A Time to Understand

(Pt1) What every "Enlightened person" knows, but never ...

Compassion, self awareness, knowledge, free will and truth.

Children are grown and used by the elite.

Years ago, I was brought to the awakening. The timeline had to be cleared of a destructive force grown beyond its design and into a hostility beyond imagination.

All humans are affected by these events. A group of children were brought in and utilized for advanced technology training and conditioning and trauma based mind control. These were continued from the previous projects related to the Nazi’s “uberman” program.

Lebensborn, The Nazi Breeding Program To Create A Master Race
Nazi breeding program for “Master Race”

All of this was part of a series of events that took place on and around Earth, over many years, involving advanced technology travel and mind to machine interfaces. What was discovered is this, Humanity has been kept within a cage that is managed by advanced intelligence technologically, genetically and otherwise enhanced beings that can manipulate the scalar fields of the mind and ultimately the ‘soul’.

There were a series of catastrophes. Earth broke away from itself and became a breakaway civilization of advanced societies. These appeared as highly advanced mad max style long term skirmishes for resources, technology and information.

Genetic information was sought after. Children were a commodity. Obtaining the necessary human labor was converted into a commercial market. This occurred by the hundreds and thousands. New species, hybrids and robotic droids were created, all as part of a quest towards immortality.

Various results were obtained, at this point, the story is so deep, it takes years to understand it. You will eventually, if you keep trying and you have what it takes.

The ‘soular’ system itself is part of a large piece of scalar clockwork that ‘runs’ aspects of consciousness. Time is literally a part of the magnetic field fluctuation that occurs naturally with the motion of space, and more. Environments have been generated, augmented reality space that covers the details of thousands of years of information over small shifts in perception and vision. Entire languages and methods of perceiving and process information have been created that enable the complete, simultaneous awareness of refined knowledge to the spectrum of complete books in the place of sentences.

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These systems enabled a new way to see reality. Our civilization entered ‘hyperspace’ at that point. No one knows how the whole system truly works, but you get the general notion the more you see. Because we have enough processing power in the collective to gain access to the levels of information previously described, makes it possible to come to the level of self awareness through the collectives dreaming and prose about complex enough reality scenarios such as that. In short, because we think about the possibilities enough, with enough knowledge (and self awareness and compassion as that leads to more or less free will and nothing else), we will then dream about it and over time this will upload to this realm those possibilities.

There was so much that happened that the brain was strained to handle all the information at once. When information is accumulated it becomes knowledge through the refinement of consciousness into self consciousness by discerning good awareness and entropic awareness. The information undergoes a shift in which it transitions into a new layer of formatting which contains within a single aspect, the complete complexity of the entire form of the previous layer.

wave series GIF

Basically it goes through a dimensional upgrade in resolution of its imprint in space, which is just a rotating and combining of occlusion points to generate a new format. A Fourier transform is one way to perceive this.

What we would perceive occurring is the density of language condensing back down into singular forms that each express the complete intention of what previously took multiple layers. Information becomes holographic as it can be expressed by the same lines of reason folded. The events of what happened in higher planes that were used to contain human souls from reaching out, influenced time holographically so as to require that we fundamentally shift through many layers of projection at once, in order to overcome the energetic barriers created as kind of feedback wave from those events.

Basically, we’re at the bottom of a mountain of time, they installed snow machines at the top to make it difficult for anyone else to get there. We at the lower end of civilization sat spinning our wheels while they only released down here what was specifically designed for their outline of a ‘slave society’.

Everything here is toxic and only works enough to produce toxic sounds or emissions and the illusion of scarcity. Every form of the technology and methods here are used elsewhere in a form so upgraded that someone from this society would never be able to recognize anything from that society.

Every major movie is always based on the hinting at this information in the higher interpretation. The lower interpretations that everyone will automatically cling to are programmed responses and beliefs that will influence the mind subliminally (without one’s awareness).

Total Recall Movie Review | By tiffanyyong.com

These methods were designed as tactics for information and mind control. This is a lot of information but it’s just how it works. The events that took place occurred to advanced minds so we can only see or speak of a portion of it at once down here and it literally just overloads the brain’s ability to form connections because each one is like stitching together complete quilts that require each line of fabric to be connected before the picture can be rendered with fully clarity. Part of that is because it happened ALL OVER.

The technology developed made travel nearly instantaneous by comparison to previous technology. There was no comparison. Electrogravitic technology was the development and this goes directly into souls and what consciousness is. Every kind of event, every kind of technology, advancement, hidden knowledge was sought after. Genetically engineered drones were created to automate and manage basic tasks to very complex interactions facilitated with powerful computer systems capable of interacting with the mind. The way one could overcome was by overcoming the imbalance of the mind. This takes things to a whole different level as now this is a battle of scalar fields coming from the mind of teams of individuals using advanced technology to probe and manipulate magnetic fields.

End of civilization at the edge of the city HD desktop ...

The past was linked to the future and a temporal well was opened up which literally dipped down a few feet but would drop the mind thousands of years into the past. That’s the easiest way to describe it.

In 2016 I began sharing the information regarding these projects and a cloning, media, mind to machine interface, artificial intelligence operation gone awry through a race to weaponization for world power.

By: Aug Tellez


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