The Evolution of Consciousness

Higgs Field Photograph by David Parker
Higgs Field is a photograph by David Parker which was uploaded on October 7th, 2018.

The Higgs field is interconnected to the human experience and I will explain something.

The foundation for the evolution of consciousness in existence is light energy, dark energy, pressure and love.

Consciousness is contained everywhere in existence in the form of frequency vibrations contained within light and dark energy.

Consciousness and higher frequency vibrations generate light energy and consciousness, and lower frequency vibrations generate dark energy.

Love is the primary evolutionary force which makes frequency vibrations, consciousness and light and dark energy more powerful.

Pressure accumulates within the frequency vibrations of light and dark energy when certain types of evolutionary activity occur; or where there is change implemented with consciousness and matter in time and space.

Pressure is what helps create solar systems, stars, galaxies, planets and living organisms because they have bodies or a structure.

The foundation for a human being is consciousness, light energy, dark energy and pressure… which generates DNA and a molecular body.

'The God Particle': The Higgs Boson - YouTube
The Higgs Boson: The God Particle

There is a level of consciousness, energy and love in existence which contains a foundation of power called,

the Higgs Field

The Higgs field is a field of energy in Universal Consciousness which maintains an evolutionary connectivity with infinity and consciousness that contains the element of infinity.

This consciousness is also where eternal love came from and how eternal love was introduced into Universal Consciousness.

Because there was an initial conceptualization, introduction, a will, and the moment of introduction with love, this is represented in a primary field of consciousness and energy in the universe.

The Higgs field is contained within Earth’s Consciousness and the environment.

The Higgs field contains a perfect combination of both frequency vibrations of light and dark energy, because the moment where these two forms of energy fused together exists within Universal Consciousness and time and space.

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This is how human beings and life on Earth experience love.

Love is also generated from the will of life and this transfers back into the Higgs field:

the evolution of consciousness and love is reciprocal and this is what drives eternity…

Human beings are incorporated into the Higgs field but they can’t see, feel or detect this field of energy and there is a primary reason why:

The perception of the experience of death.

When death happens here with any living organism, it just appears as though that this is the end of them and that’s it… when it is only a new beginning.

All living organisms transfer into the Higgs field very quickly when death is experienced and transfer into other world’s contained in the Whirlpool galaxy which is about 23 million light years from Earth.

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But this process happens very quickly and can’t be detected here on Earth. The perception of separation in consciousness is at it’s most powerful level on Earth.

Human beings hope for an afterlife and have been exposed to several different experiences that deal with the evolution of consciousness with NDE’s.

The perception of non-existence due to a lack of understanding about death is contained within every living organism on Earth.

The Higgs field contains eternal life and eternal love…

This means that the separation contained within the living organism is going to repel the frequency vibrations away from them because this form of separation within the individual takes on a powerful form of pressure within the frequency vibrations of light and dark energy contained within the individual.

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The most powerful evolutionary activity contained within consciousness is when the frequency vibrations of light and dark energy converge, because this is the basis for creation.

Pressure between frequency vibrations in the consciousness gives the living organism a sensation like separation and this experience of separation is where fear comes from.

Pressure that expands and accelerates comfortably with the frequency vibrations of light and dark energy is fear that’s contained in the body or consciousness, but is understood or contains truth so the consciousness does not experience separation.

It is only fear that has a difficult time with evolution that generates powerful levels of the experience of separation.

Light energy, dark energy and pressure are all integrated into the fight or flight mechanism. The response of fear in the body is an amplification of energy and pressure.

I Am, Simply Me: Escaping the Prison of Fear.

Information or experience that generates fear that is not easily understood becomes restricted in the body; because it’s consciousness, energy and pressure associated with experience that has a difficult time with evolutionary development.

When I say evolutionary development I mean the experience of love.

The entire body is comprised of consciousness and energy, not just the brain, because consciousness exists everywhere and you are a part of this eternal consciousness and energy.

If there is information stored in the body or consciousness where fear, neglect, trauma, sorrow or the experience of separation has happened, this consciousness, energy and restrictive type pressure is stored in different areas of the body also known as subconscious energy.

Hanging on | Broken Hearts Anonymous

When someone goes through therapy, the 12 step process, spiritual enlightenment or powerful self-actualization in reference to that event a transfer of truth and love happens within that area and pressure is released from that location or locations in the body through the CNS and it generates the experience of crying.

Crying is consciousness experiencing evolutionary development and the release of pressure in the body.

Because an individual is contained within time and space here on Earth and there is consciousness and energy everywhere when pressure is released from the body through healing it introduces more love from the Higgs field into the living organism and the evolution of love happens in the consciousness or body.

This description is a powerful illustration of the existence of the Higgs field here and the evolutionary development of consciousness in Earth’s environment.

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by Sean McCleary

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