25 Side Effects of Self-Love

Be Happy Now: Love Yourself First

1. You stop caring about what people think about you. ( Ignorance is a Bliss )

2. When you start falling in love with yourself, people around you also start falling in love with you. ( Beware ladies )

3. You accept yourself for who you are, your good qualities and also your bad ones. ( Love is Blind )

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4. You start to attract lot of good things in daily life because you are on vibration of Love.

5. When you are in love with yourself, life seems Magical.

6. You stop comparing yourself with others, which keeps you happy. (Happiness is an Inside Job )

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7. You stay away from negative people, so you are more positive as a person.

8. You start eating healthy food automatically without even noticing, which keeps you healthy and young. ( Time to get in shape )

9. You attract more people who makes you feel happy and magical.

Empowering Subliminal Messages For Weight Loss And Healthy ...

10. You realize that you are not perfect, no one in this world is perfect so you are no more conscious about your looks.

11. Your Self-Image gets better which improves your Confidence level. ( Everyone needs it )

12. The more you respect yourself, the more you understand the people around you and respect them, so your relationship gets better with everyone.

5 Ways to Create the Habit of Positive Self-Talk

13. You start investing more time in yourself, like doing something which is good for you. ( Join Yoga, Self-Love Workshop, Read Books )

14. You go out on vacations more often and relax your mind which is good for your Soul.

15. You stop expecting from others which keeps you happy as you receive more than you expect.

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16. You can easily say “NO” without feeling Guilty.

17. You will never feel Lonely as you love your own Company. ( Very Important )

18. We all know happiness comes from inside, so you will not be dependent on anything or anyone to be Happy. You will become the Source of Happiness. ( Like Kids )

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19. You will attract your Soul-Mate easily when you are in Self-Love vibration. ( Only if you are looking for one. )

20. You will get more Success in your professional life. ( We all want that )

21. You will always be yourself, no more need of impressing anyone in life. ( Attitude )

Adults are acting like kids, and it needs to stop

22. You won’t need anyone’s approval for anything you want to do. ( Independent )

23. You will easily forgive yourself and also others. This will bring you Inner-Peace. ( Remember Kung- Fu Panda)

24. You will find your Passion, so that you can follow it and become successful in what makes you Happy.

Contentment in a Discontented World

25. You will also attract more opportunities in life, so you will attract more Prosperity.

by: Mohit Tahiliani

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