Is Man a Trichotomy of Body, Soul, and Spirit

We have stated that human beings are composed of body, soul and Spirit. We will therefore have three different kinds of man according to which aspect he is most influenced by, the body, soul or Spirit.

Since ancient times, man has been categorized by Gnostics in this way: in terms of the physical, psychic and the Spiritual. These categories were also used by Saint Peter. The cathars, for example, also divided man into three different types: terrestrial (hyletics), if ruled by the body; psychic, if ruled by the soul and spiritual (pneumatic) if ruled by the Spirit.

The Tripartite Tractate: Part 1-2, The Father - YouTube

In one of the Gnostic Works found in Nag Hammadi, called “The Tripartite Tractate”, we find the same differentiation of man into the material, psychic and spiritual.

Julius Evola, in his book on tantric yoga based on ancient Indian traditions, classifies men into three types, having the same characteristics as we see here: pasu, vira and divya.

The Yoga of Power: Tantra, Shakti, and the Secret Way by ...

Pasu means animal and refers to the man-animal in which the body and its instincts dominate.

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Vira is The Warrior who is striving to wake up. He is somewhat confused but fights to free himself from this material world and fulfil his Spirit.

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Finally divya, the third type of man, whose Spirit has already been liberated and rules absolutely.

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Perfect Man is found in this group.


by: Jose M. Herrou Aragon

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