The Five Principles Of Universal Sovereignty

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At this time I intend to bring more light to our beautiful planet, Earth, and help ease the transition into a new and better paradigm of human existence.

This is already happening, with or without me, and though this transition will be messy and even uncomfortable at times, we can make it easier by coming together through shared purpose. It is crucial that we help each other go through this process, as it does have to happen on an individual level first.

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We are currently emerging out of the most difficult times this shared human journey has ever known – widely regarded as the dark ages. Of course, a supposed “great awakening” won’t happen all at once, but it is now closer than ever. You can already feel it deep in your bones! It’s like we were born to witness it.

Think about it: there are tens of trillions of cells in your body. They have all come together, in spite of each one being different and having a very specific mission; indeed all at the same time they do all share one purpose, and that is to make you a healthy and unified being. I believe it must be the same for humanity.

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We must come together as One healthy and unified being.

Though we won’t know what it will look like until it happens, we must still make continual and conscious progress towards that goal. More than anything, each One must want it. Remember: the power of desire is quite possibly the strongest force in the universe.

Some will awaken before others, but the journey is shared nevertheless, and won’t be complete until each can stand as One – individually and together.

We are living in amazing times.

As you read this, the world is transforming. Not simply on a technological scale but universally and indeed on all levels. Look around and notice: each and every one of us is undergoing a major shift – physical, emotional, psychological, and yes, even spiritual. We are quite literally relearning what it means to exist in the most fundamental of ways.

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This is definitely not an easy process. Change is always uncomfortable, yet all at the same time, very needed and refreshing. We are bound to experiment with different things — at times get our hands dirty, at others experience the sweetest bliss.

I can not tell you exactly how to do it, for each One must go through a unique and personal journey, but I can point to it. It is something within each and every single person, and in this, we are all One and the same.

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Everything is transient and temporary, yet certain things never change. It is at this time that we are coming back to what is truly important – that which no one can take away from you, that which will always be there.

I have termed this aspect of self Universal Sovereignty.

Bringing forth this system of five principles, I believe that it contains all that One needs to take on the mantle of Universal Sovereignty. As such, I will be posting blog posts over time to help make clear these principles from varied perspectives.

Without further ado, here are the Five Principles:

The First Principle of Oneness

“All Is One” 

The totality of existence springs from, and yet boils down, to this eternal idea. This is the most powerful message of the universe. Realization of this fact heals – it puts everything in perspective and in the right place. It is the highest point of enlightenment. Since within the All is everything, this is the sole knowing that connects all things.

The Second Principle of Divine Union

“Separation Illusion”

Traditionally, this principle is known as Dualism, the idea that all things have two sides to them – sometimes called the light and the dark. Although at first they seem to be in constant conflict, the fact remains that both sides’ whole identity is interdependent – they were birthed from each other.

The two have always been together and must continue to do so if existence is to be ensured. Divine Union is enacted by balancing both sides in correspondence to one another.

The Third Principle of Truth

“Oneness Balanced and Expressed Transcends Illusion”

Truth is Oneness expressed. Oneness cannot know itself on its own. It lacks self-awareness until the split into matter happens, aka the Separation Illusion. It is crucial that the One may still retain its knowing of self (which is Oneness) for this will be the light of its being.

Truth pierces, penetrates, and dissolves the illusion of separation, by means of the balance of Divine Union, in order to continually reinstate Oneness.

The Fourth Principle of Four Elements

“Four Elements Form Illusion” 

All manners of things within the material illusion may be categorized into one of Four Elements. They are: Air, Fire, Water, and Earth. The four elements constitute a perfect model for an external existence, wherever One may find oneself.

They are the four walls of a room, the barrier as well as the form of the world itself. They provide the ideal means for One to work on the illusion, within the illusion.

The Fifth Principle of Higher Self

“Access Higher Self Universally” 

The Higher Self is the real you – in, yet not of, illusion. It includes everything you are, have been and will be. The Higher Self knows everything, and in fact plans the circumstance of One’s experience long before it’s occurrence.

As such, it holds the highest and most noble wisdom available. Having a solid relationship with this omnipresent self will shed light on all that is dark and confusing. It is One’s own personal and ever-present guru – always ready to instruct, console, and impart wisdom at any point in space and time.

by: Dimitrius Markel


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