Awakening in the Age of Aquarius

Awakening in the Age of Aquarius

We are experiencing the Precession of Ages during the Age of Aquarius. Everyone with a strong light level and/or the desire for an open heart is awakening to spiritual initiation, which concerns the elevation of the human form and tendencies to a higher level with an entirely different set of perceptions of life. The difference in perception comes through as an entirely new set of values. We lean toward kindness, but have boundaries while recognizing the limitation of judgment and old beliefs. We prefer light to darkness, and we learn how to engage the light within our inner and outer beings while learning to create a life that reflects these values.

In former times, spiritual initiation came only to those who devoted their lives to perceiving higher vibrations in such places as secluded locations with devoted teachers. For the first time in our awareness, illumination comes to a large group of people. This state is known as group initiation, and it presently confers a field of assorted frequencies radiated from the group energy.

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The group energy is encountered in two ways. If we are at a higher frequency, the energy can seem overwhelming because we encounter a sea of emotion from a large group of semi-awakened and confused people. If we are at a lower frequency, the group can pull us upward into feelings of love and light. It is a moment-to-moment discernment as to our personal placement. It can give a boost or pull us down.

Spiritual initiation means passing a number of metaphysical tests on all levels of consciousness, which includes physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. During the testing period, we learn to leave fear, old patterns, and lower emotion behind. Some trials occur on the inner plane through human will, emotions and decisions; but all of the tests occur through control, direction and willing the emotions toward the Higher Self. (A test can be as simple as stepping into courage or changing your mind.) With a strong connection with the Higher Self we learn how to see life in a new way and understand our personal contribution to the current reality as well as whole realm of new possibilities.

Group Meditation: Transcend And Connect On A Deeper Level

Part of initiation refers to piercing the veil. The veil is the fabric that conceals the spiritual aspect of physical reality. Knowing, as we do, that everything is energy — we also know that a spiritual essence is contained in every particle of matter. Spiritual energy moves matter in ways differing from physical law. For example, we have quantum healing, objects that materialize, money from unexpected sources, great waves of spiritual love that lift our spirits, and connections with others that are surprising and bring about great good.

We also pierce the veil when we acknowledge reality flows in relationship with our thoughts or emotions and understand the essence of patterns that cause energy to move as it does. We move through the veil when we hear angels, inner guidance or intuitively know the right answer. If we look at the world twenty years or so ago, we can see that many miracles have occurred through science, light, sending energy, and the realization of the higher message of love.

Waves of Energy

The light level of the planet is visibly higher. The dispensation of light comes in cycles. The cycles of light bring physical tiredness, disruption, and confusion because they initiate change. When we rest, meditate, or see our lives differently, the overall image of the world alters for everyone. The cycles of light also intensify our lower emotions and higher desires. It is an intense process, but change always brings chaos and choices. Fortunately, there are breaks in the cycles, which allow for re-adjustment; although nothing will ever go back to being the same.

Alterations in Time and Thought

The sensation of time began speeding up around five or six years ago. We are currently experiencing the amplification, the intensification of life through an increased feeling of thought and emotion. Yet, another transformation occurred with the alteration of dimension. An altering dimension gives the sensation of physical reality changing around us in occurrence with our thoughts.

For example, if we worry about finding an important document (you believe it is lost) it may remain lost until we become calm or change our feelings about it. The fifty dollar bill in our purse may temporarily disappear until we focus our mind on it. Also many of us experience intense dreams of doing or changing things in every day, and they may seem more real than waking life.

As we become more aligned with higher frequencies, we will likely experience life on earth from a new perspective. Sending light, holding visualizations, and moving into higher emotions such as Heart Math are effective methods of shifting our perception of reality. Likely, they are only the beginning of a shift into higher thought.

A New Way of Sharing Light

In the Piscean Age, the impetus focused on self-sacrifice. Individuals often served to gather and direct the light energies for the group. (Think of medicine men, shamans, priests and priestesses.) They helped in shifting the energy for the group and often devoted their lives to religion or spirituality. Most of their energy was devoted to the task of spirituality, and it often involved self-sacrifice and renunciation of the material world.

In the current time, the group challenge is to align together through individual effort. We hold a specific energy as an individual within the group. Our “group read as an individual” is important. It helps in shaping a higher reality.

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In the past, it was considered more blessed to give than receive. “Light workers” gave all of their energy to save lives, heal, and make considerable change in the world. But in the Age of Aquarius, our commitment is about creating balance. As we adjust to the new energies, there is not enough energy to give unless we give to the right people in the correct way. (In the Piscean Age, we actually received energy when we drained our resources to help others.)

Like the Queen of Hearts in the Tarot, it is important to have abundance of love and energy—an overflow–to give to others. Keeping enough energy to “reboot” is a necessity. And we have to love ourselves enough to give to people who can actually use the energy for healing, creating, and moving forward. When the light level of the planet increases, the rules change. The new rule is: give and create wisely.

A Balance of the Physical/Spiritual

Many people, who carry light, spent past life times as monks, nuns, priests, priestesses, and shamans — secluded to some degree from the world. The next task involves living in the world and creating spiritually in the physical world. The demands of a material existence involve creating abundance, prosperity, health, and relationships. Everyone participates in the work as we move into creating the needs of the physical from a higher perspective.


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Creating prosperity is a challenge for many who took vows in past lives or never learned to create abundance in the material world. Certainly, money exists in abundance. It is important to have enough abundance to create the desires of the inner self. In part, this comes from the practice of visualization and reception of energy from the spiritual world. It also involves trusting our power to do so in a balanced way, which supports us and others in the world. (Many of the world problems will end when we understand the knack of pulling in abundance and sharing our inner talents to solve global issues.)


Relationships are changing as we move through our personal karma by letting go of soul contracts and promises from past life times. When we let go of the burden of the incorrect direction of thought or feeling, we clear the repetition with specific problems and people. If we are honest, every dark emotion feels the same when it returns. We are slowly letting go of our need to revisit old patterns.

It is also helpful to ask for people with more light to enter our lives. Part of the way life changes is through other people, and we want new people who are expansive encouraging and pushing us in the right direction. (People who love us do push gently.)

Particles and Waves

Picture of light both as a wave and particle

As our consciousness grows, we will likely learn about the power of holding imagery (holograms) and infusing them with light. We will come to understand how the combination of imagery, emotions, and thoughts creates a perpetual series of wave lengths around us which create our reality. When awakened people truly grasp the meaning of this it will become possible to vibrate at a higher level above the old world frequencies of lower thought. In the meanwhile, we can send light, become more aware of our thoughts and emotions, and visualize this time as here in “now.”

The world already holds a huge wave of light created in response to the current dispensation of light. As those who are reading this transcend the limits of their personal life, they open the door for others to expand their personal world. You came here to awaken the world by awakening yourself, and it is part of the process of awakening the sleeping earth.

by: Julia Griffin

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