Humanity is Evolving into Galactic Humans!

Beings Of Light: Human Angels - Galactic ...

What is a Galactic Human? All beings born as Humans onto this Planet are Galactic Humans…

Why? Because this Planet, like all inhabited planets, was seeded by one or more Galactic races. In other words, a Human’s true ancestry is not of this world!

But why have Humans not been taught this? There are a multitude of reasons, but the most fundamental is that those born into this 3rd Dimensional experiment agree to forget upon birth who they really are.

This agreement to forget is made so that Humanity may experience a rebirth, an awakening. And it is this awakening that has the potential to transform Humanity, here and now, back into the original blueprint of our true Galactic Selves.

And what is this original Galactic blueprint? It has to do with Human DNA.

Galactic Star Map: Human Brain ~ Operation Disclosure

Humans started out as 12-stranded, crystalline-based beings, and this original configuration gave Humans immortality, and powers now considered astounding.

So how did Human DNA get dumbed down to its current state of 2-stranded, carbon-based?

There are plenty of stories about it, but I think the more important question is: can Humans reactivate this original DNA blueprint and become Galactic Humans again? The answer is YES! And it’s totally what’s happening right now…!

I’m talking about the Evolution of the Human species!

And everything is in place for Humanity, and this Planet, to evolve!

Here are a few reasons why I believe the time is right for all of Humanity to evolve.

  • First, starting in 1961, our Solar System entered an immense Photon Belt, or more accurately a Photon Ocean, that has been bathing our planet in powerful gamma rays.
  • And, in 2012, Earth began traveling through the deepest, densest portion of this belt.
  • Additionally, in December 2012, our Solar System began a new 13,000-year stellar cycle in the Precession of the Equinoxes. And all of these cosmic events coincide with the dawning of a New Age, when the planet’s Vernal Equinox moves from the Pisces constellation into Aquarius.

This is something that only happens every 2000 years, and it’s happening right now!

But what do cosmic events have to do with DNA and Human Evolution? Each cosmic event carries its own brand of lightwaves and gamma radiation – cosmic rays that carry codes.

In regard to gamma in particular, it is now known that when DNA absorbs gamma light, a coded signal is sent to the DNA to evolve up to the next higher order of being.

For example, scientists can shine a laser through salamander eggs and pick up their DNA information, then shine that same laser into frog eggs, which are a stage below salamanders, and hatch salamanders from the frog eggs.

That is exactly what is happening to Human DNA…!

The gamma radiation saturating the Planet is providing Humanity with a very fancy DNA upgrade. Basically, cosmic rays are connecting with and waking up what scientists had previously labeled Junk DNA.

And that’s more than 95% of Human DNA, so there’s plenty of room for upgrades!

But there’s another, more exciting reason why the time is right for Human DNA to evolve, and that is that Humanity is finally ready to evolve.

How do we know this? We know this because the great minds of our time are finally deciphering the coded messages left for us on this Planet by our Galactic ancestors.

10,000 Year Old Statue Contains Coded Message About Human ...
10,000 year old statue carries hidden code about Humanity

Where are these coded messages found? They have been found in the ruins of thousands of ancient civilizations all over the globe.

And what is the message for Humanity that’s been deciphered? It is the secret to mastering Gravity and Magnetism – a secret that is only revealed when a race has demonstrated it is ready and willing to ascend in order to wield such incredible power.

A big part of the Ascension/Evolution process is the formation of a new Collective Consciousness made up of Galactic Humans who operate as one compassionate, cooperative group mind.

But, hey, that’s enough Cosmic Code for one article…

by Jetson White

from In5D Website

Spanish version

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