? We have the power to make that happen as an individual and as a collective.

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Schumann Resonance

We have recently had extremely high frequencies of light entering our world to help us move into higher vibrations of divine love. The lightworkers, bringers, and transmitters are working with these high frequencies to raise the vibrations of the collective consciousness into one of divine light and love.

Many people want peace, harmony, and joy, which is part of the divine love of ALL.

To more fully assimilate the higher vibrational energies, receive more “aha” moments, and live in light and love, we need to release old, lower vibrations of fear, lack, and greed, giving room for the new.

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The light provides us truth of who we really are, by revealing the old ways so we can heal from them and transmute them away from ourselves to bring about more revelations for ourselves to send to the collective consciousness.

And who are we? We are beings of light, whether you call it source, God, universal energy, or (insert term).

We all carry the light within, as we are part of the light.

We all have the ability to create pure joy, pure harmony, and pure peace through the light of unconditional love. Be open and allow, accept, and create along with many others.

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We have all been seeing and reading more and more about people being more caring, loving, giving, doing more for others, as they are finding new ways of doing it. This is part of the Awakening of the collective consciousness. We have awakened to the fact that we need to do things differently.

Everyone in the world is experiencing a situation that has changed us and life as we knew it, and coming together more than ever before. It is a wonderful time to be alive, in my opinion, as we have the opportunity to create a world that is like heaven on earth.

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You can choose this in your own life, and help the collective consciousness awaken.

Remember, we are in this LIFE together.



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