The ’60 Minutes’ Interview George Soros probably regrets ...

James Corbett covered an interview from a 1998 60 Minutes interview with George Soros in a past episode of The Corbett Report; and up until very recently, all the public had to go on was the leaked transcript of that interview.

Yet today, and we do not know for how long, that 1998 interview (below video) has resurfaced on YouTube with some damning revelations.

From Clinton and the Haitians, and Soros’ sordid past, to his current business dealing (at that time) and how they have negatively affected the world.

He then goes on to state that he feels no guilt for the massive repercussions of his dealings, despite entire nations naming him as the catalyst to their financial destruction, as he sees his dealings as amoral, and therefore should not be associated with feelings of guilt and responsibility.

Some may agree with his assessment, and many others may not, yet the one thing that cannot be denied is that no one person, whether or not they personally view their actions as amoral and beyond reproach, should have the ability to do such damage to a country and its people, regardless of how they view their own work.

If any nation or individual had such an effect on the US, even if that country or individual felt their actions to be “amoral,” they would certainly be held accountable, or just “quietly” disposed of in typical Obama-drone fashion.

What this ultimately implies, is that if you are a third-world country with no means of retaliation or rebuke, then these types of “amoral” business dealings are completely acceptable by western standards.

Which is absolutely why these types of financially devastating currency games will never be played where a western-aligned country will take the hit (until that is the plan), and that should speak volumes.

by K. Smith


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