10 Must Have Crystals for Everything!

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If you’re not working with crystals but you’re looking for a way to heal and balance your life, you’re missing out! Working with crystals is simple because the most important thing you need to know is to how to pick a good one. I recently shared a guest post on the Wild Sister blog about doing just that.

Today I want to share with you 10 crystals that are perfect for anyone getting started with crystal work. Putting together a simple beginners crystal kit will help you have the right stone at the ready any time you need it.

These 10 crystals are some of my favorites. There are crystals here for love, healing, protection, communication, sleep and so much more.

1. Amethyst – This purple stone comes in shades from deep violet to pale lavender. It’s a necessity for many crystal workers. Amethyst helps with spiritual development, enhances psychic abilities and it also protective. It’s connected to the third eye chakra and helps channel higher vibrational energies for healing. For healing amethyst helps with relieving stress on the body, strengthening the immune system and reducing pain.

2. Rose Quartz – This is another beloved crystal because of its powerful energies of love and gratitude. This pale pink stone also has a connection to the heart chakra. It helps to heal our emotions and allows us to open more to giving and receiving compassion and empathy. If you have any kind of heart problems this is a stone that can help with physically healing those issues.

3. Clear Quartz – When it doubt, clear quartz can always be helpful. This is a transmitting stone that directs and amplifies energy. It strengthens and amplifies the energies of other stones. On its own, it brings pure white light energy from the Divine to help any situation. This crystal is connected to our crown chakra. When it comes to healing clear quartz can bring powerful, pure healing energy to any part of the mind or body.

4. Hematite – Black stones are often used for protection, and this is no exception. It’s one of my personal favorites for protection because of its reflective surface. It can send back and deflect negative energy sent your way. Hematite is also a great grounding stone for when you feel disconnected from your body. This one is also connected to our root chakra. Hematite helps to heal issues with the legs, knees, and feet as well as the kidneys.


5. Blue Lace Agate – This throat chakra stone is one of my absolute favorites for so many things. The light blue and white bands of color bring a cooling energy that calms and supports us in many ways. This is a great stone for communication, healing any kind of physical pain and supporting you in mediation. I have found that held during meditation it helps you feel safe to let go and explore the ethers. Blue lace agate helps to heal issues with the throat as well as skin problems.

6. Citrine – Ever have a day that’s so blue and gloomy that you wish you could carry some sunlight in your pocket to brighten things up? With citrine, you can! This solar plexus crystal carries energies of joy, happiness, abundance, creativity, strength, and confidence. It’s a must have crystal for sure! For healing, citrine is great for any kind of blood issues or infections in organs like the bladder, liver or kidneys.

But be careful out there picking out your citrine. Many citrine stones commercially available are actually heat-treated amethyst. If the citrine you’re looking at is very orange to red in color it’s heated or baked amethyst. Natural citrine is more of a pale yellow to a champagne color. Even if you have heated amethyst as citrine it still works as citrine {both are quartz who’s differences happen based on the heat and pressure used by Mama Earth to create them}. It’s just good to know what you’re buying when you buy it.

7. Carnelian – This is another great stone for prosperity but it can also protect you and your home from negativity. It’s a fiery orange-red creates an aura of power, protection, energy, vitality, and heat. When it comes to healing this is a great one for turning up your metabolism for losing weight. It can also help with sexual dysfunctions and fertility issues since it connects to our sacral chakra.

8. Turquoise –  Turquoise is sometimes known as the Shaman’s Stone, which you could say is because of it’s prominence in Native American art and jewelry or because of how powerful it is for healing and connecting us to the spiritual realms. It keeps negative vibes at bay and protects you from negative outside influences. It can help with balancing your mood and emotions and beings a sense of inner calm. Turquoise is also a great stone to use when you’re trying to connect with spirit guides and power animals. For healing, turquoise helps with the immune system, lungs and stomach issues.

9. Lapis Lazuli – This is my favorite spiritual and psychic stone. I had learned learns ago to use it for communicating with spirits and I’ve found it works like a charm. Carry or wear it when you want to open up your whole intuitive system. I find it works for the throat, third eye and even the crown chakra. When you’re in need of help with communication your truth and authenticity, this is a great stone to use. It helps you bring clarity to situations, helps you to find the truth in things and encourages creative thinking. It has healing properties that help with insomnia, vertigo, high blood pressure and inflammation.

10. Amazonite – It was hard to pick a final stone but this was what I felt called to share because it’s so beautiful and has such a supportive energy. It’s one of the most calming stones. Next to blue lace agate it’s one of my favorites for encouraging peace and calm. Amazonite promotes balancing the yin and yang in our lives. If you’re struggling with making decisions or you’re dealing with arguments and problems in your relationships, it can help you see all the different points of view you’re wrestling with. It dispels worry, negative thinking, worry, and fear. For healing, it’s great for any kind of bone and muscle degeneration.

by: Jess Carlson

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